Tinsel Town Live featuring @AnnaOginsky “My New Friend Grief”

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Tinsel Town Live with Miz Meliz featuring Anna Anna Hodges Oginskyhttps://smiletime.com/channel/mizmeliz #onSmiletime

November 22, 2016 6:00 PM Pacific Time

Meet Anna Oginsky, Author of My New Friend, Grief


When I asked Anna what she does for fun when she isn’t working, she said, “I’m a mom of three active kids, so fun for me is driving them from place to place after school. Just kidding!”

Anna loves yoga, reading, writing, hiking, and making art. She loves to travel. She loves being outside. Anna is into daydreaming. She says, “I love a hot cup of coffee with a good book, or better yet a good friend.”

When I asked her to tell me what she is most passionate about, Anna said, “I am passionate about feelings! Specifically, grief. As I promote my book, My New Friend, Grief, I am offering brave, safe spaces for people to discuss grief. Generally speaking, we don’t do that in our culture. We want people to “”get over it””. I want to encourage people to sit with it, with no judgment, for as long as it takes. In that process of sitting with anything, we give ourselves the opportunity to hear from our wisest counsel: ourselves. My work centers around creating space for people to tune into one’s inner wisdom.”

“In that process of sitting with anything, we give ourselves the opportunity to hear from our wisest counsel: ourselves.” ~Anna Oginsky

I look forward to speaking with Anna Oginsky about her book and discussing what it is like to live with grief, grieving, loss, all the losses, and ways to cope – because I have a feeling we will hit it off famously!

Grab a cup of coffee and join us as we talk about our lives, our feelings, and what inspires us to keep going and keep smiling.

Reach out to Anna Oginsky here:


@annaoginsky on Twitter and Instagram

www.facebook.com/anna.oginsky on Facebook

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11 responses to “Tinsel Town Live featuring @AnnaOginsky “My New Friend Grief””

  1. Anna Hodges Oginsky I invited you to my painting show – its on Sundays with my BFF Cindy Harrison – she is the teacher. This week we are painting a project for the holidays – “Cookies for Santa” https://www.facebook.com/events/191497317976016/

  2. Thanks for all the sweetness, friends. It was such a treat to meet you, Melissa! Until we meet again… <3

  3. Thank you Anna Hodges Oginsky! You are a super star!

  4. Please visit Balboa Press and buy Anna’s book, My New Friend Grief

  5. Thank you to all of Anna’s friends and my friends for joining us tonight!

  6. We are talking about binge watching tv shows – what shows do you like?

  7. Chris Super says:

    Anna is such a gem, so grateful she is in my life. Xoxo

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