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Vernon Ross on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town @RossPR @TenMiniTT

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I’m into total escapes from reality.

I like video games and anything in nature.

I’m a podcaster and social media strategist.

I have a love for public speaking and meeting new people.

I like to talk about networking and, of course, social media.

Who am I?

I am the next guest on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town

with Miz Meliz!


Vernon Ross

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Kerry Tressler on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town @CocaCola #TenMiniTT @TenMinitt

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I think we must be kindred spirits, soul sisters, or perhaps we are just two nice people with some common interests. I am not sure how it happened or why, but when I first “met” Kerry through an email we connected quickly and easily. (Disclosure-this is not an ad. This post is not sponsored.)

A #TenMiniTT Tinsel Town Tale with Kerry Tressler  @CocaCola on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz @TenMiniTT

5/19/2015 17:00:00

Her kind and generous nature put me at ease when I first met with Kerry Tressler at Sol Cocina in Scottsdale, Arizona. We happened to be in the same place at the same time, so we met for lunch just to get to know each other. That was so much fun and most unexpected.

photo by Melissa Reyes copyright Feb 2015 for

Melissa Reyes and Kerry Tressler

We became pals on Facebook and we swap stories now and then of fab restos we eat at and parties we get to attend. We exchange “likes” and support each other through social media. I admire that she has a position within a huge company where she can help people and make a difference in our world.  Kerry inspires me to be more involved within my community. She encourages me and somehow, in some way, I feel like she gets me. I look forward to interviewing her and learning more about what makes Kerry Tressler a total rock star! I have a feeling you will love her as much as I do!

Kerry and I will discuss her job in general, and what she is currently working on – a new national campaign called Mixify that aims to help teens and their families balance what they eat, drink and do to lead active, healthy lives. This project is part of Coca-Cola’s Balance Calories initiative.

You bet we will be talking about this! Coca-Cola’s Mad Men Connection

A Few Things I Know About Kerry

Kerry likes to travel. She enjoys playing with her dogs, Bailey and Ruff, two West Highland Terriers she calls her 4 legged furry babies. Sampling her husband’s homemade cuisine rocks her world. She likes to swim.  One of the things she is most passionate about is her love of all things, “Coca-Cola!”

Kerry is the Director of Public Affairs & Communications for The Coca-Cola Company. She has worked for the Company across many roles for more than 12 years. Not only does she love their products, but she is incredibly proud to work for a Company that is so involved in the communities where they do business.

Kerry Tressler Coke

You can connect with Kerry via her email at

When in Hollywood, you might see her at her favorite place to hang out and eat…

Barney’s Beanery!

What do you think will be Kerry’s Tinsel Town Tale?

Join me for my LIVE BROADCAST of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz on Tuesday, May 19th at 5:00 p.m. (or watch the playback FREE on Spreecast for a limited time.)

Spreecast is the social video platform that connects people.

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New Media Expo Shout Outs from Miz Meliz #NMX2015 @NMX

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Networking and Socializing

My favorite part of attending a conference is meeting people. I also like learning about new things and seeing the latest offerings at the expo booths. I guess I like all there is about conferences because I also love to travel, eat out, and experience new things. But the best part is meeting people and making connections. Some people have asked me, what happens after the conference? Well, networking is fun, but pointless if you don’t use the resources and reach out to the people you meet. Right? That is what you want them to do when you give them your business card, correct? Here is how I do it…

Vernon Ross and Melissa Reyes at NMX15 Copyright Melissa Reyes April 2015 Las Vegas Nevada for

I met Vernon Ross IRL at NMX2015. I was surprised that he knew me from Triberr!

As a blogger and podcaster, I meet tons of people online. Meeting someone online and following them via social media is like watching a TV show. You get to know their character and feel like you know them. If you are lucky, they interact with you and follow you back, so you become like a super fan. I get all “fan girl” when meeting some of my favorite online personalities in person. I ask for a selfie and I post it to Instagram. I can’t wait to tell everyone how nice he or she was IRL (in real life!) Most people, even your traditional Hollywood celebrities, are so much easier to access and meet now than ever before. I love the internet for that! But, I don’t have to explain to you – you are here! You know! So, I will get on with my point.

Let me give you just a little history first. This is a New Media Tale…there was a man named Dino Dogan who was quite popular in my social media circles. He is one of the creators of Triberr. (I love Triberr. That is a story for another day.) Last year at NMX2014, my goal was to meet Dino and ask for an interview. That was my primary mission. Oh, and to push my book and brand and learn all I could about the technology needed for my blog and what I needed to do to become a better “content creator.”

More than anything, I wanted to meet Dino and get “face time” with him. It took me all week, some near misses, some bold direct Tweets, and a little stalking, but I finally did meet him on the last day. I ran in to him in the middle of a long aisle on the expo floor. Right there and then, I got my selfies, asked my questions, and got the interview booked. I was silly happy. Within a few weeks, we did a Skype interview about Building Community.

Me and Dino!! #NMX2014

Me and Dino!! #NMX2014

Why Making a Connection Matters

The post with that interview got the highest amount of page views on my blog last year. That was super cool, but more importantly to me – that Skype interview was so amazing to do! I loved it so much that I went on to doing more online interviews. I am more confident about reaching out to people and asking for an interview. I also feel much more comfortable contacting Dino if I have a question or just to say, “Hello!” Because of this experience, I became a podcaster and have my own interview show on You Tube called, Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town. (Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel HERE.)

 This year my mission was to connect with people and really get to know them better. I also wanted to establish myself in the podcasting community as a podcaster. NMX2015 was the perfect place for both of my objectives. In Vernon Ross’ presentation he actually discussed the idea of networking and really knowing the person – not just arbitrarily throwing out names and cutting and pasting messages to “engage” with “friends” on social media. *Say “Hi” to Vernon @RossPR He is very nice!

Shout Outs and Follow Through

…And now, here is what you have been waiting for! I would like to shout out to the people I connected with at NMX2015. These folks were so nice, encouraging, and extraordinary to meet. I plan to forge real lasting relationships with the “new media family.” I will take the time to follow up and with these people and companies and hopefully, interview them on my show!

Melissa Reyes and Ciaran Blumenfeld of #Hashtracking at NMX15 copyright Melissa Reyes April 2015 for

I volunteered to help at the Hashtracking booth at NMX2015. Best part was getting know Ciaran Blumenfeld.

Shout Out to Ciaran Bloomenfeld

Have you heard of Momfluential? Listen to your Mother? Hashtracking? This is the woman who is behind it all! Meet her @momfluential @hashtracking @LTYM. I attended a performance of Listen to Your Mother Sunday 4-26-15 in Orange County. I never would have had that opportunity if I didn’t sit down and take the time to get to know Ciaran. See my post about “Listen to Your Mother” here.


Members of Women of Midlife at NMX15 copyright Melissa Reyes April 2015

Lunch with The Women of Midlife in Las Vegas at NMX2015

Shout out to The Women of Midlife / Rebecca Forstadt

It was wonderful being invited to lunch to meet up with the members of one of my Facebook Groups that was well represented at NMX2015. The Women of Midlife is the newest group I have joined and it is amazing. I am dealing with pre-menopause and it is difficult for me since my mother, sister, and aunts have all passed on. I don’t really have a person I feel comfortable asking for advice on the subject. (I know,TMI!) But, this group is a very supportive and lively group. Many of the women are now bloggers and podcasters. They all have fascinating backgrounds as professionals and many were authors and journalists. Their writing is high quality and meaningful. I love the sharing threads and I love all of their blogs They also have the time (many are in retirement) to get involved in their community and do wonderful service to those people most in need. It was an honor to meet all of these women, but I was most impressed with the connection that I made with one lady in particular…

You can meet her @rebeccaforstadt and you may be surprised with her extensive notoriety in the voice talent world. Rebecca has made an impact in voice acting and has a name for herself in the Comic and Anime world. She is quite the celebrity! Of course, I didn’t know how much this connection would mean when I first spoke to Rebecca. It was at the party after the Podcast Awards and she was one of those people who was easy to approach. Then, she was at lunch with this group and as you can see in the picture above, we sat across from each other. Later I looked up her IMDB filmography and I recognized a few of her shows. Mainly, Robotech. This is one of my husband’s all time favorites. In fact, it is a family favorite and I have watched tons of episodes with my kids and husband. Lito’s brother is an anime collector and Robotech is his passion. It turns out that my WOM friend is the voice of one of the main characters. She has a great podcast, too.  (Two Boomer Broads is a hoot!) In fact one of the shows she did was an interview with Denny Tedesco, creator of the newly released film, The Wrecking Crew. My friend from elementary school, Damon Tedesco, is Denny’s brother. It’s a small world indeed! I have so many questions for Rebecca and all the women in this group. They welcomed me warmly and inspire me greatly. Expect to see them on my show and on my blog as I take the time to learn all about each of them. They have so much to share!

copyright Melissa Reyes April 2015

Here I am with R. Mordant Mahon of the Success Freaks Podcast at NMX2015

 Shout Out to The 10th Annual Podcast Award Nominees / R. Mordant Mahon

Attending the 10th Annual Podcast Awards was a thrill! I had been looking forward to it for a long time. Now that I am interested in making my podcast the most awesome one out there – I wanted to be fully immersed in the community of podcasters at NMX. It turns out that many of the best, biggest, and award nominated podcasters were also presenters at the conference. That made a nice opportunity to learn from them, get to “know” them, and meet up for a selfie. I must say that no one was as motivated to meet content creators and all attendees of NMX2015 as exuberantly as The Success Freaks hosts, R. Mordant Mahon and Charles McFall. After all, they are the co-hosts of “a comedic motivational talk radio show designed to motivate and make you smile.” (They have a real knack for bringing on those big smiles, just look at the photo!) I talked to “R” a few times throughout the week. He was super nice and his infectious smile and energy is still with me. He and Charles went through a lot to be speakers and on panels at the conference. They set the example for trying until you succeed. And, they give great hugs!

copyright Melissa Reyes April 2015 NMX

I stood in a line to say “hello” to Marcy Massura after her NMX2015 session

Shout Out to Marcy Massura

When it comes to telling it like it is, my favorite speaker is Marcy Massura. I have seen her at the Entertainment New Media Network conference, and now at NMX2015. She gives a blogger’s (pardon me – – influencer’s) perspective on the social media climate and how to adjust to the atmosphere. She is in PR so she gives great advice on what brands are looking for and need. She is pretty awesome! (I am obviously not trying to win any points for writing at this moment, I really just want to say hello and that I am officially a fan.) You can be a fan, too, just follow her @marcymassura and tell her Miz Meliz says “Hello!”


Here I am with Gisele Roman


Jennifer Priest and Me


Shout Out to New Friends: Jennifer Priest and Giselle Roman

Using resources like Facebook Groups and Tribes come in handy when you need a roomie or a ride – or both! I connected with Jennifer Priest that way and found a new friend in the blogosphere. Jennifer is a seasoned blogger and instructor in the craft business and has an amazing blog called Just JP. Connect with her for consulting and coaching as well. She gives great advice. I have a feeling I will be seeing her speaking at more conferences soon. We had a few glitches on the trip with accommodations, but all in all, Jennifer was a great travel buddy. Weirdest thing that happened during our five days together – – we both got calls from our husbands that our sons were taken to ER for injuries on the same day. How weird is that? A mother’s nightmare, that call about going to the emergency room. Luckily for both of us – our boys were okay. Her’s had a sprain and mine got a few stitches. They were miles apart and never met each other – but the experience was shared for our two families.  Oh, and her husband makes a great breakfast! Her family was nice enough to put me up on the first night. Wow, that’s special.

So, it is the last day and we checked out of our hotel (ick! no recommendations will be listed here for that place) and we were early to the expo and sessions at the convention center. Jennifer and I drank our coffee and ate our Starbucks breakfast while we waited for things to start. I was making a mental list of the booths I wanted to visit before leaving Vegas. Jennifer was planning her day. A stylish looking lady with a broad smile and a big cup of tea sat on the bench near us and we began to chat with her. She was remarkable. Her name is Gisele Roman, Creative Director of Bullwhip Films, and she was attending the expo to get ideas for her upcoming project. It was quite remarkable that both Jennifer and I connected deeply and found many things in common with Gisele. She was open to listening to what we had to say and learning about our reasons for being there. She was genuinely interested in what we do as content creators, infuencers, and social media engagers. We exchanged contact information and took photos. I have emailed and texted with Gisele multiple times since the conference. I feel like I have a new friend. Guess what! She…this is hard to write…Gisele is not on social media. Can you believe it? I made friends with the one person at NMX2015 who doesn’t have a Twitter account and has never been on Facebook. Lucky for me she texts! Come to think of it, she may have been the best conversationalist I had the pleasure of speaking with this entire year. That goes to show you, engaging with people and making lasting friendships matters. That is why I am moving to interviewing on my podcast show in addition to writing. Communicating verbally and expressing yourself with words and actions is vital to relationships. Smile. Hug. Shout out and shine!

Who have you met recently that made a lasting impression on you?

Do you take the time to follow up with the people you meet at conferences or other networking situations?

What are some ways that you organize the contact information you collect.

In my next post about NMX2015, I will introduce you to some of the best booths I visited  and tell you about their brands, services, plug ins and aps.

I learned about some great new tools on the Expo Floor and I plan to integrate them into my plans for the blog and podcast.

Sooo Exciting!

My Creative Studio Copyright Melissa Reyes April 2015 for

I wish I could mention EVERYONE I met and believe me, there were so many awesome people at this conference! Here is a photo of all of the swag and business cards that I collected.



Meet Jill Dahl of Secondhand Therapy @2ndHandTherapy @TenMiniTT

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Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Jill Dahl

I am thrilled to introduce to you my new friend, Jill Dahl. She is an amazing entrepreneur who has started a business of life and career coaching for women called Secondhand Therapy. Having spent some time in the “passenger seat” on that road to self-discovery with a professional therapist at the helm, Jill is now the navigator offering guidance and support to women (and men) around the world who are willing to learn from her. Like a life or business coach, Jill walks you through the self-discovery while inspiring you to do what it takes and stop doing what needs to be changed in order to succeed at what you are most passionate about.

Check out the video podcast to learn all about Jill and Secondhand Therapy in my interview with her on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town:

So, what did you think?

Do you love the idea, like I do, of getting a dose of second hand therapy?

Catchy name huh?

Check out Jill’s eBook and Webinar on

Are you part of the 3rd Feminist Revolution?

Are you ready to invest one hour to do the “Introducing You” eClass?

This reminds me of Jill Dahl's Secondhand Therapy! She rocks the booth!

This reminds me of Jill Dahl’s Secondhand Therapy! She rocks the booth!

Leave a comment here and give me a shout out on Twitter @TenMiniTT

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Digital Strategy Expert Vicky Ayala @Tenminitt @VickyAyala

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Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz!

See it here and on YouTube!

In this episode, I have a conversation with my good friend from New York, Vicky Ayala.

Vicky is a Multipassionate Entrepreneur and Digital Strategist. She is also the designer of my website and the creator of

Welcome, Vicky Ayala!

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