2014 My Year of Discovery

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2014 My Year of Discovery

Seeing with New Eyes

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ~Marcel Proust

My knees were shaking and my palms were sweating. It was nerves, I guess. I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t very excited. I was just doing something that I was sure I would never ever ever do! I absolutely never imagined myself doing it. But there I was. I was at a firing range with my husband and sons about to fire a Glock 9 mm hand gun. WTH?

http://mizmeliz.com photo by Melissa Reyes copyright 2013

Really? Miz Meliz at the shooting range? Yes! See why I would do such a thing in my *New Discovery* Series.

About a month ago, I started looking back at 2013. The number 13 is my lucky number. I knew it was going to be a great year. I set some high goals for myself. My theme for the year was “ta-da!” I set out to be a show off, to apply my talents and share them with the world. (At least, my world.) I had a great time doing it and it feels amazing to be on the “other side” of success. I have never accomplished anything quite like it. I achieved my primary goal. I wrote and self published a book. I am experiencing a level of self-pride that I have never felt before. It is a good place.

Next came the question of what to do now, do I set a higher goal, do I try to top that? I thought long and hard about it. I want to continue writing. I want to self publish more books. I have some ideas for non-fiction work to support my life coaching practice. I would also like to write some works of fiction. Yet, I want to come from a place of knowledge and experience with the subject matters and enjoy the feeling of confidence that I felt when writing my first book. The theme came easily to me. . . 2014 would be a year of discovery.

I plan to incorporate the theme into my life in every way. It opens up many possibilities. Trying and learning new things comes to mind at first. Then I had the realization that being open to things in a new way is a way of discovering them. In order to break out of my comfort zone, making new discoveries might include trying something that I don’t like and seeing it through the eyes of others. I have always said I was willing to try anything once. But when it comes to things that I am adamantly against, it seemed counter productive to try them. Not for fear of changing my mind, but to stay true to myself and my values. I had a sense that seeing things through new eyes would help me to not only understand other points of view, but it would help me to fully understand my own.

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When we were driving to Las Vegas, Nevada for our annual trip to visit my in-laws, my husband told me (warned me) that he wanted to take the boys to the firing range where his brother works. He reminded me that they are old enough to learn to handle a gun. He explained that he wanted them to learn about gun safety and how to properly fire a weapon in a safe environment with a professional instructor. How could I argue with that? He was sure to address all of my concerns. He knows where I stand on the gun issue. He has been supportive of my views even though they are contrary to his own. I agreed with him and said that would be fine. Then I gave it some serious thought. Very serious. Why don’t I go with them? I want the boys to understand that my feelings about gun control are informed and genuine. I want to see what they see and know what they are learning. I want to break away from my comfort zone and show them (and myself) that I am not closed minded or afraid.

See the video of my firing lesson here: 

Lito was very surprised and pleased that I wanted to join them. (I am sure he was a bit shocked!) I told him that I wanted to discover new things this year. I might as well start right away. The challenge was being completely open to the experience and not be a sour puss about it.  I wanted to enjoy it the way they would be enjoying it and I definitely didn’t want to ruin the experience for them. I wasn’t there to change anyone’s mind on gun control or guns in general. (I am completely against them.)

I especially wasn’t there to change my own mind. I was there to see with new eyes. Because I trust my husband’s judgement. I trust my brother-in-law. It isn’t bad to like guns. I just don’t have to like them. I know why. And I certainly know there is a difference between going to the shooting range and learning how to handle a gun in a safe environment and owning one and using one. Most of all, I want to be supportive of my family. I want my sons to see that we can have differing opinions and still support one another.

With that attitude in mind, I had a very good time. Being inside an entire store dedicated to the sale and firing of weapons of death (I know dramatic!) was unsettling to me. It was not easy, but I handled it with ease. I was absolutely sure of my safety and I was with people who I love and trust. I reminded them that I was not in fear of guns, that I simply don’t like them or what they represent. I was not afraid. I took my turn. I earnestly listened to my instructor, Darius. I took it seriously and learned that I have an ability to use a fire arm if I am ever in a situation that would require me to do so. The boys saw my adventurous side and learned that I am able to make the best of an uncomfortable situation. My husband learned that I am undoubtedly supportive of him and trust his judgement fully. I won’t ever change my feelings about the dangers of guns and their misuse. In fact I can write volumes about how I don’t believe there are any positive uses for a gun. But that is not my point. Discovering my passions and living my purpose requires me to see with open eyes, secure in the knowledge that I am here, that I live, and share my love of life with all who know me.

I am not afraid. I am not afraid of guns or anything that I do not agree with or fully understand. I am about love and life. I am about moving forward. I am about freedom and peace. Spending time with my family is the main thing that brings me peace and hope.


If you are in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, visit Discount Firearms and Ammo. They have an impressive store and wonderful personnel to help you with all of your firearm needs, they are even nice to people like me who thought Hell would freeze over before I would step foot in there!  Tweet them @FirearmsAndAmmo and tell them I sent you.

I wasn’t asked to promote this place. I just had a great time there. If you think I am trying to sell you something – check out my disclosure.

I appreciate your comments about this post! I can’t wait to hear about your experiences.

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11 responses to “2014 My Year of Discovery”

  1. 1hollyrobinson1 says:

    You are one brave girl! I love this whole concept of having a year of discovery!

  2. Melanyb12 says:

    You are awesome for doing this! I need to go there the next time. Maybe we can all do it the next blogging trip to Vegas? Good for you!

  3. Ann Odle says:

    I’m so proud of you for stepping out of “the box” and shooting; its something that I personally enjoy, but don’t get to do that often. I had such a blast with you and Mary in Las Vegas; wish I could have joined you at Firearms and Ammo–maybe next time!

  4. Raquel says:

    Whoa~ Look at you! I think I am afraid to shoot a gun but I like that you know how now. Maybe someday I will want to know how to do this for self-defense.

  5. temysmom says:

    My husband has been trying to get me to go to a firing range, but I don’t really have any interest. But you’re right… better to learn how to load and fire a gun safely with experienced people around you. God forbid I ever have to shoot a gun, I guess it’s better to know how to really do it.

    • Melissa Reyes says:

      If you really don’t want to, don’t. It was a strange experience. I am glad I did it, but I was in the frame of mind that I really wanted to be open to trying something outside of my comfort zone. I don’t think I would have picked it as something fun to do. It just came about. The best things in life present themselves on their own. It’s up to you to say, “No thanks.” or “Why not?”

  6. Jamie says:

    Did I ever tell you about my first time at the firing range? I believe I wrote about it even… I cried. I was so overwhelmed because I didn’t grow up around guns, was always afraid of them… but by the end of the day I was locking and loading baby… it is a thrilling feeling.. How was your aim? Mine is horrible 😉 They want to teach me how to trap shoot next 😉 xoxo… so proud of you and can’t wait to read about your new adventures this year.

    • Melissa Reyes says:

      No, I don’t think you ever told me about that! I thought I might cry – but I didn’t. It was fun trying something new and getting the full experience with my family. My aim was pretty good. I was aiming for the middle of the chest and I hit it every time. (Maybe not the first shot – I am not sure about that one!)

  7. joychristin says:

    This surprises everyone who knows me…I *love* the actual sport of shooting guns at the range. (bet you wouldn’t know that, either, huh?). My dad was a hunter – I have specific beliefs that differ from his on that- so I grew up skeet shooting to spend time with him…I loved to hit the clay targets as they flew high in the air. My ex-husband had guns as part of his job and he would often go to the shooting range to practice. I used to love to go with him. I am quite good at it – which surprises us all (although it shouldn’t – in life, give me a target – energetic or physical and I can hit it *grin*).

    Again, my personal foundation and essence is presence to peace, from which love and gratitude naturally overflow so my beliefs about gun ownership and gun usage are quite strong and my love of the sport seems quite odd and out of place, then. When I am in discussions about gun ownership and handling, the fact that I know how to use them *and* have used some pretty specialized ones tends to capture the attention of those whom I am “opposing” (whom normally wouldn’t listen to someone like myself, because I tend to be soft-spoken and gentle in the way I present my views).

    I love exploring my heart whispers – I learned early on not to judge the exploration.

    • Melissa Reyes says:

      Here is another example of how alike we are Joy! I try not to judge. I did not know you like the sport. I would love to try skeet shooting now. I never thought I would, but now that you mention it, I would like to try it. I feel very strongly about knowing both sides of an issue before I go toe to toe with someone. That has been a benefit of this little exercise. I don’t have anything against most of the people who like guns but I can see a world without them and it is a beautiful place.

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