The Bloom Boosting Energy Oracle Card Deck and Guide Book by Melissa Reyes is available for pre-order NOW!

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A Year in Bloom Oracle Card Deck # 1 — SPRING Inspired Bloom Boosting Energy Cards

A Year in Bloom’s Spring Edition Bloom Boosting Energy Oracle Card Deck and Guide Book by Melissa Reyes is available for pre-order NOW!
Exclusively for friends of A Year in Bloom for just $35 (includes shipping in the U.S.)
Get the first run sets signed, packed, and sent directly to you by Melissa Reyes personally at this special price for a limited time.

All orders will be filled as soon as production minimums are met.

Estimated delivery of first print is April 20, 2017.

Regular price of Deck and Guidebook with shipping will be $50+.

Order yours now!



Bloom Boosting Energy Card READINGS
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Who is Melissa Reyes?

I have been building a business for years in my spare time. I have started a blog, written a book, become a certified professional life coach, created a live talk show, produced videos, helped to build awareness for brands, non-profits, entrepreneurs and authors. Now, I have become an artist.

After all this time, I would like to place a value on my efforts and receive an income to support my passions. I love helping people and making a positive influence on the world through the work that I do. It would be my pleasure to help you.

For 2017 I have developed a way to be my brightest and best self ever and I want to share it with you – it’s A YEAR IN BLOOM!

What is a Year in Bloom?

Guidance for a Year of Personal development and growth through support and coaching to be the best, healthiest, and happiest YOU that you have ever been.

Get the nourishment you need to bloom your brightest!

We will develop and grow together throughout the year.

  1. Feed your Soul in January
  2. Nourish your Heart in February
  3. Recharge your Body in May
  4. Engage your Mind in August
  5. Ignite your Spirit in October
  • Includes a live webinar online experience, access to the private Facebook group for support, one on one guidance sessions with me, and inspirational messages in your email.
  • Make 2017 the year you identify your true passions and live out your unique purpose.
  • Develop, Grow, Shine and make 2017 the year you bloom your best and brightest!


Bonus Material, Services, & Offers

One on One Sessions:

Meet me on the beach and we will take long walks together. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Book a session any time.

In person, online or by phone. Coaching is $1 per minute. Minimum 15 minutes.

Monthly Patrons can:

  • Break out of your shell at $5 per month and you will receive a one time personalized introductory vision session with me and a monthly Motivational Year in Bloom postcard.
  • Reach for the sky as you grow at $10 per month and you will receive the previous rewards and the A Year in Bloom 2017 Wall Calendar.
  • Have Fun in the Sun as you begin to flower at $15 per month and you will receive all of the previous levels rewards, plus the 2017 A Year in Bloom Theme Calendar/Journal.
  • Shine your light to others! At $20 per month you will receive all previous level’s rewards and on the 3rd month you will have a choice of one of the following BONUS GIFTS: This is the Sound of My Soul – A Transformational Journey, by Melissa Reyes, a Miz Meliz Original Boxed Jewelry Set, or an original hand drawn mandala on a 10 inch X 10 inch canvas.
  • Try a little help from your friends! At $25 per month you will receive all previous rewards AND  Every month thereafter enjoy a personalized vision affirmation reading or your choice of a Miz Meliz Original piece of jewelry.
  • Super Star Status. $50 per month. With this level, receive all previous rewards as well as a Spa Retreat Relaxation & Meditation Session every three months.
This Journal can be used to track the word of the day/week/month all year long and has space to record reflections and notes for A Year in Bloom. Every month has inspiring messages and bright flowers to brighten your day.
Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are designed by Melissa Reyes. Patrons may choose from any design posted on MizMeliz’ social media accounts or make special requests for a custom designed piece.

 Soul searching is the first step to mastering your life’s passion, meaning, and purpose. We will begin by looking within and bringing to light the dream you hold most dear, then we will work together to create a plan and see it through.Here are a few things I expect to uncover in the Soul-searching Wowbinar…

Part 1: Self Examination/The Dig-Deep Part

You might like to use these questions to journal, or reflect on:

What makes me happy?What am I naturally good at?

What did I dream about being when I was a kid?

What inspires me?

What am I passionate about?

What is my purpose?

What are my Core Values?

What is my One Word Intention? (Focus term or phrase)

What is the life I am choosing? To be happy? Free? Confident? Successful?

Part 2: Motivation: The Action Plan Part

  • Surrendering, freeing myself to let go and be me
  • I am…
  • Vision Board/Life Plan

I can’t get enough flower and bloom quotes! There are so many and they all apply to my themes for A Year in Bloom.

A Year in Bloom is my philosophy for life – I want to live my life as if I am blooming, facing the sun in full bloom – my best, brightest, healthiest, and happiest.

I am doing a 365 Day Challenge as part of A Year in Bloom. You can see a Word of the Day every single day with a “theme” word and some inspiration in my private Facebook group. It is the only place I am sharing the word every day. I hope to see you there:

How to elevate — mind, body, and spirit! Ruth Curran on Inspiring Adventures with Miz Meliz @CaptCruncher

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How to elevate — mind, body, and spirit! Ruth Curran on Inspiring Adventures with Miz Meliz @CaptCruncher

The Name of the Game is Bingo: B I N G O!

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There may be a gazillion ways to pass the time online these days. I’m curious what games you like to play?

I am fascinated by all the new games that are constantly being introduced. For the home, there is Nintendo Switch, the hottest game console for playing games like Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. Board games are still wonderful for bringing friends together and new card and table games are a big hit. Role playing games are more popular than ever. The “gold” standards still seem to be the best, in my opinion. Everyone loves a game of UNO, Apples to Apples, Clue, Monopoly, Sorry….so many come to mind. I think the most popular are online and handheld electronic games.

When was the last time you played Bingo?

Ways to enjoy online bingo games!

There are many online bingo locales, which are accessible to play diversions every minute of every day. All you need is access to the web and you can play your most loved bingo and gambling game anyplace, at whatever time.

Here are a couple of ways in which you can enjoy online bingo games and earn better:

1. Play new bingo rooms with numerous tickets: Unlike in bingo halls, online bingo gives you the choice of playing with various tickets and your wins on each ticket is consequently refreshed. You additionally get the opportunity to enjoy other games like slots, poker, freebets and scratch cards. Make your purchases at the time of examining the probability of you winning and take an interest in bingo rooms that have greater prizes.

2. Participate in chat rooms: Each site has talk rooms where the host has arranged intriguing recreations and tests. Players giving the correct answers can anticipate winning speedy freebies and this thus can be extremely good for their online gambling career.

3. Join a no store bingo webpage: While there are many web locales, picking a website that gives you the best extra offers has a tremendous effect on your play. One of the notable destinations online which provide its players with inexhaustible extra offers is GameVillage bingo. Play free bingo at GameVillage!

If you spend long periods of time playing on the web bingo rooms, you will get to know different players online with who you can talk about prizes and ask about other game related information. So, it’s about the fun and that is the reason online bingo is picked by players over the world particularly in nations like the UK. In this way, get out there and play your heart out. Try your luck now.

Let me know, what is your favorite pastime? Do you prefer board games or online?

I love BINGO – I posted this article about setting goals using bingo awhile ago!

Meet the Outrageous Jean Walters on Inspiring Adventures with Miz Meliz @LightandJoy

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Meet the Outrageous Jean Walters on Inspiring Adventures with Miz Meliz

Let’s Get Blooming!

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Special offer!

Now through May 25th

Three one on one private coaching sessions with Melissa Reyes, the bloom boosting motivational coach for A Year in Bloom, a unique online personal development experience that focuses on growth and clarity.

Schedule your three sessions with Melissa in 3 EASY STEPS:

1.  Join A Year in Bloom on Facebook at or email me at Mizmeliz @ yahoo .com

2.  Send a message to Melissa that you are interested in the sessions.

3.  Schedule a date and time.

It’s that easy! On the first session we will discuss the details such as length of the sessions and frequency as well as payment.

In most cases, sessions are online via Private Zoom or Skype and take about 30 minutes. One time per week makes the most sense, however we will work together to come up with a schedule based on your needs.  I am available most evenings and weekends. I also do phone and in person coaching.

Ask me about group and spa sessions! 

If your organization is ready for a Bloom Boosting Retreat, A Year in Bloom can be modified for any size group to experience new growth, be ready to thrive, and bloom – be your healthiest, happiest, and best self every single day!

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