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Are you taking your vitamins? Has your mom asked you this? Maybe it’s your wife or your mother-in-law. Maybe it’s the little voice in your head. Or, your doctor! I want to tell you about the vitamins I discovered that are pretty amazing. I have been trying different brands and these are my favorite. This is a #sponsored post from Superior Source Vitamins. I was given samples to try as a reference. I was not paid to do a review and all opinions are my own. I do not have any medical or health professional background and nothing I write here is meant to take the place of advice from a medical professional. Please see my disclosure for details on why I post articles like this on my blog.

Check out this short video! I love it’s “Tongue in Cheek” humor! Pardon the pun!

Not a Big Pill to Swallow!

for Superior Source
by Melissa Reyes
February 24, 2018

We all know about the health benefits of vitamins and minerals. At least we should. These days green smoothies and protein shakes are the popular thing, but I still take a multi-vitamin and supplements when I want to feel healthy. Even when I am eating all the best foods that have the nutrients I need, I know I could use more. Especially since I take medication for Diabetes. If you don’t know this, medications deplete the body of vitamins and minerals. It is important to know what your body needs.

I might not always have all the nutrients I need at my fingertips, but with Superior Source Vitamins in hand, I do!

I get regular check ups, in fact for the past few years I have had blood work done every 4-6 months. I know that my body has been deficient from time to time in Vitamin K, and D, and I suffer from some complications that are improved by supplementing with magnesium and fiber. (Okay, I get constipated. Ick!) TMI, right? But, I care about you and if you have this problem you might not know supplements of fiber, probiotics, vitamins and minerals can help. My doctor lets me know what I need to get and I also ask my pharmacist for suggestions.

When I received the box of vitamins from Superior Source my first thought was, “Oh, they sent me some single use packs.” because the box was so small. I knew I was getting five different vitamins to sample. All the vitamins that I take are in huge bottles for a few reasons. One reason is I buy them in bulk to cut costs. Another is they are simply huge pills and take up a lot of space.

I was so surprised at the little bottles when I opened the package! All five vitamin supplements were in their own full size bottle, it’s just that the tablets are so tiny they don’t require a big bottle. I know that isn’t a big deal, but it it to me. This will save me space. But the real big deal is the little pill means it will be easy to swallow. No more giant glass of water “chaser”. No more worrying about my gag reflex. No more timing it right so I can get to the bathroom after drinking all the water…you get the idea. The big pill issue is over. Vitamins are no longer a hard pill to swallow! They aren’t bitter either. These dissolve instantly and have no taste at all.

But how does it work? How can I get all the benefits the vitamin is supposed to have in that tiny little dissolve-able tablet? Isn’t it supposed to be big so it will make it to my stomach and get absorbed properly?

The Superior Source MicroLingual vitamins are “instant release” tablets so they are released and absorbed literally as soon as they dissolve in your mouth. 

My word for this year is ACTION and being ready to take action requires energy and strength. I have been in training, essentially, both physically and emotionally for this. Being my healthiest, happiest, and best self means embracing a healthy lifestyle that works for me. I might not be ready to run a marathon or even a 5 K, but if you think about it, I am doing marathon work that I couldn’t do a few years ago. I am excelling and succeeding at my life’s goals because I am mindful of my core values and vision. A major part of my vision is taking care of my body so I can live longer and be healthy. I am so excited I found a product that I think I can stick with that will help me reach my goals. #ACTION2018

Living a Daring Adventure with Kerry Wekelo author of Culture Infusion @KerryWekelo

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Have you ever thought, I wish I could make my work life more like my home life? Meaning, you love your corporate job and what you do, but wouldn’t it be great if it could be a little more relaxing and fun? Could I ever get my work vibe to feel like it does on a Sunday morning after yoga class and brunch? #sponsored This post is sponsored by Kerry Alison Wekelo of Zendoway. See my disclosure for details on why I write articles like this on my blog.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kerry and recently hosted her guest post: 5 Ways Leaders Can Achieve Personal Wellness and Inspire it in Others which highlighted principles from her new book, Culture Infusion.

Kerry Alison Wekelo

Kerry Wekelo received her B.S. in Finance and Marketing with Minor in Psychology from Virginia Tech and earned her MBA in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix.

As Managing Director of Human Resources and Operations for Actualize Consulting since 2005, author Kerry Alison Wekelo brings us a front-row seat perspective on her experiences, blending her corporate knowledge with her mindful wisdom in her latest book Culture Infusion. She is also a yoga teacher, life coach, award-winning author of children’s books, and the founder and visionary of Zendoway, a company that encourages holistic wellness.


Check out the interview here on Inspiring Adventures:

Kerry is changing the corporate environment by infusing wellness into all aspects of her organization. Her background of finance, human resources, marketing, psychology, and yoga give her the unique ability to blend corporate knowledge with mindful wisdom. Her successful wellness program is based on her 9 principles to creating a thriving sought-after workplace.

Culture Infusion is the quintessential guide to improve corporate culture and motivate your employees to perform at their highest capacity. It is on point and gives a hands-on approach that propels your company into the most current work trends. Culture Infusion is for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to build a legacy, shift perspectives, and lead by example so others are inspired and driven to be their best selves.

Kerry Wekelo, Culture Infusion

“Leaders must commit to supporting the growth of people, not just systems, products, or processes.” ~ Kerry Wekelo

As Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” We spend at least eight hours a day with our company, so why not make it a daring adventure? The company that plays together stays together.

Whether you are a top-level executive or lead a team, you will find valuable insights in her book on how to create and maintain a sought-after workplace. You’ll learn how to infuse culture in all aspects of your organization, from your people to your programs, and how to thrive personally while leading others.

While it might not be exactly like taking a yoga class and going out for brunch on a Sunday morning when you show up for work, thriving in an environment that gives you a sense of self worth within a company might just be the difference that makes it feel that way. That is what I see as a “culture infusion.” And thanks to Kerry Wekelo finding her passion and living her purpose, thousands of people in companies everywhere will discover this as well.

It was a pleasure getting to know Kerry on Inspiring Adventures and I hope to introduce her to you in an upcoming episode of Last Night’s Show with Miz Meliz LIVE, sometime soon. Kerry puts her family first and honors her core values, which is a beautiful thing. I am so pleased to see this in action, as I learned that saying no and knowing when you just can’t do everything is okay. Action is often something you don’t do. It’s knowing how and when to make a move in the direction that is right for you. Kerry is a wonderful example of this. She is a gentle soul who cares so much about other people. She is truly committed to making the world a better place!

Connect with Kerry Wekelo


Twitter: @kerrywekelo

Instagram: @kerrywekelo

Hey Honey! What’s the Buzz About Manuka? #sponsored @ShopPRI

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It is the dry and windy cold season herein Southern California, where I live. So, when PRI (Pacific Resources International) sent me some of their products to try, the first thing that caught my attention was the Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges! #sponsored This post is sponsored by PRI, read my disclosure for details on why I post articles like this on my blog. PRI sent me products to try for reference purposes, all opinions are my own and I was not paid to write a review.

In this post I will tell you about “The Buzz About Manuka Honey” and my experiences with trying PRI’s products. I’ll tell you what I learned about Manuka Honey and it’s health benefits, and I’ll give you a promotional offer from PRI so you can try it for yourself at a discount. Special thanks to Hot Ice Media for introducing me to this wonderful brand from New Zealand! If you would like to meet the people behind the brand, join us on Last Night’s Show with Miz Meliz on Saturday, February 24th at 8:30 PM Pacific time on for a live video discussion.

The Buzz About Manuka Honey

from Pacific Resources International
by Melissa Reyes
February 21, 2018

I asked my husband, Lito, if he wanted to try one. Right away he answered, “Yes! I need a lozenge, my mouth is so dry and I feel a sore throat coming on.”

It seems that is always the case. And we always have throat lozenges around. We have tried many brands and we have our favorites. That’s for sure. We each popped one of PRI’s Lemon and Honey Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozengesin our mouth and we hopped in the car. While Lito was driving me to work, I said, “This cough drop is really good! It’s making my mouth water and I love how smooth it is.” This began a conversation about what we love about lozenges and what set these lozenges apart from any we have ever tried. We talked about it all the way to my office!

“Our fantastic, award winning Lozenges are great for “tackling the tickle.” The Lozenges combine the power of CPL 15 Propolis with the soothing qualities of pure New Zealand UMF 10+ active Manuka Honey. Made with organic brown rice syrup. Contains no corn syrup, artificial colors or flavoring.”

Lito read the package and the first thing he did was Google “Bee Propolis” to find out what it is. It turns out that it is basically “bee glue” and it is good for us.  [Bees make more than honey.  They also make a waxy substance called propolis. And this “bee glue” is a powerful health balm.  In fact, studies show it has anti-cancer properties.]

Here is why I think the PRI Propolis and Manuka Honey Lozenges – Lemon and Honey are AWARD WINNERS for our family and why they were the 2015 Better Nutrition – Best Supplements Award Winner:

  • smooth feel – no cutting feeling on tongue or sticking to cheek
  • mellow taste – essence of menthol not overpowering with mild hints of lemon and honey
  • long lasting and produces a mouth watering effect
  • tastes great with a natural sweetness from honey
  • no funky synthetic artificial flavors
  • no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners

As Lito and I were discussing all the things we liked about the Manuka Honey Lozenges, and Manuka Honey in general, we both agreed that we loved these drops! At the point that we finished consuming the lozenge, Lito said, “I’m glad this lozenge didn’t have some gunky stuff inside like some lozenges do.”

I agreed with him, but I said I would have been okay with it if it did, because I knew in this case it would have been some yummy Manuka Honey!

What I Learned About Manuka Honey

  • PRI’s Manuka Honey is UMF 5+ PRI’s UMF® 5+ Manuka Honey contains a high level of antibacterial activity only found in UMF® Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is sourced from the Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium) native to New Zealand. During the heat of the early summer it produces a profusion of flowers a-buzz with bees busily collecting nectar to make what PRI says is their  “unique Manuka Honey – the flavour of our country.”
  • Manuka Honey is the only honey found so far that exhibits non-peroxide activity. This is thought to be due to Methylglyoxal, a unique compound found within Manuka Honey. This makes the honey a powerful digestive aid, assisting with allergies and immune defense. It is a potent antibacterial agent when used topically for minor wounds and burns. It is also heat tolerant, enabling it to reach your digestive system without losing any of its beneficial properties.
  • Pacific Resources sources honey directly from New Zealand beekeepers, who take pride in producing high-quality products. PRI’s Manuka Honey is collected with care from native Manuka trees in New Zealand’s remote, pollution-free forests to produce the highest quality Manuka Honey. Special techniques have been used to ensure that this Manuka Honey reaches you in optimum condition, just as nature intended.
  • PRI’s honey is cool processed; this means the honey is filtered to extract bee particles or bits of honey comb that have fallen in the honey. The honey is 100% raw.

The rating. UMF® 5+, Methylglyoxal Level ≥83 mg/kg. To receive a UMF® grading, a honey must have the presence of DHA (dihydroxyacetone), Methylglyoxal, and Leptosperin. The UMF® rating is a measure of the attributes and values that make up Manuka Honey.

How to use it. Take 2-3 teaspoonful 3 times a day. Best if taken 30 minutes before every meal. The consumption of honey is not suitable for children under the age of one.

PRI Products I am Trying

  • Manuka Honey UMF 5+ – 1.1 lb. Retail: $39.99
  • Chipotle BBQ Pacific Sea Salt Retail: $4.19
  • Mesquite Smoked Pacific Sea Salt Retail: $4.19
  • Propolis and Manuka Honey LozengesLemon and Honey – 2015 Better Nutrition – Best Supplements Award Winner Retail: $6.99
  • Manuka Honey Lip Balm – 2018 Better Nutrition – Best of Natural Beauty Award Winner Retail: $3.99

Manuka Honey Lip Balm – 2018 Better Nutrition – Best of Natural Beauty Award Winner

PRI’s Manuka Honey Lip Balm is one of the newest additions to body care collection. The Manuka Honey Lip Balm is uniquely formulated with the healing power of Manuka Honey and organic ingredients to protect, restore and hydrate your lips. Ingredients: Sunflower Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Honey Flavor*, Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract*, Calendula Extract*, Manuka Honey. (*organic ingredients).


15% OFF ALL PRI products… Plus FREE SHIPPING

Receive a 15% Discount When You Use the Code: Winter15


I’ll be back to tell you more about my experiences with Manuka Honey as I try each product and share it with my family and friends. I can’t wait to see what they think. What do you think?

Do you use Manuka Honey?

Try these products and share your experiences on my Facebook Group

Find out more on the Live Show!

How to Get Your Own Alexa Skill or Enable Mine in 3 Easy Steps

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I share the Word of the Week every week. It started last Summer when Allison Diamond of the SnapDays Bot asked me to do this as a regular thing on Snapchat. It is a fun way to start a conversation with friends and utilize my Daily Affirmations Card Deck. This post contains affiliate links and links to purchase items. See my dislosure for details on why I write articles like this on my blog.

I simply pull a random card each week and show the card on Snapchat. That has lead to a wonderful way of expressing my insights and has opened discussions with people around the world through social media. Now, I have an Amazon Alexa Skill that can be enabled (if you have an Alexa Echo or Dot device) in your Flash Briefings and hear the Inspiring Adventures Word of the Week any time you want.


I post an image every week on Instagram and share my thoughts on how the word applies to my life.

Why Do I Want My Own Alexa Skill?

I am a blogger and a live streamer and I host shows on Facebook, but when I started doing the word of the week, it became something that centered all of those things. Using the words from my deck helped me to keep my focus and remain mindful of my core values. My best friend and working partner, Cindy Harrison, asked if we could use the word of the week in her art projects too, and then we started using them as the theme for the live shows. Now, everything makes sense! Inspiring Adventures is the overall theme of everything I do, that is at the base of who I am and what I am doing here, and it always has been.

Why not make Inspiring Adventures my main focus on social media as well? Why not share it with everyone? When I first heard about Flash Briefings, I knew I had to have my message available in that form of media. I was thrilled when the easiest way to activate this goal came to me in an email from online educator, Jen Lehner. She teaches all the cutting edge technology and I have learned many tips from her about OBS, Twitter, Instagram, and now Alexa!

Here is how I activated the Alexa Skill on Amazon:

  1. Go to (this is an affiliate link and I get a kickback if you sign up, thanks!
  2. Set up your skill by following the directions and using the checklist (took me about an hour, if I can do it ANYONE can!)
  3. Upload your own sound file to share with the world, it really is that easy!

Here is how you can Enable Your Flash Briefings and hear the Inspiring Adventures Word of the Week in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Go to the Amazon Alexa App on your phone
  2. On the Menu (looks like three lines on the top left) select Skills
  3. Where it says “Search all skills” type in Miz Meliz and when Inspiring Adventures Word of the Week pops up, click on it and enable it!

OR simply say this out loud within ear shot of your Alexa device:

“Alexa, Enable Inspiring Adventures Word of the Week on My Flash Briefings”

When you do, this is what you will hear…

I also share the word of the week on the Anchor App, Apple Podcast, Google Play, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Chances are, I am catching you in at least one of those places! And that is the point – to connect with you. These are ways for you to connect back too! I want to hear from you!

This is the best part about the word of the week, it gets people talking and sharing their thoughts and insights. On Anchor, there is the ability to call in, here on the blog, you can type in comments, on social media you can reply with comments, direct messages, or with video messages. If you want to be involved in the Inspiring Adventures Community, I encourage you to join the group on Facebook!

Join the Facebook Group Here

Buy the Affirmations Card Deck Here

Don’t have an Alexa Echo or Dot yet. Get one at Amazon:


Behind the Scenes with Miz Meliz

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Behind the Scenes with Melissa Reyes and Allison Proctor doing our SnapSistahs Podcast for the AnchorApp

Beautify Your Digital Life with Photofy! #sponsored @Photofyapp

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Beautify Your Digital Life with Photofy!

by Melissa Reyes
February 15, 2018

I love trying new apps! The ones that stick and become my favorite go to apps for daily tasks are the best. Here is one that I highly recommend. Photofy. It may not be new to you, but it is to me!

This is a sponsored post and I was given a pro account by Photofy to use for feedback purposes. Please see my disclosure for details on why I write articles like this on my blog. All the opinions are my own and I was not paid to write a review. I created all the photos used in this article myself using the app – in fact they will seem very self-serving because they are all my actual photos! I hope you find the content as fascinating as I do! (A little shameless plug never hurt anyone.)

Here is an example of a template I am using from Photofy. These are pre-loaded on my phone ready to pop up on Instagram every month!

I heard about Photofy a few months ago when I asked John Andrews if he would like to be a guest on my live show, Last Night’s Show with Miz Meliz. He told me that he was so busy because he just took on this new role as CEO of an app called Photofy. I checked it out and it looked pretty cool, another graphics app that I could use on my phone to make memes. Awesome, right? I do that a lot. So, I told him I would love to talk to him about it on the show…and that happened!

I am so excited to announce my special guest is John Andrews!

Many of you will remember him from Collective Bias.

Check out the interview:


Or listen to the audio podcast:

I have been using Photofy pretty often lately. I’m not sure yet if it will replace my other go to apps for graphics. I have two I use regularly for certain things and they serve me well. But I will say that I find myself using it more and more and I really like it for it’s quality, ease, and fresh looks. Also, Photofy provides a wide array of useful templates, photos, and phrases that can be easily applied to my own style. That makes what I do so much easier. And, obviously, making things easy is important to me – I have just used the word “easy” like ten times! (Okay, five. But still!) Ted Rubin calls Photofy “a valuable, and easy to use, content/influencer branded collaborative content solution.” I am not the only one who values ease of use! Yeah baby~


Here is another thing I love about this app – it has a la carte pricing. You don’t have to pay anything to use it and there are a lot of cool built in features. But to unlock some awesome features it is only $1.99 one time! Then there are special packages you can add when and if you need them, and once you do, you always have access to those tools. You can build your arsenal of design tools as you go and as you grow with the app. I love that! I don’t always want all the capabilities up front, it’s too much to handle, I don’t end up using them, and I often throw in the towel. This allows me to explore the app, find what I need and add on what I want when I am ready. Super!

The Watermark – with the pro account you have the option of removing it. In many cases I leave it on. It is located prominently, like a badge and serves as a credit. It’s a great way to show partnership with the brand.


Here are the amazing features that Photofy has to offer – I find these very strong for a phone app:


Adjust your canvas’ aspect ratio to be square, portrait, landscape or specific photo sizes, and zoom in on your photo.


Choose a an apsect ratio for your photo and crop away the parts you don’t want.


Enhance your photo with our many filters and take control of brightness, contrast, and saturation to get the perfect look for your photo.


If you’re an instagram lover, use instasquare to get it to the square shape.


Use the light effects to get your photo the lighting it needs.


Use the mirror tool to create different reflections of your image.


Blur part of your photo to emphasize an object in the photo.


Clean up the edges and give your image a cleaner look with the sharpen tool.

Now that I have been using Photofy for awhile and see how valuable it is for me and for my business, I am ready to try all the capabilities of the pro account. The pro account is a monthly fee of $10.99 which is pretty standard as apps go.

Pro Features – this is great for businesses and really has the digital marketer at heart:

Photofy Business – App Features

Create your own or get assets tailored specifically to your business to enhance your brand and message across all social media platforms by the Photofy design team.

Pro Backgrounds allow you to preload stock photos to provide a strong starting point to create beautiful photos representative of your business. This feature is available starting with the Pro Basic subscription level, and the number of stock photos you can store scales with the larger plans.

Let the Photofy Design Team create custom templates based on your style guide for you to streamline the creation of branded posts. They will design the layout, all you need to do is add photos and adjust the text. No need to think about fonts or layouts – just create.

Easy reposting of a predesigned image and text. Corporate design and marketing teams can create the perfect post and allow subscribers to share in seconds.
Show off your brand and streamline content creation with a white labeled user workflow and customized feature set.

Photofy has now been around for over 3 years, the app has become very sophisticated, and we think perfectly suited for marketing and shopper teams, and distributed workforces.” -Ted Rubin

The stock photos on Photofy are stunning and they are available on the basic account @photofyapp

I’ll be sharing much more about Photofy in the weeks to come on my social media, and you can find out more about it and Photofy’s CEO, John Andrews on my Live show, Last Night’s Show with Miz Meliz and on the Inspiring Adventures Podcast

Connect with John Andrews on Twitter @Katadhin

Follow Photofy on Twitter and Instagram @photofyapp

Download the app! 

Zef Zan is One in a Zillion! @Zef_Zan @etSoar #Zefinitely

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When I first met Zef Zan online I thought she might be a little too zesty for me. She is a zippy little ball of energy that talks fast and fires lots of information in every live broadcast she does. At the time I was still finding my zen. But I knew she had some special appeal and I wanted to know more about her. One thing is certain, she has always been very nice and encouraging and I had a sense that at the right time we would have a chance to come together. I finally had an opportunity to work with Zef as a co-host for a segment on her recent Momentum Tribe Virtual Summit and last week she sat down with me for an interview for Inspiring Adventures.

Her zealous nature shining through, she shared her story and explained how she actually found her zone. It has been a crazy road and her journey has been difficult to say the least, that’s what makes this zany lady one in a zillion!

Check out this preview of our interview where Zef and I talk about the Word of the Week: Listen…and then see the entire Inspiring Adventures interview on Facebook/BubblrMedia

She’s Dynamic, Dauntless, and she gets things Done! #Zefinitely

Contact Zef Zan:

on Facebook: Entrepreneurs That Soar


on Twitter: @etSoar or @Zef_Zan

The Legacy Life of Carew Papritz @BlubblrMedia @CarewPapritz

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The Legacy Life of Carew Papritz

by Melissa Reyes

January 23, 2018

It doesn’t surprise me that Carew Papritz is a dynamic storyteller who is passionate about his book, The Legacy Letters. What surprises me is how creative and intriguing his journey has been as he has been promoting the book and bringing his message to readers around the world.

Carew and his book are all about firsts and onlys. It’s the “first book in publishing and literary history to win awards in both fiction and non-fiction categories,” he says proudly.

He is the only author who has ever signed books on horseback, on a train, from the top of Mount St. Helen’s – – he even did it while stomping grapes at a vineyard!  Papritz was also the first American author to do a “post Castro” book signing event in Cuba. He is willing to do what it takes to share his inspiring stories, the insightful, introspective, guidance manual for life, the letters to the children, the legacy letters. They are his letters. They were written for all children. Kind, comforting, prophetic, they are only part of the story.

Check out this short preview:

Live Life to the Fullest

The central message of the book is “live life to the fullest,” says Papritz, as he explains how he wrote the book as he went through a major life defining moment. He learned about himself through the writing process and from time to time he realizes he “needs” to read his book for a reminder to go slow. The fatherly advice in the book covers a “hope chest” of timeless values such as integrity, kindness, empathy, politeness, humility, and love.

Some people have found the book uplifting and inspiring, and it has been touted to be a Rorschach Test of sorts, to “see what you need to see at that point in your life.” This is how it got it’s non-fiction status. It has become a life lessons book.

Carew challenged me to open the book at a random page and just read to see what it was like. WOW! Check out page 109. That’s all I have to say. He calls that part of the story “the everything and nothing of money.”

Every hour lived is an hour spent. Spend well the quality of your time. -Carew Papritz, The Legacy Letters

Ultimately, Carew’s own legacy is for his own family. His wife and son are the focus of his life. He is mindful of every moment and lives his best life with them. He calls this his Legacy Life.

See the entire Inspiring Adventures interview with Carew Papritz exclusively on on Tuesday, January 23rd at 6:00 PM PST

Check out to find out how to get a free Starbucks ecard when you give a 5star review for this Award winning Book by @CarewPapritz !

Watch this video for details:

This isn’t the first time I’ve interviewed Cowboy Carew! Click below on previous posts to see videos and read more about the author and his books.

5 Ways Leaders Can Achieve Personal  Wellness – And Inspire It In Others @kerrywekelo

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5 Ways Leaders Can Achieve Personal 
Wellness – And Inspire It In Others

Leaders in companies and organizations often face enormous demands on their time, but the best leaders realize they can’t let those demands become so overwhelming that their health suffers as a result.

“Successful leaders prioritize personal wellness, both at home and at work,” says Kerry Alison Wekelo, author of Culture Infusion: 9 Principles to Create and Maintain a Thriving Organizational Culture (

And those who don’t prioritize personal wellness should realize it’s not too late to make it a New Year’s resolution for 2018, she says. Plus, taking care of themselves is also a great way for leaders to inspire others throughout the organization to do the same.

“Team members will be more inclined to focus on their own well being if they see the leadership team making it a priority,” says Wekelo, who is managing director of human resources and operations for Actualize Consulting. “It’s better for the entire company when everyone strives to be physically and mentally fit.”

In her own life, Wekelo says she follows five guiding values for personal wellness. They are:

•    Breathe. Many people forget to breathe during the day, Wekelo says, though she’s not talking about breathing to stay alive. “On any given day we are going to experience moments of stress,” she says. “Focusing on taking a few long, slow breaths can help calm you down.”

•    Move. Movement is another way to take care of your well being. “Many of us are sedentary most of the day, sitting at desks then lounging at home in the evening,” she says. “We are not made to sit like this all day every day.” To get moving, you don’t need to schedule time at a gym for an aggressive workout. She suggests stretching while at your desk and taking time once an hour to get up and walk, even if it’s just to walk to somewhere else in the office. 

•    Play. Children love to play, but adults forget they need to take time to play as well, even if it’s just a game of cards or charades. “Next time you find yourself stressing, give your brain a break and call your inner child out for a play date,” Wekelo says.

•    Nourish. No matter how smoothly life is going, there will always be conflict, so you should handle it directly, openly and immediately. When you do, you will be nourishing your relationship with those employees and they will have the opportunity to nourish themselves. “Take the approach that everything is a learning opportunity and work with your employees on how to improve rather than running them into the ground and making them feel even worse,” Wekelo says. “If they know you care and support them even in hard times, you will have their loyalty.”

•    Replenish. Life gets hectic, so it’s important to set aside time for reflection, introspection, meditation or just plain quiet time. “My best ideas come from my quiet time,” Wekelo says. “I am sure that’s why so many of the great pioneers, artists and scientists spend hours each day walking and contemplating.”

“As you consider your own personal well-being, it’s important to remember that you create your life and how you feel,” Wekelo says. “Change starts at the individual level.”

About Kerry Alison Wekelo
Kerry Alison Wekelo ( is managing director of human resources and operations for Actualize Consulting. She also is author of Culture Infusion: 9 Principles to Create and Maintain a Thriving Organizational Culture. Among her other accomplishments, Wekelo is a yoga teacher, life coach, award-winning author of children’s books, and the founder of Zendoway, a company that encourages holistic wellness.

Disclaimer: The information in the article above was provided by the representatives at News & Experts, an agency that has connected me with Ms. Welelo. I am looking forward to meeting Kerry and having her on Inspiring Adventures as a featured guest. She certainly has wonderful advice to give and can inspire us to take action!

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I Hope My One Word Intention for 2018 Inspires You #ACTION2018

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I am going on a new adventure! Wanna come?

My intention is to thrive in every area of my life, just like last year, and all along my life’s journey.  I have always hoped to inspire you to thrive as well. This year is a little different. This year I am taking action. This year we move! Are you ready? I am! Let’s go!

It’s not a challenge, or a motivational plan. My intention for 2018 is to turn it on. To activate all the plans. To make things happen. I have been looking forward to this year for a long time. My focus has been on development and growth for the past decade and now I am ready to rock what I know and do the things I have been dreaming about.


My goal is to help people to realize their full potential and make their dreams come true by taking action.  #ACTION2018

I’ll use all the inspiration and motivation that got me this far to activate real change and acquire my core desires. If you are ready to do this too, awesome! If you aren’t quite there yet, I totally understand and I can guide you and support you at any point on your journey. We are all on our own path.

We will use the themes from the Daily Affirmations inspired by A Year in Bloom to keep us centered, energized, and filled with positivity and hope. These words, the card deck, the book, journal, and concept, all came from the intentions and challenges from 2017 and I am blessed and amazed at how much they are a part of everything I do. Thanks to the encouragement and support (and countless hours of help) from my best friend, Cindy Harrison, we will always have them to help us.

Cindy and I will be posting and sharing a theme for each week that we will use on our shows and incorporate in our classes, and on our websites, to unify and guide our groups and each other throughout the year. This past year we found this practice to be a wonderful way to grow our businesses as well as deepen personal relationships. We improved our self-care and brightened our outlook on life. We both feel strongly that we have all the tools we need to succeed and reach our dreams. The best part is, we want to help you do this, too!

I will keep striving to be my very best, healthiest, and happiest every day. But, more than that – – I will take action and make my dreams come true. I will take action and deliver my promises. I will take action and fulfill my destiny. I will execute the plans. I will take the initiative. I will make the first move. I am calling the shots. This is it. It’s time to activate and set the plan in motion. Let’s go! 2018 is my year of action!

I am wearing my Word for the Year on my #MyIntent Bracelet as a Daily Reminder #Action2018


Be a part of it.


My goal is to help people to realize their full potential and make their dreams come true by taking action.  #ACTION2018


My intent is for to be a source of inspiration in 2018 and it will be my pleasure to deliver it to you through:

  • Product Reviews
  • Book Reviews
  • Author Interviews
  • Art and Entertainment
  • Event Coverage
  • Travel and Destination Highlights
  • Live shows and web series: See links to all the shows below!

“” ties together all of my passions and talents like a big bouquet of vibrant blooming flowers.

In 2017, my goal was to incorporate my love of creativity, inspiration, and connecting with people to make a positive impact. It was my intent to develop, grow, and shine, together! It was my hope for us to be at our best, healthiest, and happiest all year long! I believe we surpassed this goal. With all my heart, I believe my Year in Bloom produced a beautiful bouquet of flowers that represent every special moment that I will treasure always.


This year, let’s go on an adventure that takes us to the ends of the earth! There is nothing stopping us! Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” If you are dreaming of making a change, big or small, you can do it. I believe in you. I believe in myself and I believe in my dreams.

Melissa Reyes, Delivering Inspiration

A Year of Action #ACTION2018


Melissa Reyes, Host, Coach, Writer, Producer
Cindy Harrison, Co-Host, Art Teacher, Producer
Lito Reyes, Music, Aerial Images, Host, Technical Writer, Producer
Roman Reyes, Music, Co-Host
Maria Humphreys, Meditation Facilitator, Host
Michael C. Voice, Announcer
Anna Rounseville, Associate Producer

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