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Monday is MizMeliz Day on SnapDays @SnapDays_Bot @BubblrMedia

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Add #SnapDays on Snapchat It’s a Directory of Awesome Snappers and their Fun Activities


Have you heard about the Snapchat Bot? It’s called SnapDays and it is designed to keep you informed of the daily activities on Snapchat. I am new to bots and I am still understanding how they work. How about you?

When you activate the bot it sends you messages and you can ask questions. If you use key words it will respond with some suggestions. For instance, if you ask what is happening on Monday…


So, be sure to Use Keyword “Monday” with the SnapDays Bot! and have fun checking out what is happening on all the other days, too!

Allison Diamond is the mastermind who designed the bot. She is also a creator on the BubblrMedia network. She has produced a number of shows including the World Harmony Project. Currently her focus is on Roasts & Ghosts with SnapDays which airs live on Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. Pacific time on Facebook.com/BubblrMedia.



Message from Allison, the human behind the bot:

“I’d love to feature you guys on #SnapDays! #SnapDays is a bot that alerts subscribers about Snapchat hashtags (like #SingItSunday), Snapchat “shows” (like #CreepyBitmoji) and events (like Chatsnap). We also feature individual snappers. It’s all about making fun and meaningful connections!

I’ve entered the link below. Let me know!”



Check out the SnapDays Bot Blog on Tumblr: https://snapdays.tumblr.com/

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Moms Save with Groupon and Get Conference Ready @Groupon #sponsored

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Save with Groupon and Get Conference Ready

There are a lot of conferences that Moms and Dads attend around the country these days. We often combine a little business and family time at these events. Especially when the conferences and conventions take place at a resort or vacation destination. (This is a sponsored post, see my disclosure for details on why I post articles like this on MizMeliz.com.)

I’m excited to offer you some tips and some super discounts from Groupon that will help you prepare to have an amazing and productive time on your next conference or family getaway!


Here are some tips to be conference ready that any Mom or Dad can use to help keep costs down and get organized:


Pack light and plan to dress comfortably – it isn’t about what you wear, it is how you wear it that matters. You will make an impression with your smile and attitude, not your wardrobe. Bring one accessory or garment that defines you or that is your “signature color” and wear it every day.

If you are speaking or meeting with clients, be sure to bring a sport coat or suit jacket. Even if you wear it with jeans at a casual conference, it will speak volumes about how you take the position and the experience seriously.

Bring business cards. At tech conferences or new media expos you really only need a few because you can hold it up and everyone you meet can snap a picture and gather your contact info that way. I have my snap code on a sticker that I put on the back of my lanyard so I just flip that around and after every selfie I am in, I ask new friends to add me. If they aren’t on Snapchat, my Twitter handle is on there, too.

For networking conferences like the one I am attending in August, ConnectHer Media 2017, I will be bringing lots of business cards. I also made up some post cards because I am representing my new company, BubblrMedia. At big Expos and trade-shows I highly recommend bringing stickers or useful gadgets with your logo and contact information printed on them. Everyone loves a freebie and you can get these made up at a very low cost online.

Proof copy of the post cards made on VistaPrint.com

Since I will be leading a round table presentation at ConnectHer, I am printing up some One Sheets. I get all the printing done online at VistaPrint. They are quick, great quality, and always have great deals.

Know your elevator speech as well as you know your address! Practice this and memorize it. Keep it to five (or less) key points. Be clear in your delivery. Focus on one main thing you want to present when you attend a conference. Of course you know more and do more than that, but when you meet someone for the first time and you have just about the length of time as a ride in an elevator to tell them about yourself – make it the best part of your life story!

Bring your own water and snacks. If you are traveling long distances, by air or car, and staying in a hotel – you will benefit by having some snacks and bottled water with you. Remember, you can’t bring bottled water on a plane. But if you can stop by a Target along the way after you land, you can get a lot more for your money.

Don’t forget to bring your vitamins and health supplements! Eating right while on the road and on vacation is hard to do. By planning ahead and staying on your regimen, you will be at your best to present and/or learn as much as you can while attending the long sessions and meeting people at the conference. You will also have plenty of energy to keep up with the night life, and/or the family activities you have planned in the off time.

After the conference is over, be sure to send thank you cards to the people you met who made an impression or who helped you in some way. If you were hosted or sponsored, be sure to send some something special from 1800Flowers as a thank you gift. A sincere gesture goes a long way.

A wonderful way to thank someone is to send a video message on social media. I like to do this on Twitter using the #VideoReplyDay hashtag or on Instagram to publicly thank people for the nice things they do.

Have a great time and take lots of pictures! Don’t forget to post them to your social media accounts and tag the conference and use their hashtag! I will be wearing my BubblrMedia sticker everyday at #ConnectHer17 in Las Vegas! I can’t wait!

Caress of Steele at the Paladino

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Caress of Steele at the Paladino

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