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I always knew I would like Anne Parris. Anne blogs at her website “Not A Super Mom” while juggling a lot of other projects. She has a beautiful smile and a friendly online presence. I love her name. Anne. It’s my middle name. (She says it’s everyone’s middle name – she must get that a lot.) Parris. My husband and I, long before we were married, fell in love in Paris, France. Ah, but that is another story! I was looking forward to meeting Anne and we ended up bumping into each other and meeting in person quite by accident. Recognizing each other instantly was a delight – a blessing of social media enthusiasts who develop online friendships and are privy to what people actually look like in real life.

Members of Women of Midlife at NMX15 copyright Melissa Reyes April 2015

Lunch with The Women of Midlife in Las Vegas at NMX15

The most ironic part of this is that we both look younger than we are, interesting and relevant only because we know each other thanks to a group on Facebook called, The Women of Midlife. The women in the group are amazing and welcoming. Especially Anne. I am in midlife. I am glad I have a place to go to talk about all the things that might only make sense to other women who are at or have been at the same stage in life. They may think that I am tagging along, but they treat me as a valued member. Everyone is honored and respected at WOM. And I imagine that is true at BAM, too. That’s the conference Anne has started. It’s the Bloggers at Midlife Conference.

Anne Really is a Super Mom!

Anne Parris

Anne Parris


Anne likes to read and drink coffee. She enjoys raising her kids, and chasing her Pomeranian around. She publishes a website for midlife women, manages a community just for women bloggers over 40, and is one of the partners who hosts the only conference for midlife women bloggers.

We will discuss…Midlife! What to expect when you’re expecting menopause. And so much more!

My co-host, Jay @GeneWildersHair, and I had a blast getting to know Anne on this episode of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town. I bet you will, too! Check it out and subscribe to my You Tube Channel so you can see all the interviews that I do with inspiring people who shine like the Super Stars they are.

If you would like to be on my talk show, Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town, and share your story, contact me at

If you would like to be on my talk show, Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town, and share your story, contact me at

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