A Year in Bloom 2017


A Year in Bloom 2017 ties together my passion for creativity, connection, and inspiration.

Get the nourishment you need to bloom your brightest! 

We will develop and grow together throughout the year.

  1. Feed your Soul in January
  2. Nourish your Heart in February
  3. Recharge your Body in May
  4. Engage your Mind in August
  5. Ignite your Spirit in October
    • Includes a live webinar online experience, access to the private Facebook group for support, one on one guidance sessions with me, and inspirational messages in your email.
    • Make 2017 the year you identify your true passions and live out your unique purpose.
    • Develop, Grow, Shine and make 2017 the year you bloom your best and brightest!

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My Journey of Transformation -A Look Back:

The 100 Mandala Challenge 2016

The year of Live Broadcasting Trial and Error – 2015

This is the Sound of My Soul…2013

2014-09-22 06.36.42Publication Date: Oct 17 2013
ISBN/EAN13: 1492881643 / 9781492881643
Page Count: 252
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6″ x 9″
Language: English
Color: Black and White


Mary rated it 5 of 5 stars
“I was lucky enough to obtain an advanced copy & absolutely love it so far. Melissa has a gift for not only giving you a peek into her world & ongoing journey on her path for happiness & feeling fulfilled, but you will be inspired yourself to examine your life & see that YOU are an awesome person. As a certified life coach, Melissa really knows how to make you feel good while you giggle, & sometimes, cry, (yes, its a tearjerker) at her stories!”
“Professional Life Coach, Melissa Reyes, shares an inspiring and sometimes painful journey of how she became the woman and celebrated author that she is today. Her attitude and determination helped her change difficult, and at times, painful situations into positive, relatable experiences towards success. I was moved and inspired by Melissa’s story.”

Carolyn West rated it 5 of 5 stars

“Such an amazing journey to go on. We all struggle with things that we don’t often talk about, but Melissa Reyes DOES talk about it all. Life isn’t easy, but we can certainly learn how to make it a little better from each other’s stories. “This is the Sound of My Soul” is one woman’s journey through life, family and self-discovery. Deeply personal and retrospective, the book touches the heart of the reader by letting us into the inner sanctum of the author. We get to share her joys, her sorrows, her pain and her happiness. Each chapter is a continuing layer upon layer of life lessons, thoughtfully written and leaving you with a little more insight into who she is…and as a result, who we are.”


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