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Do You Have Character?

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Character -- the willingness to accept (1)

Do You Love Your Life?

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I started writing this on April 25, 2014. Sometimes the important observations get put aside in order to make room for important obligations. When I came across this draft, I was reminded how important taking time for gratitude truly is i my life.

I may say it a lot, but it is never enough…

I love my life right now!

I am grateful that I am going to be moving to a new home.

Soon there will be a new baby in the family (my great niece.)

My kids are growing into fine young men.

My husband and I are beginning to reap in the health, wealth, and happiness that we have sown.


“As soon as you recover or discover something that nourishes you and brings you joy, resolve to care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” ~Jean Shinoda Bolen

Did you catch that part about caring enough? “Care enough about yourself.”  Man – if nothing else, care enough about yourself. This makes all the difference in the world.

2013-02-04 12.23.40

We moved to a fine new home in June.

My family is all settled in and we adore it. Every single day I thank God for blessing me with the ability to afford to live in our beautiful home, to be able to enjoy our lovely neighborhood, and I ask for it to work out and last for a long time.  I am feeling pleased with myself for following through on the idea, for executing the plan, and for making our dreams a reality.

It took a long time to get here. Years.

Planning and preparing to move was exciting and I am still enjoying the ride.

It’s work, but the payoff is huge! I was in a state of disbelief at first. It took a few months to adjust. We are acclimated now. I am mostly unpacked. I say mostly, because we still have boxes in the garage and a storage unit to empty.  We accumulated so much in the past 18 years! I was bogged down with all that stuff. I feel much lighter now.

I feel free.

2013-01-15 12.09.09

 “Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming.” ~Alice Walker

I am carefully constructing my present existence.

I am taking the time to decorate my home and organize my closets. I am creating gorgeous and functional space for the activities, hobbies, and passions that my husband, kids, and I hold dear. I want those things to take priority. I want my family to love living in their space and feel like they are effortlessly moving towards the future they are dreaming about.

2014-08-24 05.58.24We all have dreams and aspirations.

It doesn’t change as you get older. I realize that now. What gives us hope for the future and a reason for living is having a dream. It may be a goal, or a task that you want to complete. You may have a bucket list of things to do, see, or accomplish. You might want to try a different profession or practice. There are so many things to do. There are endless possibilities.

We must keep dreaming!

“Your own positive future begins in this moment. Every goal is possible from here.” – Lai Tzu

We can draw on the experience of our past.

Everything that we have once been, done, seen, is a part of our fiber now. Our life’s journey is woven into our being. Whether we like it or not, it is. Yet our future is ours to create. We decide on each step to take. I have a choice about everything I do. I decide on everything I am. I am who and what I want to be. I choose happiness. I choose joy and love. When I think about the future, I do all I can to replace the worrisome thoughts that creep into my mind with thoughts of hope. (See my post on “Peace of Mind” 3-7-13)

created by Melissa Reyes via canva.com copyright Melissa Reyes October 2014 http://mizmeliz.com

“The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi

For my dreams to come true, I need to follow through.

I must care enough about myself to complete the plans that I make.  In order to make the best decisions for myself and my family, I honor the practices of self-care. I believe that taking care of my needs, knowing and feeding my own desires, striving to be my best self, is what enables me to be a leader. Nurturing my whole self makes me a better mom, wife, sister, aunt. These are the most important roles. I am also aware of the influence I provide for my clients, readers, friends, and groups that I am a part of. We are all a part of something. I try not to be a broken part. I want to care enough to be at my very best. I do this by honoring my core values.

To honor means to treat with high respect; it is a special privilege, it brings credit, it means to adhere to what is right or a correct standard of conduct, it is a matter of integrity, honesty, ethics, morals, principles, taking great pleasure, pride, joy, it is with distinction, an accolade, an award, a reward, a prize, a decoration, to applaud, to recognize, to celebrate, to commemorate, pay homage to, pay tribute to, sing the praises of, to fulfill an obligation or keep an agreement,
to fulfill, observe, keep, obey, heed, follow, carry out, implement, execute, effect. There are many ways of defining honor. Every definition can be applied here because my core values are worthy of the special honor they hold in my heart.

“When your values are the source of your actions, even the lows become a positive experience.” ~Sandi Amorin

Because a part of me must die for me to move on in life, I can celebrate the sad or hard times I have experienced.

You know what I mean, don’t you? I definitely don’t think that personal tragedies are a cause for celebration. I am not all happy, happy, joy, joy about devastation or hardship. I am sensitive to serious loss and the trials and tribulations that face each and every one of us at some point in our lives. But, being able to rise up from the ashes of those happenings and start anew is necessary. When, not if, but when we are able to reflect on our lowest moments in life we should be able to see what we learned and how we have grown.

2014-08-21 05.35.37

A rose bush has it’s thorns. Through the thorns, beautiful rosebuds emerge. Blooms burst out of the buds and the petals open up and exercise their full nature. After the roses are spent, the petals fall away and the flower dies. We cut off those dead parts so new flowers can bloom. The bush becomes stronger and healthier with each cutting. It’s roots grow deeper.

I am a rose bush.

Every thorn is a reminder of the hardships of life and my ability to protect what I love. Every rose is a celebration of all that is good and beautiful in my world.

Nothing lasts forever in it’s original form.

The memory of the bursts of vibrant color I have experienced will remain with me forever. The fact that I know what it felt like to touch and embrace the soft velvety petals has become a part of who I am. If I close my eyes and take a breath, I will always be able to recall how the rich perfume enveloped me. I will always have an awareness of the blooms that blessed my heart.

I will forget about the thorns. I will forget about the fallen petals. I will forget about trimming away the excess, the removal of the dead parts, the loss, the mourning. (See my “Hummingbird” post on Ordinary to Extraordinary.) Those memories will fade in time. I will never let the good thoughts and memories fade. I keep them alive. I will replant. I will grow. I will move on.

I will thrive!

I am living my dream. I am who and what I want to be.

I love my life.

Read more of my thoughts on life in my book, This is the Sound of My Soul.

Read more of my thoughts on life in my book, This is the Sound of My Soul.


Melissa Reyes, host of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town Video Podcast copyright October 2014 http://mizmeliz.com

Join me on my talk show, “Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town” on YouTube

Fall is Here! Time to Check in on My Goals Bingo #14in2014

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The third quarter of 2014 has ended. Fall is here!

It is time to check in on my goals.

2014-06-12 18.04.33This year I made a BINGO card for all the things that I hope to achieve. My goal is to get at least one bingo for the year.  Since I am participating in the Valentine RD’s #14in2014 Goals/Resolutions/Intentions Link-upI am committed to checking in every quarter to see how I am doing. So far, this has been a great way to stay on track with my goals.

I have been so busy that this quarter came up fast! No time to cram for the deadline and try and get bingo. So, this is the real deal.

Here is where I stand:


I came pretty close to getting a BINGO by doing some of the things in each of the categories. I know it would take an incredible amount of organization and focus to literally do all of the things I listed on my card in three months, even a year – consistently. But that was not the point. I tried to include as many things as possible that I wanted to accomplish and my hope was to be more consistent with many of the things I never get around to do. Checking in every three months is great because I can see which areas of my life that I have possibly been neglecting.

Over the past three months I have not paid much attention to reading or my life coaching practice. I will make those things a priority for the end of the year. It is a good time to shift my focus actually, because many people seek coaching around the holidays. I might be able to get a lot of that writing and reading done, see some clients and even publish a little book online before Christmas.

On the last quarter check in, I told you about the 100 Day Promise. I am in the final ten days of the program. It has been so rewarding and I have learned so much! The biggest take away is that I have determined my one true core desire, the thing that I most want for myself. It is my desire to honor my promise by putting into practice the things that bring me joy, energy and vitality. As long as I make that my focus, I know I am on the right track. Yes, it took three months to come to that conclusion – because it was about shedding all the things that I thought I wanted, should want, should be, should do. I got to the core of what really matters to me. Now I am free to be who I am meant to be. It feels so good!

100 Day Promise

You might be thinking, yeah – that’s easy to say. But, what does it mean?

It means that in the past three months:

  • I was in a group that I checked in with every single day to share what we were going through.
  • I completed a weekly module (aka homework!) where I read, asked questions, answered questions, created artwork, watched videos, listened to guided meditations and did a lot of soul searching and self reflection.
  • I participated in a monthly group discussion with people who called in from all over the world, all 50 of us on the same journey, lead by our coach, Sandi Amorim, and shared our stories and asked the major questions. I discovered that even though we all had varying goals and were at different stages of our lives, we all search for the same thing. Ultimately, we all want happiness, and the feeling of fulfillment.
  • During the course, I developed many good habits. Some may seem trivial, but they all are part of a bigger commitment.

2013-02-06 19.18.10

In case you are interested in the actions I am taking to honor my promise…

I now make my bed every day. I never realized how starting the day with doing this simple task would bring me so much joy. It wakes me up as I do it, so I feel a little more refreshed in the morning. I like that my room is neat when I leave it. I love to relax when I get home from work and having a nicely made bed makes a big difference. My children have noticed that I have been keeping my room tidy and that I make my bed. This is something I never did before. It seemed like a chore. I have noticed that the habit has helped me to feel free to do other things and I don’t feel guilty about having a messy room. (Bingo!)

I drink 3-4 glasses of water every day. I at the very least drink water in the morning before coffee, and at night before bed. I have been drinking water instead of soda at lunch time most days, too. I hope to keep up this practice even after the dry hot weather subsides. I feel refreshed and hydrated. It makes a big difference in how I feel and I think it has contributed to improving my health and energy levels. (Bingo!)

I am eating salads for lunch almost every day instead of getting fast food. This is a huge shift in my routine. I also try to eat nuts, fruit, and vegetables more.  Making these healthy choices contributes to my overall health and vitality. (Bingo!)

I have started a routine of going for walks every Monday with a neighbor. We walk about three miles and it takes an hour. It has been a wonderful way to increase my energy, get my blood pumping, burn some calories, and have some great conversations with a friend. No cell phones or Facebook allowed on our walks! I have lost a few pounds and I feel great! (Bingo!)

Best of all, I started a video podcast talk show! That’s right! It was part of my promise to do something that brings me joy, and this is something I have always wanted to do. It is fun and in line with all of my core values for my blog, my writing, and coaching. It supports my quest to continue learning and growing. I get to interact with other people that I interview. I have an easy and fun format that allows me to be at my very best while I am having loads of fun. This project has been quite fulfilling. You know something is really good when everything falls into place easily. One day a few months ago, Alecia Lawrence was interviewing me for her daily podcast. I told her that I always wanted to do a weekly show. She challenged me when she asked what’s stopping me. There was no reason not to start. I am so glad I did! I have recorded seven episodes so far. When I have ten, they are going up on iTunes and I will be official! For now, you can find them on You Tube and here on MizMeliz.com. If you want to be a guest on my show, Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town, contact me at mizmeliz@yahoo.com. (B-I-N-G-O!)

Technicolor small

Besides the BINGO card, I also listed some major goals that I hoped to accomplish in 2014:

  • Publish another book – I have a big announcement on this! Hopefully at the end of the year I can tell you all about it! (Bingo!)
  • Move to a new home – we did this in June, and couldn’t be happier. It is a big weight lifted from our shoulders. My husband, kids and I are settled in our new digs. (Bingo!)
  • Keep my blood sugar levels (A1C) within normal range – Over the summer months I had a big problem with this. Around my birthday I could not control my willpower, I let my guard down and got seriously off track. I had birthday cake and desserts, and on top of it, I was eating a lot of summer fruits. The watermelon really did me in! I experienced the worst pain ever. I have had small bouts with Diabetic nerve pain in the past, so I know when I feel those sparks and shooting pain in my legs and tingling in my feet that I need to take it easy. But this was pure Hell! It really almost wiped me out. One more day and I was going to go to the ER. I did everything I could think of to reduce the aches and pain and alleviate the tingling sensation from my nerves. Finally, it took it’s course and I have been diligent to not over do it with the sugar since. I hope that never happens again! (Noooo bingo.)
  • Not gain weight – good news! Since I started the 100 Day Promise, I lost 5 1/2 pounds! The key was to not weigh myself for six weeks. It was nice to see a difference on the scale when I did. This proves that all the little changes I have made are working. Making healthy choices and maintaining good habits will contribute to my overall well being, health and energy! (Bingo!)
  • Help my son apply to college (yeah, my 2nd son is at that stage!) – This is a huge thing for me. I want to help him and give him some independence and accountability at the same time. It was stressing him out, so we have an appointment with the college counselor. Our son’s grades are up and he is doing very well in school. He has decided on a major, that is a big step in the right direction. My hope is to make this experience stress free and even exciting for him. The world is wide open and even though he can’t do ANYTHING he wants, there are countless opportunities for him. By December, we should know more. (Very close…. almost bingo.)

 I am happy, very happy, with all my accomplishments so far this year. I have discovered many new things and I have learned something about myself.

2014-07-22 03.47.13

Have you made any discoveries this year?

What has been your best accomplishment so far?

Are you on track to achieve your goals for 2014?

What makes you feel fulfilled?


I Promise to Do My Best

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I promise to do my best. That is all we can do, right?

My Dad used to say,

“You will be fine, as long as you give it your best shot. Just be the best you can be. That is all you can do.”

I had a boss once that loved to say this phrase that he said his mother used to tell him…turns out to be a quote,

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.” ~St. Jerome

2013-02-04 12.23.40

Since I am participating in the 100 Day Promise, I made an agreement to do my best with the following:

I will be honest with myself.

I will celebrate my unique gifts.

I will respect and trust my unique journey.

I will try not to fix myself, others, or any situation that comes up.

I will listen with an open heart, and allow myself to be vulnerable.

I will not compare or judge myself or my promise with another.

I will ask for support when I need it.

I will be gentle with others.

I will not hold myself back or force myself to go faster.

I will do more of what energizes me and less of what drains me.

I will take responsibility for myself, my energy, and my feelings.

I will trust what is naturally unfolding for me.

That’s a lot of things to think about. I typed them up and I am presenting them here because that helps me to say focused. I want these promises to be a decree of freedom for me. I want to free myself from worry, I want to be confident that I am doing everything I can to be the best me. The healthiest me. The energized me. The relaxed me. That is what I want.

Someone said that living a passionate life, doing what you love and living in the moment, feels like freedom. It’s that feeling you have when you wake up in the morning, raring to go, like a child, humming and whistling as you get ready for the day and go out skipping towards whatever life has in store for you. That sounds so nice to me! Tranquil. Self-assured. Confident. Graceful.

I have that most days these days, I am honestly happy. But self development does not stop at happy. I continue to grow and flourish as I learn more, care more, understand more and I always strive to be the best me.

2013-02-17 07.57.06

I believe in Magic. I believe in Me.

Time for Goals Bingo! Summer Check-in 2014 #14in2014

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It’s time to check and see how I am doing on my goals for the year.

My focus this year has been… Discovery. I have been learning new things and breaking out of my comfort zone. I enjoyed sharing these discoveries with  you. So far I have written twenty blog posts this year about my discoveries. See if they interest you…

  • 2014 My Year of Discovery
  • #NMXVegas14
  • Building Your Blog Community with Dino Dogan
  • My Valentine Gift for You: Anyway
  • #ENMNCON14
  • Discovering Love, Romance and Jamzilla
  • Fantastique French Wine
  • Steve’s Paleo Snacks
  • LA Midnight Mission’s Nowruz Festival
  • Charged and Ready
  • 5 Secrets to a Successful Shower
  • You Gotta Be Kidding Me Chelsea Handler!
  • I Blame Zachary Levi for My Sleepless Nights
  • Reflections on Happiness
  • Fall in Love with Acceptance
  • Say Hello to Human Kindness
  • A Summer Adventure is About to Begin
  • Are you a Peloton or a Traveler?

Some of my goals for 2014 are professional, having to do with my writing, blogging, life coaching and public speaking. I am still in the research and development stages of some major aspects of the business that I am building. I am about to start editing a new book. My plan is to edit through the summer and have something ready to publish in October 2014. As you can see on my goal chart (aka Goals Bingo) below – I have a lot of projects stewing. These are ongoing projects that are ready to be tasted and tested. So, I will be looking for feedback. Will you help me out? Just let me know if I post something you can relate to or like. That would be wonderful!Some of my goals I hope to achieve this year are very personal. I am starting a program with Sandi Amorim called the 100 Day Promise. It is time to invoke the “real me”! I am ready to dig even deeper and go for the gusto! I haven’t decided on my actual goal that I will make a promise to attain – – but it will have something to do with health and weight loss. You will most likely see some updates and blog posts about it in the next few months. Please keep me in your thoughts as I start this aspect of my journey. I am doing this for you, too. The more I learn about life coaching and reaching goals, the more I can help you realize your dreams and aspirations.

Most of my goals are things that I always need to be reminded to stay on track!  Thanks to my handy dandy Goals Bingo Chart and the Valentine RD’s #14in2014 Goals/Resolutions/Intentions

Quarterly Link-up, I have a chance to meet these goals and accomplish everything I set out to do this year. I know I put way too many things on my chart and it is really hard to focus on them all. Each column is a different category or area of my life I want to work on. My real goal is to stay on track and to be consistent. I expect to see more check marks in September!

There is still time for me to get B-I-N-G-O!

Here are some MAJOR GOALS I plan to accomplish in 2014:

  • Publish another book – coming October 2014!
  • Move to a new home – Did it!!! Listed our home in April, Sold it in May, Moved in June! Huge weight lifted. New life started. Now the fun begins!
  • Keep my blood sugar levels (A1C) within normal range – Help! I eat way too much sugar. I really need to focus on this!
  • Not gain weight – I have not gained weight. I have lost a few pounds since we have been packing, moving and unpacking. I am at a turning point and I think I might change this to include lose 20 pounds. But I have not committed to it yet. 
  • Help my son apply to college (yeah, my 2nd son is at that stage!) – I registered my son in a “College Application Boot Camp” class and an SAT Prep course. That’s a start!
  • Dreams

Six months into 2014 and I am well on my way to achieving my major goals –

and many of my day to day goals.

I know I need to focus on making my dreams come true. I know what I want. I know what I need to do. It’s time to go out and make it happen!

If you believe it, you can do it.

I believe!

How about you?

Did you make a list of goals for 2014?

Have you achieved any of your goals?

Are you ready to focus on what needs to be done to achieve your dreams?


How to DIY Terrariums Just Like on Pinterest. Please Don’t Kiss the Cactus!

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DIY Terrariums with Cactus and Succulents

Inspired by a photo that I saw on Pinterest and encouraged by the display of little cactus and succulents by the entrance of the supermarket I frequent, I have been making terrariums. I knew I had some glass globe containers somewhere in the garage. As I have been packing and moving for some time into a new house, I hoped to find them and make the terrariums as gifts for my old neighbors. I imagined myself with my family walking up to each door with terrarium in hand and saying good bye. That never happened. Too busy, too grimy from cleaning the old house, too tired, and I didn’t find the glass globes until the last day of moving.

Yet, I started collecting the little plants each time I would pass the display at the grocery store over the past few weeks. I placed each one (or two or three) in the kitchen window of my new home.  I have always wanted a box window above the sink in my kitchen and the new house has a lovely one. While I unpacked, I was delighted to find an array of glass containers that I could use for my project. I had left over decorative stones from various crafty things I had used them for in the past. I never throw anything useful away and as I was packing and unpacking, I accumulated quite a few items I could use for the terrariums. I had glass containers of different sizes and shapes. I had decorative rocks, sand, and even a small bag of potting soil. I actually found the potting soil in the garage of the new house – now that was like a dream! I told my hubby that all I needed to get started on the terrariums was some potting soil and he said, “Oh, I saw some in the garage.” That was a cool coincidence!

photo by Melissa Reyes copyright 2014 http://mizmeliz.com

My Terrarium Project

I found that I truly love making the terrariums and it brought back memories of gardening with my Dad in our back yard when I was growing up. He would bring home potted plants and I would help him re-plant them in the garden or in planter boxes. I even had my own set of gardening tools. I also loved planting flowers in the front yard when my kids were little. This is like gardening on a small scale. I have never been very good at keeping house plants alive, so having succulents that don’t need much care right in the window above the sink is about as low maintenance as one could get. Most of all, I love arranging the window, it looks beautiful!

photo by Melissa Reyes copyright 2014 http://mizmeliz.comI will admit, I have gotten a little carried away with this project. Especially since I decided to keep the plants and not give them as gifts and because my market keeps putting out various plants that appeal to me. I have become addicted to buying them and a little obsessed with making the terrariums. Well, that is until last night. I still have pain in my fingertips as I type this. Which is why I call this tale, “Please Don’t Kiss the Cactus!”

Most of the small plants that I had purchased so far had prickly little spines on them that hurt a little bit if I touched them full on. So, I had learned to carefully pick them up and move them when replanting without getting hurt. My hands and skin have been toughened lately by all the moving and a little prick now and then didn’t bother me. (Stop chuckling, silly!)  So, yesterday I stopped at the store to get milk and I ended up buying three more plants. One of which looked like a miniature prickly pear cactus. It was so cute, I had to have it. I am not sorry I got it, I just wish I was more careful!

A Full Size Prickly Pear Plant

A Full Size Prickly Pear Plant

This plant had a little handle taped onto it’s little pot. That should have been my first clue to be careful with it. As I transplanted it, my hand brushed up against the plant and I instantly felt the tiny little spurs grab on to my skin. Ouch! It really hurt, like a ant bite. It was a sharp and quick nerve-like pain. Immediately, I touched the spot on my hand between my thumb and forefinger and I felt the tiny little splinter. I looked at my hand and saw about five minute beige hairs sticking straight out. Wow, those are sticky little pricks! (Sorry!)

I thought, “Okay, so as soon as I am done, I will grab some tweezers and pull those out. Case closed. I can do this.” Just then, as I was carefully placing the soil with a plastic spoon around the newly transplanted death plant, I mean sweet miniature prickly pear cactus, my husband came up behind me and put his arms around my waist for a special loving moment. At that second, I knew I had screwed up. Both hands in the pot, the little plant fell over and I scooped it up to right it and it got me. Tiny, almost invisible, miniature spurs were stuck in all of my fingertips and between my fingers. Yikes! It felt like my hands had become a prickly pear plant, everywhere I touched either had spines or felt spines. I quickly went to the bathroom and grabbed my tweezers, stepped over to the window for the best light in the bedroom and looked at my hands. I could see the spines, but not well enough to pluck them out without breaking them off.

115269Luckily, my husband recently acquired a very powerful magnifying glass with a light like the big ones that jewelers use. He just installed it on his desk when we moved. I ran downstairs. (When I say “ran” downstairs, if you know me, you probably know that means I went down the stairs as quickly as I could. “Ran down” just sounds better.) I said, I need your magnifying glass light thing!” And I looked at my hands. I showed Lito the tiny little spines. There were hundreds of them. We tried to pull them out with the tweezers. It was painful to move my fingers as they brushed together. I wasn’t crying or anything, just annoyed and puzzled with myself for not knowing better. I have gloves, but I was too excited and anxious to plant my new lovely mini cacti that I didn’t put them on.

My wonderful, amazing, brilliant husband left me alone to my plucking and got online to see how to treat this situation. He found a great tip that I will share with you now. If you ever find yourself in this situation you will know what to do. White glue. Yes, Elmer’s Glue All. It was cool and soothing as I poured it all over my hands. Let it dry and peel it off, the glochids will come off with the dried glue. This was much like waxing, but cool and comforting. You know that feeling when you have a toothache that is so bad, you would actually beg for a root canal? Well, I seriously would have done anything to remove those spines.

Now that my garden is complete, despite my sore hands, I will gladly share the quick and easy steps involved in making your own terrariums…with caution:

  • buy two or three little plants, each one usually had at least two pieces that can be separated at the roots.
  • clean a large glass container, like a bowl or globe, with soap and water.
  • place decorative rocks, sand, or soil on the bottom of the bowl.
  • put about an inch of potting soil on top of the rocks.
  • make a small hole or move all the soil to one side to make room for the roots.
  • carefully (I mean really carefully if you are replanting a cactus!) remove the plant from it’s pot and separate the pieces being cautious not to break the roots.
  • place one piece in the soil and cover with some more soil while pushing into and pressing down on the soil to steady the plant.
  • repeat steps above with one or two varying styles of plants.
  • add some water to moisten the plants.
  • add decorative stones, pebbles, or sand around the plants.
  • Sit back and admire the beautiful terrarium you just made!
  • Get the tweezers and a magnifying glass and have white glue on hand…just in case! Better yet, wear gloves.

When I was done with removing the glue from my hands and I finished my newest terrarium planting, my husband said one thing that cheered me up. He said, “At least you didn’t kiss that plant!”

Heck ya!

photo by Melissa Reyes copyright 2014 http://mizmeliz.com "Please Don't Kiss the Cactus!"

I love the complete look of these terrariums arranged in the window box.

If you like reading funny true stories like this, read Fazel Huts.

Do you have a gardening story? I would love to hear your experience and tips. Leave a comment.

We are Meant for Great Things #MizMeliz

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Postcard from Miz Meliz Created by Melissa Reyes copyright 2013

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Interview with a Life Coach – the Answers

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Thank you Kate!
I was so excited to hear from you and love that our friend Maribel brought us together!
Here are the answers to your wonderful questions:
I became certified in October 2012 after I researched long and hard, just like you have been doing, and it was the best thing I ever did! (Well, almost!) One thing that I loved about my journey to becoming a life coach was that it was pretty easy. Seriously, I made every decision with my heart and so far it has been a joyous experience. I have always felt confident about doing it because it felt so natural and I was so passionate about it every step of the way. Everything started to fall into place.
Once I decided what types of coaching I wasn’t interested in doing, I narrowed the training options down to what I was most comfortable with. Then I looked at cost, which was an issue for me. I found some reasonable options and that narrowed it down quite a bit. I chose the program based on what felt like a good fit. I read every word on their website and all the testimonials that I could find. I was so worried about buying into a scam. I did not want to be duped. No one I knew at the time even knew what a life coach was and to explain it sounded like a scheme. I was embarrassed to think that it could be a terrible mistake. Especially because it felt so right for me.
I went with Fowler-Wainwright International for a few reasons. One was the ease of completing the program online. The cost was affordable. Once enrolled, there was a lot of ongoing support. But, mainly it was because I loved the sound of Barbara Wainwright’s voice. I could listen to her all day! Since all of the training was in her voice, I enjoyed the sessions and felt comfortable the whole time. She is very encouraging and supportive.  She has gone on to form her own group, Wainwright Global, which I highly recommend.
2012-10-21 16.17.21 photo by Melissa Reyes copyright 2012 http://mizmeliz.com
 I believe becoming a certified professional coach is what gave me the confidence to get started. You do not have to be certified to be a life coach. You can start helping people as soon as you feel comfortable. I began to take it seriously once I committed myself to the program. The tools that I learned re-emphasized my inherent beliefs. The credential has helped me to be taken seriously by others. Having completed the course, I feel that I have earned the title. It was a big accomplishment for me!


I have always wanted to help others. In high school I was interested in psychology and psycho-therapy. I was introduced to a leadership program where I was trained to be a small group leader at retreats. Even though I already knew back then that I wanted to be a counselor of some type, I realized that I was a very emotional person. I did not think that I could cope with helping people with traumatic experiences. I pursued other interests for many years. As I matured I realized that I was the person people came to when they needed to talk and that I was in fact a life coach before I even knew such a thing existed.

Photo by Melissa Reyes Copyright 2013

I think a life coach is someone who can listen with an open mind, guide by example, not ever judge, love all people, and be completely dependable. A life coach does not give advice. We don’t try and fix people. We are accepting and understanding. A life coach can see the good qualities that a person has and they can help that person make and achieve their goals. I help people to find their passion and live their purpose. I help to light the path on their journey. I help them to see themselves in a positive light and I help them to learn that they can live to their full potential.
A great sports coach can see abilities in an athlete and help him or her to reach their full physical potential. A business coach helps people reach their professional goals. I help people realize their dreams for themselves, find joy in their life and live in gratitude of the moment.
I am still working towards making this a business. I am still not sure if that is what I want exactly.  Right now it is a calling. Perhaps, a ministry. I believe in unfolding to a certain degree and going where I am meant to be. Since I have a full time job, I am allowing myself to be who I am at heart. I am a life coach. I am a writer. I am many things to many people. At some point, I may develop it into a business. I am always open to taking on paying clients. I offer a six week session that can be scheduled on my website. I also do workshops and mini-retreats. I am currently writing a self-help book. So, in the process of doing all of these things, I meet people who need me and I am there. I like it that way. For now.
Miz Meliz Keeping it Together Workshop

“Fulfilling Commitments” is part of The Develop Your Best Self section of I AM KEEPING IT TOGETHER Life Balance Workshop with Miz Meliz 2012

My advice for someone who may be interested in life coaching as a business would be to know which it is you want. Do you want to be a life coach? Do you want to have a business? Do you simply want to be happy doing what you love? We can have it all. Make a plan. See it in  your mind the way you are the most comfortable, happy, and successful. Then work to make that happen. It is easier than you think!
Here is a question for you Kate, what are you dreaming of? What has lead you to wanting to be a life coach?

How about you?

What are you dreaming of doing?
Would you ever consider having a life coach help you?
Leave a comment…BE A PART OF THE INTERVIEW…ask me anything about life coaching.

GOALS BINGO! #14in2014

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It’s time to look at my goals for the year.

My word for 2014 that I have decided to focus on is Discovery. I look forward to learning new things and breaking out of my comfort zone. I plan to share these discoveries with you. I also have some things that I hope to accomplish this year. Some are personal, some professional, and some are things that I always need to be reminded to stay on track!  Recently I posted a fun idea for keeping track of goals with…BINGO. I am going to give it a try. I am also joining the Valentine RD’s #14in2014 Goals/Resolutions/Intentions Link-up. There will be a quarterly check-in to see how everyone is doing on their goals. I hope to at least have a “bingo” by then!

So, here goes nothin’! These are my goals I hope to achieve this year:

2014 Goals

As for major goals – I have a few I want to accomplish in 2014:

  • Publish another book
  • Move to a new home
  • Keep my blood sugar levels (A1C) within normal range
  • Not gain weight
  • Help my son apply to college (yeah, my 2nd son is at that stage!)


How about you?

What are some of your goals for 2014?

Do you have a fun way to stay on track?

Leave a comment!

Share with me, So I can CHEER YOU ON!

Discovering How Mindfulness and Meditation Make it All Better

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Sometimes I feel like I am taking things too hard, or too personally. I start to wonder, “why me?” And I think, “oh no, not this again!”

I am guest posting on The Responsive Universe  – so head over there to read my post about mindfulness and meditation.

My post features this song by Genesis, Taking it All Too Hard as well as quotes from the book, The Responsive Universe by John C. Bader. You will also see a graphic of The Tree of Contemplative Practices, from The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society. This graphic shows all the varying types of practices used for mindfulness and meditation. 

Being mindful makes a difference in my life.

How about you?

What are some contemplative practices that you have tried that help you to center yourself and call out your healthy and happy inner voice?

Leave a comment. . .

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