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I think all adventurers should have a good flashlight.

This is a product review. Disclosure


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I have always loved flashlights. Holding a beam of light in your hand and shining it brightly, illuminating the path in front of you, it is a powerful feeling. Didn’t you always want to be the one to hold the flashlight? I sure did.

I haven’t lost my adventurous spirit. I still like to explore. Even though I don’t go on nature walks and camping very often, like I did when I was younger, I still like to have the best equipment to take with me on trips. I also like to be prepared in the case of an emergency.

I have had some pretty cool flashlights over the years. My Dad always made sure I had a big flood light in my car. My mother-in-law always made sure we carried flashing emergency lights with us on family trips. My husband keeps a big Maglite in the hall closet. I have had various smaller versions for my purse throughout the years. But now, I have the chance to have the real deal. Now, I have a flashlight that is worthy of a true adventuress…I have the Dorcy Metal Gear XLM flashlight.

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If you are wondering what $80 bucks will get you in the flashlight Universe, let me tell you. Comparable to a Maglite ML300L in price as well as number of lumens (more on that later) the Dorcy Metal Gear XLM flashlight is sleek, stylish, durable, and quite powerful. It uses Double A batteries instead of D Cells, so for that reason alone, I like it better if comparing it to the Maglite. For me, I have always found the Maglite to be too heavy and more like a weapon, dare I say “billy” club, intimidation tool, than the ray of light I like to shine ahead of me on a dark evening stroll! So, the Dorcy with it’s smaller, sleeker design, attractive and functional wriststrap, and dual settings of brightness from dim to an intense high beam is the one for me!

I keep my flashlight on my desk at the ready for my next adventure!

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“Every Adventuress Needs a Good Flashlight!” photo by M. Reyes

The Dorcy Metal Gear XLM Extreme 618 Lumen LED flashlight, retails at $79.99 and is excellent in quality and style. Read the specific deatils below, this is the part about the lumens. (I like saying that! Say it outloud…loooomeeennnss. Lumens. Lol!)

438_1_“The new Dorcy Metal Gear XLM (Extreme Lumens) flashlight produces 618 lumens of light from a single LED chip. Utilizing the Cree XM-L LED module which allows Dorcy to drive the chip with 6 alkaline batteries to produce an intense beam of light. With beam distances over 300 meters (1100 feet) the 41-0435 utilizes Dorcy’s TrueSpot® Optimized Reflector System. The aluminum Construction, Side Mounted Push button switch and convenient lanyard make this light a must. Powered by 6 AA batteries the 41-0435 with run over 5 hours and give you plenty of light. The light offers two light settings that will allow the light to run in a dimmer light setting which will run over 25 hours. The 41-0435 has been tested to the new ANSI flashlight standards.”

Everything about this product is high tech, but what matters to me is it’s durability, quality, and usefulness. You cannot go wrong with this flashlight!


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 For the times I would like to ride my bike around the neighborhood instead of walk in the wilderness…I am equipped with the Dorcy LED Bicycle Light, which retails at $55. That may seem high for a bike accessory, but this is quality stuff that should last and last. When I opened the package the light looked seriously “space age” to me. In fact, I kept it out of sight from my husband and sons for awhile because I knew that they would want it for themselves. It just looks like that kind of gadget that every man/boy/adventurer must have.

Compared to many similar lights available on Amazon which vary in price from $10 to $100, I think the Dorcy LED Bicycle Light is by far a superior product. It has a heavy duty casing which is durable and can be used as a flashlight when released from it’s mount. It’s design is well thought out for the rider and quite useful as well as being super cool looking. This combined with the Dorcy Tail Light (below) would make the perfect gift for any cycling enthusiast. (Or, for any casual rider/walker/adventurer like me!)

594_2_“The Dorcy LED bicycle light and personal light produces a Wide Angle Uniform Light pattern for better and safer biking visibility. The Wide Angle Lens spreads the light only horizontally, not up in the trees or sky where you don’t need it. This keeps the brightness up and lights the full width of the road or trail in front of you. In addition to providing more lighting area for the rider, it will not blind oncoming pedestrians. With the patented “Quick Release” for easy removal of the light when you are not using the bike you can use the Flashlight for personal use. The lights are made from Durable Aerospace-grade Aluminum Alloy, corrosion resistant and with excellent Lumen output, and Battery run time. Water resistant to IPX-6 Standards, the weatherproof switch has three positions – Constant on/Flashing mode/Off. The flashing mode is ideal for increased safety awareness. With the Patented Battery Cartridge Holder for either end orientation it is easy to change the batteries. Clamps are tool free, and will fit any bike in the North American market and comes packaged with alkaline batteries included.”

 I love this Dorcy Bicycle Tail Light and actually take it with me sometimes on walks. It is very dark where I live and I worry that the cars passing by won’t see me. I feel safe when I turn on those flashing red lights! At $13.99 it is definitely a good buy and a must to have for your bike.


“The new Dorcy bicycle tail light is constructed with a ABS body and shatter-resistant Polycarbonate cover. The 3 bright LED’s can be see from over 200 meters away and with the Patented 90 degrees two-direction, adjustable, quick- release, and tool-free bracket, mounting is easy. The new particular light diffuse of refractive reflector design produces a high brightness light pattern and operation lasting for 100/200 hours in constant/flashing modes(0~100% light). This light is an essential part of any bicycle safety program.”

 I am so glad I had the opportunity to try these great products out and share my experiences with you. Why wait for your next adventure? Be prepared and get your flashlight ready. Check out all the products at and let me know which model you get.

Disclaimer: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive free Dorcy Products for review purposes. All quotes and stock photos are from the Dorcy website unless otherwise indicated. All thoughts and opinions are my own. See my Disclosure for details on why I do reviews on my blog.

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