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5 Ways Leaders Can Achieve Personal  Wellness – And Inspire It In Others @kerrywekelo

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5 Ways Leaders Can Achieve Personal 
Wellness – And Inspire It In Others

Leaders in companies and organizations often face enormous demands on their time, but the best leaders realize they can’t let those demands become so overwhelming that their health suffers as a result.

“Successful leaders prioritize personal wellness, both at home and at work,” says Kerry Alison Wekelo, author of Culture Infusion: 9 Principles to Create and Maintain a Thriving Organizational Culture (

And those who don’t prioritize personal wellness should realize it’s not too late to make it a New Year’s resolution for 2018, she says. Plus, taking care of themselves is also a great way for leaders to inspire others throughout the organization to do the same.

“Team members will be more inclined to focus on their own well being if they see the leadership team making it a priority,” says Wekelo, who is managing director of human resources and operations for Actualize Consulting. “It’s better for the entire company when everyone strives to be physically and mentally fit.”

In her own life, Wekelo says she follows five guiding values for personal wellness. They are:

•    Breathe. Many people forget to breathe during the day, Wekelo says, though she’s not talking about breathing to stay alive. “On any given day we are going to experience moments of stress,” she says. “Focusing on taking a few long, slow breaths can help calm you down.”

•    Move. Movement is another way to take care of your well being. “Many of us are sedentary most of the day, sitting at desks then lounging at home in the evening,” she says. “We are not made to sit like this all day every day.” To get moving, you don’t need to schedule time at a gym for an aggressive workout. She suggests stretching while at your desk and taking time once an hour to get up and walk, even if it’s just to walk to somewhere else in the office. 

•    Play. Children love to play, but adults forget they need to take time to play as well, even if it’s just a game of cards or charades. “Next time you find yourself stressing, give your brain a break and call your inner child out for a play date,” Wekelo says.

•    Nourish. No matter how smoothly life is going, there will always be conflict, so you should handle it directly, openly and immediately. When you do, you will be nourishing your relationship with those employees and they will have the opportunity to nourish themselves. “Take the approach that everything is a learning opportunity and work with your employees on how to improve rather than running them into the ground and making them feel even worse,” Wekelo says. “If they know you care and support them even in hard times, you will have their loyalty.”

•    Replenish. Life gets hectic, so it’s important to set aside time for reflection, introspection, meditation or just plain quiet time. “My best ideas come from my quiet time,” Wekelo says. “I am sure that’s why so many of the great pioneers, artists and scientists spend hours each day walking and contemplating.”

“As you consider your own personal well-being, it’s important to remember that you create your life and how you feel,” Wekelo says. “Change starts at the individual level.”

About Kerry Alison Wekelo
Kerry Alison Wekelo ( is managing director of human resources and operations for Actualize Consulting. She also is author of Culture Infusion: 9 Principles to Create and Maintain a Thriving Organizational Culture. Among her other accomplishments, Wekelo is a yoga teacher, life coach, award-winning author of children’s books, and the founder of Zendoway, a company that encourages holistic wellness.

Disclaimer: The information in the article above was provided by the representatives at News & Experts, an agency that has connected me with Ms. Welelo. I am looking forward to meeting Kerry and having her on Inspiring Adventures as a featured guest. She certainly has wonderful advice to give and can inspire us to take action!

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Paying for Perfect Grades with Pills by Joy Stephenson-Laws @_pHLabs

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Campus stimulant abuse: Paying for perfect grades with pills

Guest Post By Joy Stephenson-Laws, founder of Proactive Health Labs (pH) and her medical team

Parents are expressing growing shock over the frequency of drug use on American college campuses. And we are not talking about illegal drugs, but legal, prescription ones. Stimulants, commonly prescribed for attention-deficit disorder, are finding their way into the hands of students with perfect mental health. A recent study titled Under Pressure: College Students and the Abuse of Rx Stimulants found that 1 in 5 college students (20 percent) report abusing prescription stimulants at least once.

Why would students take medicine they don’t need?

Many are doing it because they believe it will help them study or outperform their classmates. Stimulants work by getting into the brain and forcing the release of neurotransmitters: dopamine, which increases motivation; serotonin, which improves mood and has a calming effect; and norepinephrine, which creates an activated “fight or flight” brain and cardiovascular response, increasing alertness. Students with prescriptions often sell or give pills to their classmates.

The names of these drugs include:

  •          Adderall (amphetamine)
  •          Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine, turns into amphetamine in the body)
  •          Ritalin, Concerta, Metadate, Quillivant (methylphenidate)
  •          Provigil, Nuvigil (modafinil)
  •          Focalin (dexmethylphenidate)

Stimulant drugs are less potent than the stimulant cocaine, but much more potent than caffeine. All share similar side effects such as:

  •          Insomnia
  •          Poor appetite
  •          Digestive problems
  •          High blood pressure
  •          Racing heart
  •          “Crashing” afterward (releasing all those neurotransmitters early has its consequences)
  •          Addiction potential

Certain risk factors for stimulant abuse have been identified in young people. Risk factors include:

  •          Membership in the Greek system (fraternities and sororities)
  •          Having some (but not necessarily all) of the symptoms of ADHD
  •          Alcohol or marijuana use
  •          Academic difficulties

While many students who abuse stimulants are indeed healthy, some of them may actually be suffering from undiagnosed ADHD and “self-medicating” with stimulants as well as alcohol and marijuana.

Parents and students can work to prevent unnecessary use of stimulants. Colleges do not want to create an environment where “everyone” needs to use stimulants to keep up. It may be important to identify nutritional deficiencies that may lead to ADHD. Such deficiencies can be uncovered by appropriate testing. Optimizing exercise, nutrition and sleep always enhances cognitive performance, while getting prompt professional evaluation for any persistent difficulties studying can catch ADHD, depression or other mental difficulties early so that students can get help rather than rely on the dorm “drug dealer.”

Enjoy Your Healthy Life!

The pH professional health care team includes recognized experts from a variety of health care and related disciplines, including physicians, health care attorneys, nutritionists, nurses and certified fitness instructors. To learn more about the pH Health Care Team, click here.

Joy Stephenson-Laws is the founder of Proactive Health Labs (pH), a revolutionary health care company that provides tools needed to achieve optimal health. Her new book, Minerals – The Forgotten Nutrient: Your Secret Weapon for Getting and Staying Healthy [Proactive Health Labs, Inc., 2016] is available through Amazon or wherever books are sold. All proceeds from the book will be donated to The Bili Project Foundation, an organization devoted to reducing the incident and improve the outcome of Hepatobilary cancers, which are cancers of the liver, gallbladder, or bile ducts.  Connect with Proactive Health Labs on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads, and at


Note from Miz Meliz:

I have the pleasure of interviewing Joy Stephenson-Laws on Inspiring Adventures with Miz Meliz on May 23, 2017! Please join us to learn more about her book, her life, and what inspires her on her journey! See it on BubblrMedia on

This article was provided by and posted with permission from Smith Publicity for the purpose of promotion and review of the book by Joy Stephenson-Laws. I received a copy of the book for review purposes. I am not being paid for the review or interview. All opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure statement for details on why I post articles like these on my blog. Thanks!

Juggling with Author Genie Davis on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town @GenieWrites @TenMiniTT

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My friend and author, Pauline Baird Jones, referred me to Genie Davis when I asked if she knew any other authors who might like to be on the show. I am delighted that Genie agreed and I can’t wait to interview her!

Guest Post Title BarHello there, I’m a juggler. I think that fits me more than saying I’m a novelist, journalist, screenwriter, or blogger, at least right now. A lot of times I wish I could just sit down and work on one book project, or one screenplay – something I have done in the past, but that’s not the way life is going at the moment.

Right now, I’m working on a number of different projects, and keeping them all from crashing to the ground is pretty much what I do. Each has its own sphere of influence in my heart.

At the moment, I’m just getting a fairly major blog off the ground. It’s called DiversionsLA, and while a lot of the events I write about take place in or around Southern California, you don’t have to live in the City of Angels to enjoy it. The sub-title is “Art, Film, Food, Fun and Travel” and that pretty much sums it up. If you like contemporary art, independent film, cool restaurants, or you’re looking for some off-the-beaten path travel that you don’t have to sell your car to afford, then check us out. One of the things I love best about writing the blog is that I can write whatever I want to write, describe things I absolutely adore. So I’m very passionate about that, and about being to present artists and films and destinations that people might not have otherwise heard about. It’s very visual, too, most of the photos in each story are from Jack Burke, whose photography is really pretty amazing. If you don’t believe me, check out his awesome photos in the “Stars Over Moab” story about a glamping vacation.

Another big project right now is a really exciting Young Adult novel I’ve co-written with my writing partner on a number of projects, the very talented Linda Marr. The Cannibal Hunter” is a near-future coming of age story with a strong female protagonist, the first in a series that touches on love, family, government corruption, and yes, a cannibal virus. It’s entered in the Amazon Scout program, and if you click this link to help us nominate it for publication through that program, you can read a short excerpt, and if the book is published through Amazon Scout, you’ll get a free copy. Kind of a win/win.  If you like romantic suspense, we have two releases out now, “Between the Sheets” and “Animal Attraction.” Let us know you’ve purchased one or the other and we’ll send you a fun short as an extra.

Another awesome shared project awaits: I’m writing one of a two novella set with my wonderful friend and brilliant writer Pauline Baird Jones for Holiday release. Very excited indeed about this new collaboration! (Editor’s note, Pauline B. Jones has also appeared on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town.)

IMG_2620I’ve also got several solo projects out there, including a mystery I’m really attached to, which has been nicely compared to Sue Grafton’s style. “Marathon”  is also the first in a series, but I’ll have a new stand alone, “Gun to the Head” out very soon.

And then of course there’s my marketing communications work and magazine writing. I write for both print and e-zines, on subjects from travel to toys, wine and beer, technology, and finance. You name it, I write it. In the mar/comm area I do corporate videos, write brochures, blogs, and social media.

Want to hear more about me juggling, tune in Tuesday! See the interview LIVE on Blab.

Ten Minutes Banner (1)

Genie Davis – Author and Blogger

Show Notes

Author Genie DavisGenie loves checking out cool art exhibits; road trips; and reading with her kitty. We have a few things in common. It will be a great show.

Join us on Tuesday, September 8th on the next episode of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town LIVE on

We will talk about Genie’s NEW books -and republished books.

We will also discuss what it is like moving from traditional publishing to indie publishing.

What is on the Horizon?

IMG_2477I will find out about Genie’s new romantic suspense releases.

Since we are both bloggers, of course we will talk blogging and how it was for Genie when she started her art blog, DiversionsLA

Genie and I will definitely get into what she is passionate about including screen and novel writing.

Connect with Genie Davis Here:

  • Twitter: @geniewrites @diversionsla
  • Website: com
  • Facebook: GenieDavis
  • Blog:
Genie Davis with writing partner on several projects, Linda Marr

Genie Davis with writing partner on several projects, Linda Marr

IMG_9180   Between the Sheets – July 2015 Animal Attraction – April 2015 Marathon – January 2014 available now @Amazon, B&N, iBook, Kobo

Living to My Full Potential by Melissa Reyes

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Originally Posted on Kaizen Ways for Jeff Friend

“Presenting Myself Positively and Living to My Full Potential is What Living in the Moment Means to Me”

I discovered this when I realized that I wanted to be called a writer.  I have been writing all my life, in journals, and I knew that I could do it.  I am an accomplished executive assistant and have worked for very high level business executives for whom I wrote documents and letters without a hitch.  I have published hundreds of newsletters for banks, church groups and schools with articles that I wrote and edited. I had a blog where I posted reviews, articles, interviews, poems, songs, and memoirs for years before I would even consider calling myself a writer!  Why?  Because I had not been published by a certified publisher.  I have not submitted my work to any magazine or publishing house.  Yet, I write.  I am a writer.  Right here, right now.  I am a writer. In this moment.

In every moment only I can define who I am, what I want, and how I act.  I am who I am.

IMG_162071844956958I asked my friends on Facebook what “Living in the Moment” meant to them.  I received varied responses which fascinated me and made me think.  I frequently say that I believe in living in the moment.  I tell others to live in the moment.  It is a monumental realization to me that it means very different things to different people.  I must be careful to clarify what it means to me.  First, I will take a look at what others think. . .

The Artist:
Faith Ringgold
The Caldecott Honor winner is best known for her painted story quilts,  which include “Dinner at Gertrude Stein’s” and “Dancing at the  Louvre.”
“Back when I was starting out, someone at a party  asked me what I did, and I said, ‘I’m an artist.’ And a friend of mine said,  ‘Faith, would you please stop telling people you’re an artist? You’re not an  artist. You’re an art teacher.’ I thought: ‘That’s interesting that she thinks  she can tell me who I am. I’m the one who determines when I’m an artist. And  that’s right here, right now.'”
Read more:

“Living in the Moment Means Not Thinking About the Future”

I was surprised at this reaction, but oh, so grateful to have received it.  I honestly think this represents what my kids think I mean when I say “living in the moment.”  It made me consider, do people think that I don’t care about what happens in the days ahead when I proclaim that I am living in the moment?  It’s quite the opposite.  I am most concerned about not obsessing needlessly about the past!  I am trying to let go of the baggage and the perceived expectations and the self imposed pressure of doing things right.  In doing so, I may be projecting an attitude of carelessness.
Living in the moment does not mean not being concerned about my actions.  It does not mean that I do not care about what happens in the future.  I do not live with reckless abandon.  I know my friend did not mean that when she said, “not thinking about the future.”  But that is what I immediately processed.  In fact, I believe that living in the moment is about thinking about the future.
Living in the moment is about being responsible and true to yourself in the present, which can result in a very positive future.

“Living in the Moment Means Being Present to Fully Drink Up Life’s Gifts.”

I believe that “living in the moment” can be celebratory.  I believe it is important to celebrate the every day moments.  Let’s recognize the little milestones and accomplishments along with the big blessings in life.  A friend commented on that note quite beautifully when she said, living in the moment means “being present to fully drink up life’s gifts.”  When we become consumed with the minutiae in our life, we check out.  We become distracted with over thinking every thing we have to remember and everything we have to do.  We become absent.  So, remind yourself to be present.
 When you “check in” you can experience, process, absorb and “drink in” all the little miracles in your day to day life.

“Living in the Moment Means Focusing on What is Around You at the Time- Minus Media.”

For some people, constantly and consistently checking the pulse of media influence is vital to their every day focus.  They are the speed readers, the multi-taskers, the skimmers of information, the keepers of statistics and the trend setters.  They know what is happening and they set the tone for the rest of us.  To someone like this, I can see how “living in the moment” would mean taking a breather to be available and present to what is actually happening to them.
Another friend put it this way, “Focusing on now, appreciating the blessing that moment is.”  Tearing yourself away from the thoughts buzzing around about the next big idea and thinking about the many commitments that are being made can be difficult.  It takes a little extra effort to stop and focus on the people and the events that are happening now.  To live, really live, and enjoy a moment – with your family, your friends, your significant other, anyone who is important to you – is what it means to live in the moment.  Bless each chance you get to break away from the fast life.  Slow down and soak in the real people standing before you.  Give that person the gift of your time.  Give yourself to them.  You can get right back on the information highway and you will be stronger and filled with the very zest you need to keep that pace.
Live in the moment and bless it.  Focus on what is around you.  Minus the media.  Pump life into every chance you get to give of yourself.

“How Do You Apply Being Fully Present?”

When I break it down and examine what “living in the moment” means to me, I compare it to “being fully present.”  I asked my friends how they apply being fully present.  One person stated that being fully present means, “To not think about what could happen or what should happen, but just hold on to the power of the human spirit to embrace how beautiful life is.”  Another friend said, “Being present means being aware of the moment.”

I love the idea of embracing how beautiful life is.  Life is beautiful!  My mantra for 2012 has been to embrace and experience every moment.  I believe that awareness is immediate.  Being in the moment is now.  To some, living in the moment is spontaneous.  Just being.  Just doing.  Not thinking.  To me, it is not overthinking.  To me it is taking things in just as they are and not manipulating them to suit my needs or desires.  It means letting go of preconceptions, letting go of control, accepting thngs as they are and as they are happening.  Some call this going with the flow.  Some relate it to the process of unfolding.  I call it living in the moment.

“Living in the moment involves acceptance and appreciation of life’s imperfections and simplicity.  Live, be, do.”


Allowing Our Fears to Open New Doors

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What do you do if you are afraid?

Fear of failure is a common subject that comes up when we discuss setting goals and creating a vision for our life and for our future.

“How can I ever succeed at my job, at blogging, or achieving my dreams when my fears are my biggest obstacle, stopping me in my tracks?”

fear of failureI have spent a lot of time thinking about this. I have faced many fears in my life, the fear of failing is one of the biggest and most difficult to handle. Yet, if we don’t learn how to get past this fear, we cannot move forward.

Then, there is the fear of success. It is a real thing. What if I achieve my goals? Then what? What if I make a mistake?

I wrote an article about How to Overcome Fear of Failure for where I discuss the feeling of falling into a downward spiral of fear and despair and using your own powerful sense of self-perseverance by reaching out for help and listening to your inner-sweetheart to bring you back up through to the top of the spiral. It is just like climbing to the top of a spiral slide, it isn’t easy, but it is possible.

2014-01-16 03.12.40

 When you allow your fears to overcome you, that is failure. If you overcome your fear and open new doors finding new pathways to achieve your dreams, that is success.

I encourage you to turn things around. Learn something new, reach out for help, change your direction. Allow your fears to open the door for you. I know you can do it!

Releasing the fear of failure, or any fear, involves believing that you can. Talk yourself through it. Pray. Meditate. Write. Do whatever works. Try new things.

What are you afraid of? (Picture and quote from

Think Positively, Breathe, and Say:
I am Releasing this fear now
I am Letting this fear melt away now
I am Choosing peace and confidence instead
I am Visualizing a healing light all around me
In this light, the fear melts even more
In this light I am safe and peaceful
I am Safe and Peaceful

Please read my article on Overcoming the Fear of Failure and check out the website for Florida Beach Rehab. There are many more articles and resources there that can help you or your loved ones get professional help and support when you need it most.

If this post and the linked article helped you, please let me know in the comments. #SharetheLove and share this post via Twitter and Facebook.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at


Thanks for the comments! I love getting to know you and learning about your journey. Here is the post by Pauline from Life Happens A Lot with reference to Louise Plummer’s essay, “Fear, I Embrace You” from Thoughts of a Grasshopper.

A Letter to America from Daniel Alexander @danielalex_book

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Sometimes I wonder, what if I could ask the burning questions that could really make a difference?

Would I get an answer? Could I make a call to action?

My friend Daniel did just that when I asked him if he wanted to write a post for He could have written anything. This is what he sent me…a letter to parents in America.

Questions for America

Meet Daniel Alexander, Author of Through the Crimson Mirror

Meet Daniel Alexander, Author of Through the Crimson Mirror

Dear America,

Overall, I think you are a great country. Yes, you have some problems, like the rest of us. However, you provide for your people, you are strong, you are a leader… I’d like to visit you one day and possibly stay. I’ve even set the language on my computer to English U.S. instead of English South Africa.

I love the way you respond to certain things. I’m reading a book called The Magic of Thinking Big, and the author, David J. Schwartz, makes a good point about learning from mistakes. Look at the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA); even though there are few plane crashes, when a plane goes down, the CAA wastes no time trying to figure out what happened. Men and women scourer the crash site and collect every bit of metal and plastic. They analyze and diagnose what happened and create a plan so that it doesn’t happen again. They implement this plan with vigor and force. If every other plane out there suffers from the same defect as the one that went down, well it has a time limit to shape up or ship out. In doing so, the airways become an even safer place to be.

However, something I heard the other day disturbed me. The butt of a news snippet on the radio set off a chain reaction in my mind. Recently, a student in Russia (I assume it was Russia, but as I said, I only caught the end of the news) took his classmates hostage with a gun. I think there were twenty people in the class including the teacher, all being held prisoner by the ‘out of control’ student. The police called the gunman’s father. He was sent in with a bulletproof vest to talk to this son. Fortunately, the plan worked and no one was injured.

This story got me thinking about all the times that this has happened in America. I dare say that it happens frequently, but since the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, America has seen similar incidents happen many, many times. I know a lot of information was gathered about the Columbine incident, and others, but where is the implementation plan that resolves the core of the problem? The core being people.

All negative behaviors boil down to a lack of self-esteem, an inability to feel heard, an inability to get what you want out of life, an imbalanced view on life, or something similar. So why is it not mandatory for kids to learn these skills while in school? We attack the gun laws and all the other so-called causes, but never ourselves and our inability to deal with life. Why: because we are never taught to do anything different?

The saddest part about this is so much of this information exists in our society today. We understand the basic environmental factors that lead to someone bombing a school. We’ve seen a great rise in information about the mind and success in the past few years. For example, we know that attitude is more important than being able to store facts in your mind. Yet, we continue along the same path, teaching kids that getting good marks in school is the way to success.

I addressed this letter to America, but realistically, you (the reader of this) and I don’t have the power to change a government. It’s another lie that we perpetuate in our society. We do however; have the power to change our home environments and ourselves so we can inspire others to do the same. Not an easy task, but answer this: have you ever actively worked on your self-esteem? Sadly, probably not… Right? Look at rates of depression, divorce, alcoholism, drug abuse; they are all on the rise just about all over the world. I think it’s safe to say that if you haven’t actively worked on your self-esteem, it’s probably not as high as you think it is. So then, what’s to stop things from going wrong in your life and you becoming the next statistic or scandal?

That’s probably a little dramatic. I’m certainly not insinuating that you are going to be the next person to hold up a school. But, I’m sure other things are going wrong in your life. What’s your Columbine? And what are you doing to resolve the core problem?

If that question sounds a little daunting to you, I have good news. There are many courses out there: break through weekend, self-esteem courses, communication courses etc. I realize they seem a little weird from the outside. A hypnotherapist said to me the other day, “Self-improvement isn’t sexy.” However, from my experience, the self-esteem course I did just under a year ago helped me rise up from a really dark place. I’ve made friends in that community and put plans in place to live the life I want to live, get what I want to get out of life, instead of having life beat me down. Start small, just do an internet search and explore, learn and grow.

The first step to building your self-esteem, to getting the life you want, is actively choosing to create your own life and raise your self-esteem.

Daniel Alexander


Read books by Daniel Alexander and visit his Blog, Facebook and Twitter pages:

Through the Crimson Mirror (Kindle)

Beginner’s success in Public Speaking (Paperback)

Beginner’s success in Public Speaking (Kindle)

Website: Parenting 2.0 The Child’s Perspective

Daniel Alexander’s Facebook Fan Page

@DanielAlex_book on Twitter


What do you think?

Do you share Daniel’s fears about the state of kids today who don’t seem to value their own life or the lives of others?

What can we do about it?

Ode to Melissa TheValentineRD @mburton0214

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MontiLoveGoldTransparentRibbonFrom Ode to Melissa:

The Sun no more in clouds inshriu’d,
Darts all his glories unconfin’d;
The feather’d choir from every spray
Salute Melissa’s natal day.

My dear friend, Melissa Burton from asked me to guest post on her blog in honor of her birthday month!

What a fun post it was to write! I get so much out of Melissa’s blog. She recently wrote about flipping a negative to a positive showing a real commitment to optimism. I was wowed! I truly admire this woman and I would love to have her write a post for Miz Meliz. Check out her blog today and see what I mean.

Check it out here and follow Melissa Burton’s fab fun blog!