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Included in this recap of the Women Get Social 2014 conference are highlights of the event and  a review of products that I received from RavPower. All opinions are my own. (Disclosure)
photo and graphic by Melissa Reyes copyright March 2014

My Take Aways From Women Get Social

I loved all the speakers at this thought-provoking and informative conference. Women Get Social is one of the best run conferences that I have attended. Tiffany and Fran really have it down! They share a fresh prospective and I could tell that they are charged full of energy from beginning to end, even though they must be exhausted from work, travel and the many conferences that they put on around the country all year long. They gave their full attention and were personally involved every step of the way.
I made lasting friendships at BBC Vegas

I made lasting friendships at BBC Vegas

My very first blogging conference that I attended in 2012 was Bloggy Boot-camp Las Vegas. I learned so much and was inspired by the fantastic speakers. Bloggers who had started out much like I did who had made a very successful business for themselves spoke about their experiences. It was a lot to take in especially since I was just learning the ropes. My goal for that conference was to meet the other ladies from my Facebook group, the SoCal Lady Bloggers. It was fun putting faces with names and names with blog and Twitter handles!

This time around, I wanted to get to know people a bit better and make some new connections.  Most importantly, I wanted to discover some new ways to build my blog and get known in the blogosphere.
photo and graphic by Melissa Reyes copyright March 2014

This is how I felt after #WomenGetSocial 2014 in San Diego – like everyone there wants to be supportive!

I left WGS with a lot of questions. Good questions. This is what I need to ask to ensure that I am taking my blog to the next level.
  • Will this project/theme/idea/brand help me and my blog grow?
  • Is there a budget for this?
  • Is my primary intent/message above the fold?
  • Does my message solve a problem?
  • Am I telling my own personal story?
  • Am I thinking ahead? Am I planning far in advance?
  • What is my blog worth? How much does it cost in money and time?
  • Am I using my creativity and talents and sharing only my best work?
  • Am I maintaining my authentic voice and sticking to my core values in my work?
  • Can I build and demonstrate a cohesive digital campaign?
  • Is my content original and fresh?
  • Am I diligent and consistent with disclosures, checking links, siting sources and protecting my work?
Tiffany shares her wisdom

Tiffany shares her wisdom

More to think about.

As my blog grows into a business to support my interests (life coaching, writing and publishing, sharing my personal experience with travel and events) am I utilizing the proper channels and resources available?
Should I explore generating passive income with ads?
Am I presenting myself as an expert?
Is it time to get professional media training?
Should I be selling my photos?
Am I protecting my intellectual property assets properly?
Am I utilizing tools for task management effectively?
Should I be delegating to a virtual assistant?
Am I maximizing the benefits of engaging with Google Plus, Facebook Fan Pages, and Pinterest?

Exciting News

You might have noticed that I have monetized my blog. Since the redesign and transfer to a a self hosted website, I am able to collect payment and/or accept compensation for my work and use space on my blog for advertising. This is a way for me to fund my expenses and continue to bring high quality content to my readers. Lately I have been experimenting with different ways of doing this. I would love feedback and I am open to suggestions. It is my intention to provide meaningful, relative and informative material with interesting and engaging media on my website. I share a part of myself with you on every post. Every ad, sponsorship, and review is about something that I would use or like and I focus on authentic people and partner with brands with a passion for caring about people. I look for things that make a difference and have a heart.2014 February 027
Speaking about reviewing products, one of the best things I have been asked to try is the RAVPower external chargers. This is a MUST HAVE for conferences and travel. I use my phone nonstop and the battery gets drained quickly if I am not using wifi. Having the chargers with me at Women Get Social, I was always charged and ready! I won’t go anywhere without at least one of them in my purse for now on.
I like them both for a few reasons. The new luster gold lipstick charger is great because of it’s slick design and useful features. It charges up quickly, it has a pen style clip to hold it to the edge of a pocket or purse, it doubles as a flashlight with a strobe option. It’s a great tool! The best part is, as soon as I got that notification that my battery was low, I plugged it in and it totally saved the day! I didn’t miss a photo op or chance to Tweet a great quote on the spot. And no more cryptic text messages…“my phone is about to di…”
My notes enhanced by my charged up phone ready to Tweet!

My notes enhanced by my charged up phone ready to Tweet!

Ravpower specializes in high quality external batteries that allow users to charge their smartphones or tablets on the go. I also tried the luster series 6000mAh chargerIt’s a super handy one and has a stylish look. Mine is bright pink! It’s about the size of a candy bar. It has double the power of the “lipstick” version and can charge an ipad or tablet. I found both to be very useful. Carrying around these devises makes my purse extra heavy – but I didn’t mind, I have been told I am carrying around bricks anyways! People really notice the hot pink charger when I am using it. I am always asked what it is and how it works. I think everyone should have one. 
Shop for it on Amazon using my affiliate link and a small percentage of the proceeds will help support this blog.

Check them out on Facebook & Twitter!
Thanks to Randy at RAVPower for the great products to try, they really saved me at #WomenGetSocial! (Disclosure)

And…Here’s Something You’ll Really Like

Here are the Faces of Some Bloggers that I Admire and Love!

I want to thank all of the people who made Women Get Social a special experience, especially the speakers and sponsors. I must mention the Bahia Resort for making the weekend like a tropical getaway with superior service. It was a pleasure trying the wines from sponsor, Mirrassau.

What do you think? What did you take away from WGS? Are you charged and ready?

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  1. Ann says:

    I had such a great time; having some cool room mates and carpool buddies doesn’t hurt either. I hope we can do that again soon!

  2. Raquel says:

    That was an amazing conference. I loved every moment of it! Including that my middle name is now Melissa LOL….I am going to need to get myself one of thse chargers! Your redesigned site looks great and I loved seeing you!

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