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I may have received some type of compensation for the blog post that you are reading at

The opinions shared on are entirely my own.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale. This helps me to maintain this blog.

This may be a sponsored post that contains affiliate links.

You are under no obligation whatsoever to follow me, click on links, or make any purchase at any time with or without my influence.

Disclosure Statement for Blogging at

This is not an ad. Well, it kinda sorta is, huh?

Sometimes I get things for free and sometimes I even get compensated for my blog posts. I am not trying to trick you. Rest assured, I have very high standards. Being a blogger is fun and easy, especially if you just write about yourself all the time. I have always said that my blog is a reflection of me. What makes you read it? Surely you don’t care to know this much about me. My point is that I write about and share things that are also about you, the reader. I hope my blog is relatable and that you enjoy reading it. I hope you like it, learn from it and share your experiences with me now and then.

I am fortunate as a blogger to be in a position to try out things and go places and then report my findings to you. This sometimes ends up being like advertising. I put a lot of my time and money into working on my blog and making it a quality place to visit. So, sometimes I accept freebies, goodies, and other types of compensation such as gift cards, movie passes or money in exchange for a mention on the blog or sharing on social media. I like to link to other blogs and resources to help you see what I see. These are merely suggestions. Think of them as enhancements. If you choose to click on a link, it might further your experience and help you to see how I came to my conclusions. Then it’s up to you to decide for yourself.

Once in awhile I may share a guest post, in which case you can be sure I have screened and approved all the content and checked out the links myself. Guest posts are written by other people who have something in common with me or something relevant to share with you on my blog.

I promise to always share things that I myself would use, enjoy, or be interested in. My opinions are entirely my own. You are under no obligation and I will do my very best to bring you quality information pertinent to my mission, which is to help you to find your passion and live your purpose – just like I am trying to do. I hope you enjoy the journey!


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