Are You Creative? Does Creativity Spark Productivity?

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Are You Creative? Does Creativity Spark Productivity?

30 responses to “Are You Creative? Does Creativity Spark Productivity?”

  1. You had Sunday breakfast with me!

  2. When you share and care about others, you get joy back and caring from others.

  3. Of course! It was meant, for me to be here.

  4. It is, it is in the same tone as the kids’ book “the bucket fillers” which says the same, it teaches about sharing and caring

  5. Thank you! I wanted to read that quote when you shared your mandala!

  6. We use it when we go out. On long road trips..

  7. I’ve been doing some coloring in the colorfy app. On my phone.

  8. Yes, it was thank you.

  9. Oh believe me, I was way out of my comfort zone.

  10. For me, I’ve been focusing on my family. I’m using my time to volunteer at my kids’ schools. Nothing compares to their faces lights up when they see me walk in at lunch time and recess. Also other kids recognize me and say “hi!” To me. They also thank me and I know I am making a difference spreading kindness, smiles and just being there for them.

  11. Your studio needs to have a wall of mandalas made by you!

  12. Yes, you are very creative and inspiring! Do what makes you happy is what I’m learning from you.

  13. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  14. Was that Catherine Costa?

  15. I saw your mandala this morning, it’s beautiful!!’

  16. Just look for @tinkerlab on Instagram or Facebook. Rachelle (pronounced Raquel) is awesome with inspiring creative.

  17. Oh wow! You’ve colored more than I have. I got new books for Xmas.

  18. Yes! It’s from book author Rachelle Dorley.

  19. Tinkersketch challenge

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