Be Embraceable

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The theme for the week of December 19th, 2017 is “Embrace” – as in to accept, hold, and support.

This is a great word to focus on for this week in anticipation of the upcoming holidays. Also, it is a time of mourning in my community – so hugs are definitely needed.

I encourage you to think about what the word “Embrace” means to you. Are you hug-able? Are you accepting? Can you be open to be the support, the rock, the anchor, for the important people in your life? Can you commit to loving yourself enough to make a difference in your attitude and outlook? Will you give yourself permission to be the person you are in your dreams? Will you hold yourself accountable for your own happiness?

Take out a notebook and pen and jot down some notes. If nothing comes to mind, try answering the questions above. Please write this down…

“I give myself permission to be the me of my dreams. It is my time to bloom.”


Thank you to Vicky Ayala and her amazing Oracle Cards and Guide Book: A Sacred Journey. I used the cards to randomly choose words for the theme of the week for the month of December. I also engaged in the terminology and dialogue from the section of her book for “Embrace.”

The Sacred Journey is available to purchase HERE.

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