Calm is the New Happy on Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz and author @marthabrett

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This is a replay of the live broadcast of Tinsel Town with Melissa Reyes and Martha Brettschneider

Martha photographing copy

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65 responses to “Calm is the New Happy on Tinsel Town with Miz Meliz and author @marthabrett”

  1. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Bill Rowe says:

    Or you can right click on the video and copy the url

  3. I’ve been told videos won’t show up on recordings

  4. Colin Porter says:

    thanks for sharing Mel.

  5. Colin Porter says:

    yeah its my voice lol

  6. Colin Porter says:

    Mel , Can I share my “You can do it” link pls

  7. Colin Porter says:

    Im amazed at how many people mistakenly think self image is about how we look .

  8. Colin Porter says:

    Thank you ladies for sharing your time

  9. Colin Porter says:

    It cancels the thought pattern

  10. Colin Porter says:

    anything that relocates our focal point will cause us to access a different neural pathway and consequently different emotive chemicals start to flow

  11. Colin Porter says:

    We experience whatever we focus our attention upon

  12. Colin Porter says:

    @Cindy_Harrison I say ” Delete ! “

  13. Carinder says:

    @TENMINITT basicley i record a show and i did not get no email hilray told me email blab and which i did and no replay

  14. Colin Porter says:

    The Self image is a powerful friend or our worst enemy but we can update it 🙂

  15. @SouBroadcasting what can I help you with?

  16. Eden Cook says:

    My husband always says “There is a Statute of Limitations on Childhood Trauma” …in other words… we can’t blame our childhood on family forever- got to move on and create your happiness and goodness!

  17. Colin Porter says:

    we dont understand how our mind works

  18. I need to start this. I’ve become short tempered.

  19. Colin Porter says:

    cliche becasue there is truth in it

  20. Carinder says:

    @HilaryJSteel basciley i did a show and i did not get no email

  21. Carinder says:

    @TENMINITT i am having trouble

  22. Hilary Steel says:

    @SouBroadcasting Not yet, am paying attention here

  23. Carinder says:

    @HilaryJSteel did u get my dm

  24. Carinder says:

    well i know mellisa from meerkat and fb

  25. Hilary Steel says:

    @SouBroadcasting DM me on twitter, don’t disturb the blab

  26. Carinder says:

    @TENMINITT melisaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  27. Carinder says:

    @HilaryJSteel can i ask u something

  28. Eden Cook says:

    Martha’s photography is gorgeous- mention her blog and photography info please:)

  29. Ruth Curran says:

    Love the idea that we have the power to reduce net suffering by our own positive action!

  30. Eden Cook says:

    Thanks Cindy and Melissa! Martha and Melissa are rockin’ the Mindfulness!

  31. Eden Cook says:

    I joined Twitter today to be able to access BLAB and hear Martha!

  32. Ruth Curran says:

    Speaking my language 🙂

  33. Eden Cook says:

    So excited you are interviewing Martha- she is AWEsome!!!!

  34. Ruth Curran says:

    lighting is perfect

  35. fine – You’re welcome

  36. @CaptCruncher Hello my friend!

  37. Ruth Curran says:

    I love seeing yours as well!

  38. @TENMINITT is Martha pixelated to you?

  39. Where is the camera icon?

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