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I love a lot of things. Travel is one of them.

Having fun is another. Connecting with people and making friends is also something I love to do. One place that comes to mind that combines all of these things is Vegas. Right? (Disclosure) Where else can you get away and see sights like the Eiffel Tower, New York City, Ancient Greece, and Venice all in one place? There is so much to do there. All the hotels have great vacation packages. There is fabulous live entertainment, dancing, music, fine dining, relaxing poolside, spa treatments, shopping and gaming in Las Vegas. I love going to Vegas! Don’t you? It’s a great place to get away, have fun, relax, and just let loose.

So, when I received an email from the content director at Vegas.com asking if I would like to participate in sharing my “Vegas State of Mind” with you, my answer was “Count me in!”  Since April is Stress Awareness Month, Vegas.com wanted to learn about what people around the country do to de-stress, unwind, and let loose. I came up with a short list. Of course, since I also love to share my feelings about mindfulness and choosing happiness – I have a long list of ways one can live a joyful lifestyle.

Here are seven things I love doing to unwind…

  1. Snuggling with my cat.  Every day when I get home from work, I open the front door and my cat, Noche, is waiting for me. He runs ahead of me to my bedroom door and reaches up and tries to turn the doornob. He makes me feel so good knowing that he looks forward to this moment as much as I do! I open the door and I say, “Hi Noche! Let’s snuggle. Noche jumps on the bed as I put my purse down, take off my shoes and plop on my bed. We snuggle together and Noche begins to purr as I pet him. All my tension from the day just fades away. The only downside to travelling is missing my kitty! If you really want to unwind, think about fostering kittens. They are so cute and need your help. Contact your local animal shelter for more information on pet adoption. kitties
  2. Going on a Date Night with my hubby. Sometimes a little romance is in order to keep things interesting in a relationship. I have been married for 22 years. Dressing up and going out is good for my marriage. When it comes to relaxing and unwinding, going out to see a movie is what lights our fire! We both love to share some popcorn and a soda and take in  a good flick. We recently had a chance to see Captain America at Cineopolis and combine the dining and movie experience in one. This was the ultimate date night! A luxury theater, dinner served to our nice comfy reclining chairs, and a great movie – it was the perfect way to relax and let loose! winter-soldier-poster-no-mask
  3. Watching TV in bed.  Since I live in a house full of men, my husband and three teen aged boys – I love to retreat to my bedroom and watch TV. It’s my time to be alone and escape. I usually watch the news, a few sitcoms, and a good crime drama. Recently, I have been into Netflix marathons where you can watch an entire series of shows in a week or so. I did this with Mad Men. I was so excited to see a new episode last night! It was great. I wonder what is up with Don Draper? Does he have a plan or is he just winging it until something happens? mm-S7-Wallpaper-1024x768-A
  4. Having a Drink with friends. I have some awesome friends! Many of which don’t live nearby or are too busy to see without major planning. Once in awhile I will get a call or text message from a friend last minute. “Want to get a margarita?” This is a perfect thing to do now and then to let loose! There is a Mexican restaurant within walking distance from my house. It’s a little walk, it’s casual, it’s not too expensive, and they have great bean dip! One drink is all I need to unwind. I try to make healthy choices, so if you don’t drink alcohol, I encourage you to try this with frozen yogurt, Boba, coffee, or a smoothie. Next time your friend asks you to meet up for a drink, say, “Yes!” As soon as you break your routine and get out for a change you will be glad you did. Don’t forget, your friend reached out to you for a reason. You both may need to take a breather, go for it.

    Isn't She Lovely?

  5. Going for a drive in my Jeep. There is nothing better than driving along Pacific Coast Highway in my Jeep to take in some fresh air and sunshine. This is one of my all time favorite ways to let loose! I like to crank up the tunes, let my hair down, and just drive up the coast. It’s fun with my hubby, my kids, a friend, or even all alone. I love to sing out loud and drive around with no where in particular to go and no time in particular to be there. That is the ultimate feeling of freedom. 2013-09-07 13.28.01
  6. Sitting out by the beach or pool. There is a cool breeze in the air. I wiggle my toes in the warm sand. I can hear seagulls in the distance. The waves are crashing on the shore. I smell the soft scent of suntan oil. Ahhh. Summer! I love summertime. I like to take a tall glass of iced tea, a book, my ipod and headphones, and  just hit the sand. It’s the best when I see dolphins or whales swim by. A day by the pool does the trick, too. It’s like a mini vacation. Soon my family and I will be moving to a new home and the main requirement is it must be by the beach or have a pool. I don’t want that to sound like I am spoiled. I honestly know what I need to improve my quality of life and stay balanced. I look forward to more time to unwind by the water soaking up the Vitamin D!2012-12-27 13.30.54
  7. Making enchiladas or baking cookies for my kids. Doing something for others makes me feel happy. I enjoy cooking when I can relax a little bit and really get into it. Preparing fresh ingredients and creating something that my family will enjoy brings me so much peace and joy. It is a great way to unwind and find the balance in my life.

The ultimate day for me to really let loose in Las Vegas would be to start out the day with a great breakfast, take a tour in the desert either by Jeep, helicopter, or speedway, see a museum or attraction like CSI: The Experience, get a massage at a world class spa, dine at a fantastic restaurant, take in a show like Cirque de Soliel’s Zarkana, and have a few drinks at a nightclub. Then spend the next day at the pool! Only in Vegas- you can do it ALL!

How do you let loose and unwind?

What are your recommendations for relaxing?

How have you participated in Stress Awareness Month?

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4 responses to “7 Things I Love Doing to Unwind #LetLoose2014 @vegascom”

  1. Ann says:

    Hey! I’d be happy to meet up for drinks IRL one of these days; maybe we could even combine a few things on your list & meet on PCH or take in a movie.

  2. Jamie says:

    I love Vegas, and one thing I truly love is that no vacation is the same there.. Multiple things to do for all interests. My ultimate weekend would consist of Touring the M&M Factory, taking a peek at the Neon Museum, taking in a show then ending the night with drinks at Sugar Factory then try a few machines 😉

  3. mizmeliz says:

    Long bubble baths are awesome! Thanks for sharing Diane.

  4. Diane says:

    Love the list. All really good suggestions. Mine include cooking and the beach too. Plus, a wonderfully long bubble bath 🙂

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