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Tonight on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town you will meet my friend, David-Dorian Ross. If you already know of him or have met him on Meerkat or Zoom or Blab, here is a chance for you to get to know him a little better and hear his message. We will discuss why we should care about harmony, peace, and positivity.

Take a Step Towards Peace

Here are the Show Notes

DDR TCMy name is David-Dorian Ross (notice the hyphen!)

My guilty pleasure is watching British and Canadian murder mysteries on my iPad!

I’m passionate about human beings! I think they are amazing and wonderful and beautiful. So the work I do is really about reminding them about how amazing they are, so that they can act more in alignment with who they really are. That’s where Tai Chi and Mindfulness comes in. They are techniques – methods, strategies, tactics – whatever you want to call them – for that kind of wake-up.

What Topic Would You Like to Discuss?

What is Harmony – and why should anyone care?

Health for the Body…Mind and Spirit.

How Can We Connect with You?

There’s a ton of ways to reach me:

  • email: daviddorianross@gmail.com
  • Meerkat: @daviddorianross
  • Twitter: @daviddorianross
  • website: www.drtaichi.com (to get a free private session with me)new-header.1[1]

Do You Have a Favorite Hollywood Hot Spot?

I am not a “Hollywood hanger-outer,” but let me recommend an awesome spot for breakfast in Portland, OR – Jam on Hawthorne. Guaranteed to have waiters and waitresses with more tattoos than you – and will serve tequila for breakfast (not that I’ve ever done that.  OK, well there was that one time.. but that was 1977… and it was Mexico!)


Sizzling Hot Summer Season

What Gives You a Sense of Purpose? INTERVIEW with @HeidiNazarudin @theAmbitionista @TenMiniTT

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On Tuesday, July 21st I welcome a very special guest to Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town, her name is Heidi Nazarudin and her blog is TheAmibitionista.com

I had the pleasure of meeting Heidi at the Vanity Fair event during the Academy Awards. She is remarkably sweet and extremely professional. I knew instantly that I wanted to know her better. I am quite lucky to get some of her time, she is one busy lady!


Please join me LIVE on Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with Heidi Nazarudin @TheAmbitionista on Blab.im/tenminitt 6 PM Pacific Time 7-21-15

We will discuss more than cat videos and Hollywood parties, I promise! I want to talk to Heidi about what has motivated her to help others with their ambition, what drives her and how she has found her purpose in life – helping women to conquer the World in style.

There are a few recent posts on her blog I aim to find out more about – for instance, what was it like to meet the Jazz singer, Ariana Savalas and how did they come to have a discussion that resulted in “how to become an irresistible room-captivating rock star!?” And, “What are the most important questions you should ask yourself?”

Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town

See the video HERE as recorded on Blab.im:

Heidi Nazarudin, Blogger at TheAmbitionista.com, CoFounder & President of BloggerBabes

Show Notes:

Twitter @HeidiNazarudin
What do you do for fun?
Between BloggerBabes and TheAmbitionista I hardly have any time off, but when I do I like to watch cat videos.
What are you currently working on?
BloggerBabes Kindle Series ( foundation books for bloggers ) and Digital Diva Series , social media for advancing your career and getting clients.
What do you want to talk about?
Blogging and social media and how its changed the last few years .
Where can we connect with you?
• Instagram @theambitionista
• blog is TheAmbitionista.com
• BloggerBabes.com
What are your favorite Hollywood Hot Spots?
I love Cecconi’s in West Hollywood and Bottega Louie in downtown LA.

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Here Goes Everything! Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town with @Libby_J_Kennedy @ThatSusanW @MelanyB12

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Join me and Jay @genewildershair as we interview Libby Kennedy, Susan Williams and Melany Berger LIVE Tuesday, July 14th 6-8 PM Pacific Time – RIGHT HERE at MizMeliz.com

It’s My Big Birthday Bash Episode

“Here Goes Everything”Sizzling Hot Summer Season


Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town



A Charming Gardener @ManuelLagares @TenMiniTT @GeneWildersHair

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“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ~Marcel Proust

p-4ShngkThere was something special about his smile and demeanor. He is a generally happy person. When I first listened to him and watched his streams on Meerkat – I wasn’t sure what he was all about. I just knew he seemed like a nice guy and someone with whom I could be friends. I was so happy to meet Manny online and have an opportunity to interview him on my talk show, Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town.

Meet Manuel Lagares

In this segment of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town, I learned more about my new friend, Manny. He is definitely more than meets the eye! I hope you find him as delightful as I did on the video below. We talk about his job at the NY Transit Authority, the things he loves to do, places he wants to visit, and what is at the root of his mission in life.

Manuel Lagares is a history buff, traveler, volunteer, teen mentor, social media enthusiast, marketing strategist, and an insightful Meerkat streamer who is not afraid to show his sensitive side and lives by the motto his father instilled in him: “Never be afraid to work hard.”

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Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town LIVE @appMeerkat @TeamBlab SEE IT HERE @TenMinitt @GeneWildersHair

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In this episode of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town, our guests are Meerkat Streamer, Manuel Lagares and Austin Iuliano and Emelina Spinelli from D.ScienceInc.

See it here, right now. And stay tuned for the You Tube Video and iTunes edition coming soon.
Sizzling Hot Summer Season


Show Notes July 7, 2015


Manuel Lagares @manuellagares


Let’s Talk About:

  • Favorite thing to do: spending time with my wife, friends and family
  • How do you unwind? Whenever I get a chance play a video game.
  • What are you passionate about? Traveling and getting to know people.
  • Current projects? I’m working on helping startups and small businesses get noticed through using to power of live streaming.
  • Topics to discuss: I’ve been learning a lot about social media and live streaming.

Connect with Manny Here:

instagram @therealmanuelnyc


Austin Iuliano   @austiniuliano


Let’s Talk About:

  • Favorite thing to do: Snowboarding, rock climbing, Meerkating, video gaming
  • What are your current projects? Online brand strategy course and meerkat are my two shameless plugs
  • What are you passionate about? Social media, business, marketing.

Connect with Austin Here:

Austin Iuliano of d.science dscience.co





Emelina Spinelli



#Entrepreneur + Life #Adventurer I co-run @dscienceinc with @austiniuliano

Philosophy: Keep it Raw, Keep it Real.


Brooklyn, NY



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