Sandi Amorim on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town – Promise and Purpose @SandiAmorim #AuthorShowcase @TenMiniTT

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Sandi Amorim is a real life poem.

Sandi Amorim

In her book, The 100 Day Promise, Sandi hopes to help people reclaim their freedom.

“I help people via workshops, online programs, and my book, The 100 Day Promise.” @SandiAmorim

Sandi Amorim, Author of the 100 Day Promise

SA Headshot
“I like to walk my dog along the river, sing, take photos, cook, and generally have fun.” @SandiAmorim

Cover 2In the interview, we will discuss:
– How to create sustainable change.
– Why we don’t keep promises to ourselves.
– What does it take to acknowledge our desires?
– How do we break free of limiting beliefs?

Connect with Sandi here:

“I am most passionate about helping people reclaim their freedom.” @SandiAmorim


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Check out Sandi Amorim on #10M with MizMeliz on Spreecast.

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View the interview on my Meerkat Live Stream @TenMiniTT







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Lisa Becker on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town – Click Here @LisawBecker #AuthorShowcase @TenMiniTT

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Lisa Becker 2015

Lisa Becker, Author of the Click Trilogy

Join Us on the LIVE video podcast interview on Friday, May 15th at 5:30 PM (PST)


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Check out Ten Minutes with MizMeliz – Lisa Becker on Spreecast.

#10M Backstage PassShow Notes:

Lisa Becker/Author Showcase

What do you like to do for fun?

As trite as it sounds, I love spending time with my family and friends.

Tell us about yourself:

I’m a former public relations professional turned stay at home mom who fulfilled a childhood goal to write a book “someday.”  I was thrilled to find the book was a success in terms of reviews that fans were clamoring for a sequel.  It ended up a trilogy.  Now the screenplay based on the first book as been optioned for a movie and I’m working to transition into a new career as a screenwriter with two movie options to date.

Tell us about your books:

Listen to the podcast or watch the interview on YouTube and find out more about Lisa Becker, author of the “Click Trilogy”… Click, Double-Click, and Right Click – we discuss…

– how they were inspired

– what they are about

– who they are based on

– how they were written by a stay at home mom

– why they were self published

– advice Lisa got as a grad student that impacted her writing career

– how the movie options came about

 What are some interesting facts about you?

“I think online dating is a great way to meet people.” @LisaWBecker

I’ve been a vegetarian for three years based on viewing a documentary.

How can we connect with you?


Twitter: @lisawbecker


You Tube:

What is your favorite Hollywood Hot Spot?

Pink’s Hot Dogs.  I used to go there with my parents, grandpa and uncle as a little girl.

My Passion for Books

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What are you reading?

I love books. I collect them. I can’t resist an offer to review one. Therefore, I am always wishing I had more time to read. I always have a stack of books that I intend to pick up and read. I devour them, with pen, highlighter and sticky notes in hand – I can’t wait to dig in. Teach me something. Inspire me. Awaken me. Give me, give me, give me. I love to take all I can get from books. I never feel like I am taking too much, they are so generous.

Here are the books I read in January/February 2015:

 Created with Canva by Melissa Reyes photo copyright M Reyes Mar 2 2015 for

The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2015

Authors: Bob Sehlinger and Seth Kubersky with Len Testa Hotels and attractions, rated and ranked. Insder tips that save you time and money. This is a great book for any Disney enthusiast. It has tips, maps, and easy to read charts and graphs. It covers every aspect of things you would want to know when you visit Disneyland. There are many suggestions and strategies from an insider’s point of view. You will definitely need a strategy when visiting the happiest place on Earth! From preparation, parking, parades, and rides to hotels and fine dining – this guide has it all. It even covers Disney California Adventure and Universal Studios.

Miz Meliz Rating: It’s a keeper! Helpful, and informative. B+

Engage the Fox

Authors: Jen Lawrence and Larry Chester A business fable about thinking critically and motivating your team. Engage the Fox is a clever business book which uses examples from a fable about a Hedgehog and a Fox, along with a cast of characters incorporating the personalities and characteristics of all the people you would encounter in a typical business organization, except in this book they are all played by animals. It is a quick read with a creative and often satirical look at critical thinking skills used in the workplace for making decisions and coming up with solutions to problems. Based on the business management model of identifying the strengths and personality types of its workers, in this case the animals, Engage the Fox illustrates in an imaginative way how engagement has a positive influence in any organization.

Miz Meliz Rating: Not bad. It is a round about way of presenting the same information from management consultants assessing a business. It seemed like something you would give your employees to read just before a major takeover. A for imagination, C for actual engagement.

The “Perfect” Parent

Author: Roma Khetarpal 5 Tools for using your inner perfection to connect with your kids. I loved this book! Reading it is like having a conversation with your most trusted girlfriend. Even though two of my three sons have entered adulthood, and the third is not far behind, I learned quite a bit from Roma’s  “Tools of Growth.” Combining common sense, maternal instinct, and scientific proof, she breaks down the constantly growing list of parenting skills to five main tools for parents to hone in on their natural perfection. I had the honor of meeting author, Roma Khetarpal, and I found an instant friend. You will too when you read The Perfect Parent. This is a must read for all parents – new, experienced, and potential. It is a study of communication and values that make all relationships meaningful.

Miz Meliz Rating: A+ This is the perfect book! Not too heavy or long, inspiring, and life affirming.

What books have you read lately?


What are you passionate about? #Books

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Created with Canva by Melissa Reyes photo copyright M Reyes Mar 2 2015 for http://mizmeliz.comI have been catching up on my reading. There are many books that I want to share with you. You can check them out using the widget and/or link above. I will be posting my reviews for each one later this week.

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Interview with Pauline B. Jones an Author Showcase #TENMINITT @PaulineBJones @kidecals @TenMiniTT

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Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Pauline Jones

Author SC 2

In this interview we discuss language, identity, and learning life’s lessons.

It was neat having an author and a life coach on the show. I have never met either woman in real life. One from Wyoming, who lived for over a decade in Louisiana, now settled in Houston, Texas. The other born and raised, educated, and still living in Virginia. And myself, a native Southern Californian. We had a lot in common though – a love of reading, the drive to make something of ourselves, and an appreciation of sharing knowledge with others, in our own ways.

To say that Pauline likes to read, is an understatement. She is a writer and for fun she likes to read writing that is not her own. She beta reads for friends of hers who are also writers. She is very much like Carolyn West who likes to “squirrel away” when she has a moment and read. Pauline calls herself a hermit. Well, even hermits like to have fun! I found out that right now Pauline’s favorite thing to do is work on her Grandma Project. She has twin grandbabies that she is wild about. Check out her project on her blog.

Pauline grew up in Wyoming and she says that about all you can do there is read. She read so much and so fast, that she started writing to pass the time and have more to read. When she moved to New Orleans, Pauline experienced what is was like to live in the polar opposite of Wyoming. It was definitely not a place where the hermits live! It was wet, lively, loud – all the things that Wyoming was not. It was in New Orleans that she learned to cook. She lived there for eighteen years. She loves the show NCIS New Orleans because it feels like going home.

Pauline is most passionate about identity. In her books, she writes about women’s roles, their identity and the opportunities they have that she didn’t have when she was younger. She has learned valuable lessons with her characters about succeeding in life.

“You have to not judge your progress by anybody else’s. I just try to do better personally, with every book.” ~Pauline B. Jones


Author, Pauline B. Jones

Connect with Pauline on her website:


Pauline’s book, The Spy Who Kissed Me, (the novel that I am currently reading) was re-released years after she wrote it. Find out what changed and why the title is different in my interview with her on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town…


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