Interview with Anna N Schlegel @annapapallona on “Tinsel Town Live” on Smiletime

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Interview with Anna N Schlegel author of Truly Global on Tinsel Town Live @annapallona #onSmiletime
Anna N. Schlegel

Tuesday, November 15, 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Anna Schlegal likes to swim, travel, go to the beach, hang out with her family, and watch Netflix! When she isn’t doing all of that awesome stuff – she is pretty much taking over the World! Well, she did just write the book, Truly Global, so I imagine taking over the world is on her bucket list! Let’s find out when we talk to her on Tinsel Town Live with Miz Meliz.
In Truly Global, Anna explains how companies can be really successful abroad, and see their business grow internationally. As a Senior Director of Engineering, she has just published, Truly Global – which, as she puts it, “explains all the pieces of the puzzle for an enterprise to enter international markets successfully.”
I don’t think I will ever be the corporate CEO I dreamed about being when I was taking Marketing 101 in community college in the 80’s – but, I do know that I can be my own boss and run an international business online. We are a global community and we live in a global economy. Even the beginning entrepreneur with hopes of making it big with a product or service that can be marketed abroad should learn about those pieces of the puzzle that fit together to spell s-u-c-c-e-s-s!
Anna’s book can be used by marketing professionals who want to see how all those pieces should fit together when operating a corporate globalization strategic team. However, her insights are meant to carry over to the classroom as topics for discussion and to explore models that have worked in high level Fortune 100 American enterprises. The small, succinct chapters are easy to read and come across like a guidebook. Join me as I discover more about Anna Schlegel and why she wrote Truly Global. Please submit any questions you might have for Anna in the comments.
Twitter: @annapapallona
anna-schlegel-1Whether it’s a desire to reach new markets, lower costs, or increase profits, more businesses are going global today than ever before. But while technology is allowing international barriers to crumble more quickly, that doesn’t mean globalization is easy. According to Anna Schlegel—dubbed “the first globalization innovator” by SDL/Fortune—most companies don’t understand what it takes for a product to be successful in multiple countries.

“There are a number of new disruptors that are impacting today’s globalization teams,” says Schlegel, author of Truly Global. “How we consume content is key. Consumers move from path to path with low attention spans, and this impacts the success of globalization activities. Enterprises must understand target markets, because their attention spans will continue to shrink.”

Schlegel discusses these topics and more as her book, Truly Global, sparks the conversation about going global:

The key actions a company must focus on to begin their path to global success
How to connect with consumers in different markets: the key to localization
The biggest challenges for every organization looking to expand culturally and globally
Her effective strategy for organizing employees to go global and work in a cohesive virtual team
Various models for enterprise globalization, how they work, and which style yields the best results
A global content strategy that will help your company localize to any number of markers and locations

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