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How to Get Your Own Alexa Skill or Enable Mine in 3 Easy Steps

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I share the Word of the Week every week. It started last Summer when Allison Diamond of the SnapDays Bot asked me to do this as a regular thing on Snapchat. It is a fun way to start a conversation with friends and utilize my Daily Affirmations Card Deck. This post contains affiliate links and links to purchase items. See my dislosure for details on why I write articles like this on my blog.

I simply pull a random card each week and show the card on Snapchat. That has lead to a wonderful way of expressing my insights and has opened discussions with people around the world through social media. Now, I have an Amazon Alexa Skill that can be enabled (if you have an Alexa Echo or Dot device) in your Flash Briefings and hear the Inspiring Adventures Word of the Week any time you want.


I post an image every week on Instagram and share my thoughts on how the word applies to my life.

Why Do I Want My Own Alexa Skill?

I am a blogger and a live streamer and I host shows on Facebook, but when I started doing the word of the week, it became something that centered all of those things. Using the words from my deck helped me to keep my focus and remain mindful of my core values. My best friend and working partner, Cindy Harrison, asked if we could use the word of the week in her art projects too, and then we started using them as the theme for the live shows. Now, everything makes sense! Inspiring Adventures is the overall theme of everything I do, that is at the base of who I am and what I am doing here, and it always has been.

Why not make Inspiring Adventures my main focus on social media as well? Why not share it with everyone? When I first heard about Flash Briefings, I knew I had to have my message available in that form of media. I was thrilled when the easiest way to activate this goal came to me in an email from online educator, Jen Lehner. She teaches all the cutting edge technology and I have learned many tips from her about OBS, Twitter, Instagram, and now Alexa!

Here is how I activated the Alexa Skill on Amazon:

  1. Go to (this is an affiliate link and I get a kickback if you sign up, thanks!
  2. Set up your skill by following the directions and using the checklist (took me about an hour, if I can do it ANYONE can!)
  3. Upload your own sound file to share with the world, it really is that easy!

Here is how you can Enable Your Flash Briefings and hear the Inspiring Adventures Word of the Week in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Go to the Amazon Alexa App on your phone
  2. On the Menu (looks like three lines on the top left) select Skills
  3. Where it says “Search all skills” type in Miz Meliz and when Inspiring Adventures Word of the Week pops up, click on it and enable it!

OR simply say this out loud within ear shot of your Alexa device:

“Alexa, Enable Inspiring Adventures Word of the Week on My Flash Briefings”

When you do, this is what you will hear…

I also share the word of the week on the Anchor App, Apple Podcast, Google Play, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Chances are, I am catching you in at least one of those places! And that is the point – to connect with you. These are ways for you to connect back too! I want to hear from you!

This is the best part about the word of the week, it gets people talking and sharing their thoughts and insights. On Anchor, there is the ability to call in, here on the blog, you can type in comments, on social media you can reply with comments, direct messages, or with video messages. If you want to be involved in the Inspiring Adventures Community, I encourage you to join the group on Facebook!

Join the Facebook Group Here

Buy the Affirmations Card Deck Here

Don’t have an Alexa Echo or Dot yet. Get one at Amazon:


Zef Zan is One in a Zillion! @Zef_Zan @etSoar #Zefinitely

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When I first met Zef Zan online I thought she might be a little too zesty for me. She is a zippy little ball of energy that talks fast and fires lots of information in every live broadcast she does. At the time I was still finding my zen. But I knew she had some special appeal and I wanted to know more about her. One thing is certain, she has always been very nice and encouraging and I had a sense that at the right time we would have a chance to come together. I finally had an opportunity to work with Zef as a co-host for a segment on her recent Momentum Tribe Virtual Summit and last week she sat down with me for an interview for Inspiring Adventures.

Her zealous nature shining through, she shared her story and explained how she actually found her zone. It has been a crazy road and her journey has been difficult to say the least, that’s what makes this zany lady one in a zillion!

Check out this preview of our interview where Zef and I talk about the Word of the Week: Listen…and then see the entire Inspiring Adventures interview on Facebook/BubblrMedia

She’s Dynamic, Dauntless, and she gets things Done! #Zefinitely

Contact Zef Zan:

on Facebook: Entrepreneurs That Soar


on Twitter: @etSoar or @Zef_Zan

My Blooming 2017 Year in Review

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2017 was my year in bloom. I declared it a year to grow, thrive, and bloom. I created a Facebook group called “A Year in Bloom” and I set out to help people and myself experience the healthiest, happiest, and best year ever. Did I fulfill my intention? It’s time to look back and reflect on the year and look at the bouquet of beautiful blossoms and blooms, thorns and all!

January and February

Introductions, Vision Boards, Intentions, and lots and lots of words define how I started 2017. I began collecting words and sharing phrases and a word of the day to inspire and be inspired. It was a challenge to post a word every day, and I did it for about three months and those words helped to shape amazing discussions. This started an idea, a seed if you will, that got me thinking about a daily intention practice. That seed grew to what developed into my Daily Affirmations Card Deck and Guide Book! Bloom!

I met and introduced many lovely people to the group through my show, Inspiring AdventuresThe overall theme was Kindness. Gabriela van Rij, Kindness Activist and the Kindness Diaries, Leon Logothetis are two people who I will never forget. I think that theme stayed with me all year and had the most impact! It was amazing to interview so many inspiring people and every single one of them brought a meaningful sense of knowledge and added beauty to my life’s bouquet. Bloom!

March and April

In March, I started thinking about being powerful and taking control of my own life. I empowered myself to be healthy, happy, and successful. I created my Daily Affirmations Card Deck and Guidebook. Cindy and I started using the themes when we planned the Paint with Heart projects. It has been amazing how the themes apply to everything we do, from the interviews to the art projects, to my work at the school, life coaching, live streaming – everything! Bloom!


This spring, my spirit united with Chakra Dyana meditation practitioner, Maria Humphreys. Maria has become part of my daily life and she has inspired me in countless ways. I started seeing how the practices that I put into place in the beginning of the year were affecting me. I was feeling healthier because I had made major changes in my daily routine, consuming less sugar, taking vitamins and minerals, and drinking more water. Maria motivated me to increase my mobility and restart practices of strength training and meditation as well. Having an experienced physical therapy and fitness expert to be an accountability partner, who was willing to just be on “stand-by” whenever I had a question was a major inspiration! Bloom!

May and June

This time of year brought many delightful moments. One of the most interesting coincidences that happened was my Balloon Festival Experience. Attending my son’s graduation from college was one of the highlights of my life and proudest moments! Attending Rose’ Day, VidCon, and covering the Premiere of Not a War Story were all amazing things I was privileged to do! Going to these events and sharing them through social media and on my blog is so much fun. Bloom!


It was my birthday month and I was off work from the school for four weeks. Rather than celebrating, I spent the time connecting with my online business partners and planning for BubblrMedia. I never worked so hard or enjoyed my work so much before! Connecting with social media marketing friends online lead me to join an initiative on Twitter called #VideoReplyDay which seemed like an added task but turned out having a life-enhancing benefit. After the whirlwind months of attending events and working inside the home studio, I wanted to get away – so I took a long weekend road trip to Chama, New Mexico. I met up with one of my BubblrMedia partners, Emily Shatters and her kids. This was a time for growth.

When I returned to work, one of the most frightening experiences of my life happened. I suffered an attack of Bells Palsy. It happened just two weeks before I was supposed to speak at the ConnectHer conference.  I was stunned. It took every ounce of my energy and strength to get through that difficult time without losing the momentum I was on. I had come so far and had so much planned, I was afraid I would have to stop doing what I loved. I realized that I needed to follow all of my own advice and apply all of my knowledge and believe in myself and things would work out for the best. And you know what, they did! Bloom!

August and September

I was still recovering and going to physical therapy for my face, I was getting back into the swing of things, I was back to work at the school and trying to start a new business with BubblrMedia. I missed Cindy while she was on her vacation to Europe and August seemed like a long month of preparation. Cindy and I went all in with new shows when she got back and we made a big commitment to BubblrMedia. We produced four weekly live shows on Facebook including Paint with Heart, Cre8this, Inspiring Adventures, and Last Night’s Show with Miz Meliz. We met lots of people and spent many hours onscreen! Bloom!

I made a commitment to attend all the activities at my son’s school for his senior year as well, so that meant attending a Drama Parent Meeting, a Homecoming Game, and some Retreat Meetings. In the midst of all this I had my bi-annual physical exam and blood tests. I had amazing results that made me feel really good! First, test results showed that the Bell’s Palsy had been caused by an acute virus . That explains why the medication the ER doctor prescribed worked and the paralysis healed completely. My blood tests also showed that my Diabetes is under control and in fact, I am healthier than I have been in years! Bloom!

October and November

In October I had the opportunity to attend VidSummit and I made the decision to learn as much as I can about YouTube. As things started to wind down for Inspiring Adventures interviews and A Year in Bloom, the Holidays and family time started to take a forefront. Cindy and I began recording the 2017 Paint with Heart Christmas Ornament Collection video series and I enjoyed prepping for the holidays. We also started attending online webinars to educate ourselves on the many aspects of teaching online and using YouTube to reach our audience and help more people. Bloom!

For Thanksgiving, Lito and I took the boys up to Chama, New Mexico. After being there in the summer, I had to go back with the rest of the family! It was so beautiful! We connected with more of our family who live in New Mexico and made a new business decision to add to the growing online business – virtual tours and aerial photography! Lito and Roman’s drones took their maiden voyage in Chama on our cousin’s property. We are now gearing up to start serving clients in the New Year! I am starting a business with my husband, I can hardly believe it! Bloom!


There were a lot of challenges this year. Some were personal and private, others happened to all of us, as a society, in our community, our country, our world. We suffered some set backs. We encountered some devastating blows. We experienced pain, hurt, loss, and grief. But, like any living thing, we continue to thrive with some tender loving care.

My Year in Bloom produced so many blossoms which looking back have created a lovely bouquet of fulfillment. I set intentions and focused my mind on what I wanted to see happen for my life’s vision and made it my mission to do the things I love while making it my happiest, healthiest, and best year yet. It tickles me that so many of the things on my Pinterest Vision Board that I first posted in 2012 have come to life! For the most part, 2017 was a wonderful year, perhaps one of the best yet! The best part was sharing it with you. You inspire me. I hope I inspired you too!

I have two more blog posts that I want to complete before I start my new word and plan for 2018. I want to share a list of all the people I interviewed and met in 2017 who made it an Inspiring Adventure for me and tell you how you can connect with each of them. I also want to share with you my list of 100 people I want to meet and interview in 2018 and why. I am really excited about what is to come in the next year, my 50th year on this earth, and no matter what – you can be sure I will be sharing it with you!

Friendship Sink or Swim

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Do you trust your BFF? Will she let you drown or throw you a life-jacket? Are you the anchor in the relationship or the buoy? Don’t just float around in your relationships. Be the friend you would want to have. Be willing to share your best qualities. Show kindness and patience. Be honest and forgiving. Remember to be your own best friend. Listen to your heart. Don’t reject the kindness of others.

Hear my thoughts on my podcast, and check back at the end of the week for an update when I add more to the discussion from the Anchor app: iTunes

Click Here to Find Out How to Buy the Affirmation Card Deck

The affirmation is a reminder to be the kind of friend you would want, not only to others, but to yourself.

Get inspired! Be inspiring! #InspiredbyMizMeliz #instamizmeliz @snapdays_bot @askdrho

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Get inspired! Be inspiring! #InspiredbyMizMeliz #instamizmeliz @snapdays_bot @askdrho

My One Word Intention for 2017 May Surprise You

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Well, my one word may not surprise you – it is THRIVE. And I intend to thrive in every area of my life. I hope to inspire you to thrive as well. I feel like I have been preparing for this moment for years. Now is my time to bloom.

What may surprise you is this…I am challenging myself to share a word every single day in 2017. You can see the word of the day on my Facebook group – A Year in Bloom. (great name, huh?) Follow my 365 Day Challenge and share in the fun – spread the news and accept the challenge…just put out a good word – a positive – happy – uplifting – inspiring word!

I will be posting and sharing a theme for each week to inspire and motivate myself (and hopefully anyone who sees it) to be my very best, healthiest, and happiest every day. That will be seen occasionally on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. But if you want to have it delivered to you in your email – subscribe to my Theme of the Week mailing list:

My primary focus for 2017 will be A Year in Bloom – Cultivating, Growing and Thriving – to inspire and help you to be your best, happiest, and healthiest self ever.

Keep reading to find out how I am going to rock your world…my-365-day-challenge

My goal is to help people to realize their full potential and have the sense of being in full bloom.

A Year in Bloom by Melissa Reyes includes:

A five part wowbinar series that will embrace and enhance the full potential of your soul, heart, body, mind, and spirit. This will really rock your world! My hope is for you will feel the “WOW!” that you need to make a positive change in how you think and feel in your daily life.

Registered participants in the wowbinars will receive:

  • A Monthly Wall Calendar
  • A Weekly Email with the Theme of the Week
  • A Daily Planner of Themes
  • A Journal for Reflections
  • Four Affirmation Card Decks which celebrate each season
  • An Affirmation Card Guide Book
  • One on One Coaching
  • Private Facebook Support Group

There will also be Weekly Interviews with inspiring and motivating professionals on my new show, Inspiring Adventures with Miz Meliz. Similar to Tinsel Town Live, I will interview inspiring people who have a fascinating story to share. You can see the interviews live on Facebook and watch the replay on or on YouTube.

I will continue offering valuable content on my blog, as well. There will be:

  • Reviews of relative products, materials, and books that will inspire and motivate you to bloom
  • Opportunities for you to participate in creative experiences and art projects that spark creativity and growth
  • Live event coverage, reporting, and live streaming from locations around Southern California and various travel destinations.

“A Year in Bloom” ties together all of my passions and talents like a big bouquet of vibrant blooming flowers.~Melissa Reyes

In 2017, I will incorporate my love of creativity, inspiration, and connecting with people to make a positive impact. Together, we will develop, grow, and shine! We will be at our best, healthiest, and happiest all year long!

I look forward to hearing from you! Please contact me if you would like to get involved, be on the mailing list, or be a featured guest on my livestream show, Inspiring Adventures.

I wish you all the best and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and a very happy and prosperous new year!

Melissa Reyes

Inspiring Adventures
A Year in Bloom
Twitter @MizMeliz
Instagram @MizMelissa
Snapchat at MizBizEvents

Register NOW for the first Wowbinar coming soon, January 14th from 10am-12 pm Pacific time.

Each Wowbinar is $100. But you can get all five for $250 for a limited time. (These sessions are not available live, or on YouTube. Participants will receive log in credentials for the live session and will have limited access to the replay.) To register see

All my friends will receive the motivational and insightful Theme for Each Week for free. Click here to see if you are on my mailing

Be Embraceable

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The theme for the week of December 19th, 2017 is “Embrace” – as in to accept, hold, and support.

This is a great word to focus on for this week in anticipation of the upcoming holidays. Also, it is a time of mourning in my community – so hugs are definitely needed.

I encourage you to think about what the word “Embrace” means to you. Are you hug-able? Are you accepting? Can you be open to be the support, the rock, the anchor, for the important people in your life? Can you commit to loving yourself enough to make a difference in your attitude and outlook? Will you give yourself permission to be the person you are in your dreams? Will you hold yourself accountable for your own happiness?

Take out a notebook and pen and jot down some notes. If nothing comes to mind, try answering the questions above. Please write this down…

“I give myself permission to be the me of my dreams. It is my time to bloom.”


Thank you to Vicky Ayala and her amazing Oracle Cards and Guide Book: A Sacred Journey. I used the cards to randomly choose words for the theme of the week for the month of December. I also engaged in the terminology and dialogue from the section of her book for “Embrace.”

The Sacred Journey is available to purchase HERE.

Gratefulness Creates Vision for a Bright Future by Melissa Reyes

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April 25th 2016 Theme of the Week: GRATITUDEgratitude

noun: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

My intention for this week will be to remember the things I am most grateful for. I will fill in my little Gratitude Journal every day. It’s a mini book designed by Kathryn Costa for her friends in the Friendship Circle on and it is called, 7 Days of Saying Thanks.

It’s that simple.

So far, I have listed the following:


1. My husband
2. My sons
3. My home
1. Friends
2. Health
3. Technology
1. Music
2. Poetry
3. Self-expression


I interviewed Kim Somers Egelsee yesterday, and she was full of energy and light. I am in line with what she is teaching, and I learned a new way of explaining it. She has a great way of expressing her message and one thing she uses is the term (or mantra) FLOW.

Kim says to master flow, you must be focused yet free, be able to love and let go, be open minded and optimistic, appreciate the wonders of the world without being too attached.

F – Focused, Free
L – Love, Let Go
O – Open-minded, Optimistic
W – Wonders of the World


This is an excellent way of honoring oneself and living in the moment. She says there are paradoxes in everything, it is difficult to be both focused, and free, for example. Yet, when we can fine tune our soul to be free of worry, of regret, of the weight of the world – then we can focus on the matters at hand.

I am grateful for the opportunities I have to speak with such amazing people and learn from them. I hope you enjoyed the interview as well. If you missed it, be sure to watch the replay, it is only 30 minutes and full of valuable compassionate information on how to live what Kim calls, a Ten Plus Life.

Tonight, I will work on my mandala art and post photos of my work in progress on Snapchat. Please follow along if you are on Snapchat. Add me as a friend: My intention is to create a new mandala for each week. At least one, but hopefully more. I am hoping to finish the 100 Mandala Project by the end of the year and have my mandala coloring book published in time for Christmas. I am less than half way through.

This weekend is going to be super busy. There is a carnival in the afternoon on Friday at the school where I work. I am in charge of the popcorn booth. Then, we are going bowling with friends to celebrate a birthday. That will be fun! Saturday afternoon I am interviewing a local filmmaker, writer, and radio host, Gary Alvarez – live in studio. I met him on Facebook, we have a few friends in common and I discovered a remarkably talented man who embodies the spirit of the Los Angeles Chicano in his work, his contribution to society, and in his creative focus. I look forward to introducing him to you! On Sunday morning I will meet with Cindy Harrison for our second show in our creative series on Blab. It is called, Sparkle & Inspire with Cindy Harrison. Cindy is an art teacher and she is showing me step by step how to create intricate and useful art pieces. In the process I am learning techniques that I can use in my drawing and painting as well as in crafting. The show is every Sunday, 7-9 a.m. (Pacific) and everyone is welcome to work along with us. I have listed the supplies needed for our next show here: Decorative Tiles on Sunday, May 1st. In the afternoon, I am covering the 12th Annual First Star Celebration at the Skirball Cultural Center for my friend, Alexa Anastasio. It is honoring the heroes who are transforming the lives of foster youth in Los Angeles. It is an honor for me to be there and have the opportunity to share with you via live streaming and social media.

I am grateful for the ways in which I can express myself, communicate with other people, and experience life!

Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more…

It turns denial into acceptance,

chaos into order,

confusion into clarity.

It makes sense of our past,

it brings peace for today,

and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Melody Beattie


What are you grateful for this week?