What do Guys Want?

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I am a People Pleaser. I want to Be Good at What I do.

So, I found out some interesting statistics about my blog readers. I was surprised (at first) to find out that more than half of the folks who stop by and check out my blog are men 25-45. I thought it must be because I put “Super Bowl” in the title of a recent post. But, then I looked at my Twitter and Instagram following, and I realized that I had actually reached a goal that I set a while back to even out the demographics of my online community. Up until then I had mainly corresponded with other female bloggers and life coaches. I have been writing things that would be interesting to – let’s face it – people like me. Yet, I had spent quite a bit of time of late engaging with and making connections with people in all fields and walks of life. So, it is time to find out…what do guys like to read? What do men want…from a blog?

I asked the men I trust most, the gentlemen in my life, to answer that question on Facebook recently. I got answers from my husband, brother, nephews, cousins, a close friend I have known since high school, my son’s godfather, my friend’s boyfriend.  I was quite pleased with the insights they shared. They were all very forthcoming. I got a little too much information even! But I can’t thank them all enough for helping me out and for their honesty and expert opinions. You can expect to see more of these types of articles on Miz Meliz. Because as a reflection of me, I am about all people. I am interested in you. I want to share what you like.

What do guys like, the results:

  • Sports, photography, Disney. I like tutorials and advice columns.
globetrotters and generals

I like going to and writing about sporting events


  • Motorsports (especially F1 and MotoGP), automobiles, gadgets, and RC cars. I want the latest information with links to related articles, even if they are old. Anything about music! Industry stuff, gear reviews, and interviews with artists. I especially love in-depth interviews — long-format, like in Rolling Stone, where the interviewer can really delve deep into the musician’s background.

ford ecoboost

  • I tend to check my local sports, for instance today I read a couple articles on the Dodgers Spring Training starting. I also read a couple different articles on the same subject in the LA Times paper. Otherwise when scrolling through a social network page like Facebook I will click on things of human nature, or more so human need. I’ll check out controversial issues whether political or moral (in my opinion). A headline can bring me in to a topic I may not usually click on, and it could cause me to pass over without a thought despite its content (which may be of value or interest to me). I hate when a site (especially ESPN and other sports) shares a headline and then the article has nothing to do with that. If I am picking a book to read I tend to go with either a biography or a Grisham type story. And one more thing, this tends to happen when I have just a few minutes to take a break, so the article that has the headline to bring me in for that moment and is the right length while I am surfing wins.
2012-11-09 06.25.46

My boys made me a sports mom


  • I scan the LA Times everyday for stories of interest, but most general news is rather boring. I usually just read the lead graphs, which is more than enough due to the inverted pyramid style of journalism. I enjoy analysis and commentary on stocks and the financial markets, sports, and travel. I’m also a sucker for restaurant and film reviews. And when I run out of real news, I read The Onion for a few laughs.


solita's Tacos & Margaritas, Valencia

solita’s Tacos & Margaritas, Valencia

  • I devour magazine content – my faves; Surfer, Surfing, Interview, Economist, Esquire, Bon Apetite, Cooks Illustrated, Luxe Interiors & Design, House  Beautiful, Dwell, Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan ( the best “how to” regarding sex), Poets and Writers Magazine, Ski, Powder, Stand Up Paddle Board, Art News. And I like reading Christie’s and Sotheby’s luxury home listings. I like to read about things I am doing or things I want to do. I like contemporary culture travel, and adventure, interior design (a favorite hobby) and gourmet cooking (I am a self taught Courageous Gourmet. When I am reading novels I choose regional Mystery with gratuitous sex and violence. I also recently have embraced asking Google every question I have in my brain to advance my personal education about everything. Now you know way to much about who I am.
Yesmins Adventure 4

Yesmin and the Wall Family’s Whitewater Adventure


  • I usually read articles on the latest video game releases (including how the games are developed, if I’m really interested in a certain title) as well as biographies of musicians and actors I’m interested in (both old and new.) From time to time, I’ll also check out information about old gadgets, and how they’ve evolved/progressed into what we are using today.
2014-06-19 17.39.51

My friend David Covarrubias at Legacy FX


  • I’m always fascinated with our latest advances in technology and science. New gadgets are fine but bigger advances such as the stuff DARPA works on I always follow. New discoveries in science from small stuff on Earth to all our space exploration. I enjoy reading political articles as well if they have an interesting perspective on a topic. Movie articles also grab my attention. Usually they are in regard to news but sometimes I like reading an article that delves into a particular film’s intricacies. With all of these it’s usually the title that drags me in. It’s especially important when it’s on a bigger topic since I don’t always have the time to read it all. If the title and content is interesting I’ll save the page for later. I usually base this off of the first paragraph of the article.


  • I like restaurant and travel reviews. Human interest stories sometimes , current events catch my eyes more. I definitely like outdoorsy type stuff & pics of nature.


Jonathan with his dog, Indy

Jonathan with his dog, Indy

I am friends with artists, writers, bloggers, marketers, social media peeps, entrepreneurs, podcasters, traditional media and public relations folks, bankers, athletes, coaches, teachers, students, technology experts, programmers, gamers….everyone. I love the moms and girlfriends that got me here. Especially the SoCal Lady Bloggers, Latina Lifestyle Bloggers, and the California Mom Bloggers. I wouldn’t be here, a writer, a life coach, a blogger, a podcaster – without the angels and spirits who lifted me up and showed me the way.

So, tell me my friends, what do YOU want?

What do you like to read about? When you surf the internet, or read the news – what are your favorite things to read? What do you enjoy reading about? What do you require in an article or blog post?

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Adelante #5by20 @CocaCola

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Celebrating You Girlfriend!

A few years ago I was asked to submit a piece in a book that was written for International Women’s Day. I had never heard of that until then. Now, I think about that honor every year and how important it was to me to be involved. Check out the ebook Cultivating Your Voice by Joy Holland you can also link to it here on MizMeliz.com in my post, International Women’s Day. You can read an excerpt of my contribution, called “Commitment,” below.

This year, I was invited to an exciting online event happening this Thursday, March 5, and I am thrilled to be able to share this invitation with you.

You are Invited


The Coca-Cola Company is celebrating International Women’s Day (March 8) by honoring women from The Adelante Movement, presented by Coca-Cola. This grassroots movement is designed to unite and empower Latina entrepreneurs across the country.

It is part of the Coca-Cola Company’s global #5by20 initiative to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2020 across the globe.

Join us and Adelante founder Nely Galán for a live-streamed discussion on the importance of advancing economic opportunities for Latinas. The discussion will be on the heels of Galán’s keynote address to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce International Women’s Day Forum at the United Nations.



Nely Galán, Founder of The Adelante Movement and Latina business leader Alba Adamo, Group Director of Hispanic Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company

 You can see Nely on Coke’s #MakeitHappy Commercial here:


This Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 2 pm ET time



RSVP to coke@newlink-group.com for a link to the live stream.


The Adelante Movement is a pioneer 5by20 partner in the U.S., providing training and tools for aspiring Latina entrepreneurs.

I am celebrating the Latina in me on International Women’s Day by introducing you to the The Adelante Movement #5by20

Tweet This

Use #5by20 to share how you are celebrating International Women’s Day.

…I have turned a corner in my life. I am doing something that I am truly passionate about. I know it is the right thing for me, right now…This is huge for me! As I embark on this new adventure, I feel excitement and joy. I am overjoyed by the possibilities and endless adventures that this road may lead. I feel a sense of accomplishment and a new belief in myself and my abilities. I am exhilarated, energized and ready to take on the world. I am open to new experiences and I am making the most of the journey as it unfolds. ~Melissa Reyes, Cultivating Your Voice, March 3, 2012

Thank you to Abby Todd, Kerry Kerr Tresser, Joy Holland, Ana Lydia Ochoa–Monaco, Carolyn West, Danielle LaPorte, Evita Ochel, Tara Sophia Mohr, Jill Dahl, Kim Somers Egelsee, Nely Galan, and Alba Adamo and empowered women everywhere who make a difference and offer a hand to help others reach their dreams. 

A special thanks to The Coca-Cola Company for inviting me to be a part of this movement and allowing me to share it with you. This is in no way an advertisement for any brand – it is an invitation to learn something and celebrate women around the world. I have not been paid by nor do I represent Coca-Cola. All opinions are my own. Read my Disclosure for more information about my posts.

Ford EcoBoost Challenge 2015 @EcoBoost15

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Ford is coming to a track near you.

You can register to drive the all new Ford Edge and it’s competitors on March 14th at Santa Anita, HERE

or see the other cities Ford will be visiting with the EcoBoost Challenge.

“It’s FREE, it’s FUN, it’s all from FORD.”


ford ecoboost

Acknowledge Your Needs and Just Pause #GetYourRearinGear #Inspiredfor2015

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“Wait, Pause!”

This is part five of the six posts in the series on Getting Your Rear in Gear for the Year. I am almost done sharing my favorite tools that help me stay balanced and focused in my life and on my blog. What do you think so far?

created with Canva by Melissa Reyes for http://mizmeliz.com all rights reserved photograph by Melissa Reyes copyright 2-23-15

In Define Your Style Envision Your Life’s Goals, I shared how I define my personal style and determine the core values behind my goals using a VISION BOARD. I showed you how making a MIND MAP can be useful to map out the steps needed to get where you want to go in Mind Map Your Intentions and See the Big Picture. I explained how having a FOCUS WORD, in It’s Never Too Late to Set a Focus – Decide on One Word Now, can help with inspiration and motivation while being true to yourself and your life’s ambitions. What tool has been most helpful to you?

If It is Slowing You Down and Causing Overwhelm, Stop Doing It

In this post I will share an extremely valuable tool that some would say is the most difficult to put into practice. I assure you, once you get the hang of it, it is really rather simple. It’s about not doing things. I hope to empower you to take a look at all the things you are doing right now and decide to stop doing some of them. I will also show you how it makes sense to say, “Thank you, but no thank you.” when you are asked to take on more than you should. I promise, no one will hate you. In fact, they will admire you for knowing your capabilities and always following through on the things you commit yourself to doing. I will help you to be prepared to say, “Yes” to the person, but “No” to the action.

So, think about it. Ask yourself these questions and take some notes:

  • What bogs you down?
  • What sets you back?
  • What are you doing now that takes you away from your focus?
  • What would happen if you started saying “No”?
  • What might happen if you simply stopped doing some of these things?

Some things that might come to mind for you could be like most Americans. We are caring for our older parents, we are over-committed at our jobs, we are volunteering at our kids’ schools, we are dealing with the demands of home ownership and/or maintenance, we are struggling to manage it all while trying to stay fit and healthy.

This may be the busy season at work, or you could be expecting a child, planning a trip, or going to school. All of these things are necessary parts of your life. You don’t want to give Inspiredfor2015_sclb5anything up. You can’t. You have been told to set goals and work towards making them happen. You have been planning and preparing and your time is now. “Think big.” “Fake it till you make it.” We have heard it before. We believe we can do it all.

Well. Now I am saying, you can stop. You can stop doing it all at once. We talked about envisioning our true desires and picturing our future selves. We talked about creating a plan to get there. We talked about having a focus that guides us along the way. Now, it is time to look at what we are doing right now. What can we stop doing to give us the time and energy to do our very best work on everything else? How can we pare back the big thorn bush of our lives and show off those amazing roses? How can we prepare ourselves to continue shining brightly all year long? I do it by saying, “No.”

2012-11-18 07.43.44

It isn’t easy. I want to do it all. But I simply can’t. It isn’t possible at the moment. Over time, yes – absolutely! But like my mom always said, “All things in moderation.” Well, she was always right!

So, What IS on Your Stop Doing List?

“If you are going to realize your intentions, what you stop doing is just as important as what you start and continue to do. This is where “quitting” crosses over to enlightenment. You know how to go, go, go. Stopping however, is the stuff smiling Zen masters with all the time in the world.” ~Danielle LaPorte

Time to get out your notebook:

  • Think about last year and as Danielle LaPorte says, “get very clear about what sucked.”
  • What didn’t work?
  • What made you feel resentful, guilty, unhappy?
  • What weighed you down or held you back? I used to call it my jello days – when it felt like I was wading through jello to just make it a few steps forward.
  • These things are what make you feel overwhelmed and keep you from what you are meant to do.
  • What will you stop doing now? List at least three things that you will stop doing, starting right now.

2012-11-15 06.04.51


If It Doesn’t Fit Into Your Plan it is Okay to Say “No, Thanks”

We are negotiating and working out deals all the time. Be a master negotiator. We may be negotiating for our business and/or blog, with our family and friends, all the time – whether we like it or not. Yet, when we are asked to do a project or favor or to sign up for our children’s school or activities, we feel obligated to just say, “Why, yes, of course you can count on me.”

Take out your notebook and jot down some answers to these questions:

  • Why do I feel I should always do these things, every time, even when I know it is not in my best interest?
  • List all the reasons that come to mind.
  • What would I say if given the chance to negotiate?
  • What terms are important to me when I accept a new responsibility?

Here are some of the most common reasons we tend to say yes all the time: fear of rejection, not wanting to disappoint people, being a people pleaser, being a fixer, having a reputation to uphold, feeling obligated, wanting to make a good impression, it is a tradition, it is an opportunity I don’t want to pass up, it may be the only chance like this, it could be a chance of a lifetime, I am honored because they asked me. Me!

Besides, it is impolite to say no. I was taught to be gracious. I am a positive person. Saying no seems negative. It makes me feel like a failure.

Read these posts and tell me what you think:

How to Stop Saying “Yes” When You Want to Say “No”  (from TinyBuddha)

“I realized that I was afraid of saying “no” because my biggest fear is rejection. I was afraid that every time I did this, I would disappoint someone, make them angry, hurt their feelings, or appear unkind or rude.” ~Chantalle Gerber

Chantalle Gerber offers these helpful tips for saying “no”:

  • Be direct, such as “no, I can’t” or “no, I don’t want to…”
  • Don’t apologize and give all sorts of reasons
  • Don’t lie. Lying will most likely lead to guilt, and that is what you want to avoid feeling.
  • Remember it is better to say no now than be resentful later.
  • Be polite, such as, “Thanks for asking.”
  • Practice saying, “no.” Imagine yourself in a situation and then practice saying no either by yourself or with a friend. This will help you feel comfortable saying “no.”
  • Don’t say, “I’ll think about it.” if you mean “no.” This will just prolong the situation and cause you stress.
  • Remember that your self-worth does not depend on how much you do for others.

Tweet this>> “Your self-worth does not depend on how much you do for others.”


“Yes” to the Person, “No” to the Task  (From MindTools)

You are a negotiator, even if you don’t think of yourself as one! But how well do you negotiate? Do you know how to recognize situations where negotiating is appropriate? And do you understand the elements of an effective negotiation?

Even though the extents of our negotiations vary, one principle remains the same: when both parties win, the outcome is often better. Whether someone asks you for a favor, or you need to agree on terms for a contract or project, you must collaborate to achieve a win-win solution.

When you collaborate, you consider everyone’s needs. Therefore, even if you have to say “no” to something, you’re still concerned about finding a way to get the other person’s needs met, and this allows you to say “yes” to the person.

Integration and collaboration are keys to this process. So, the next time you have to negotiate, look for a way to meet everyone’s needs, rather than leave one side with little or nothing.

created on Canva by Melissa Reyes all rights reserved copyright 2-24-2015 Melissa Reyes for http://mizmeliz.com

“Focus on the Right Things” ~Peter Bregman

Time for your note book. Get a new color ink pen and write your answers big and bold:

  • What is your Focus Word?
  • What are the things in your life that you want to focus on?
  • Who are the people you are most focused on?
  • What you do to refuel, reorient, and restart?
  • How do you care for yourself in this process?

How often do you get to the end of another long and frantic day and wonder why so many important things didn’t get finished? We’ve never worked so hard and felt so unproductive and unfulfilled. 18 MINUTES takes this challenge and turns it on its head. Peter Bregman, top Harvard Business Review columnist and global management consultant, shatters the myth of getting it all done by offering a clear and simple plan for getting the right things done. He shows how the best way to fight distracting interruptions is to create productive ones ourselves, a practice that can be easily implemented in 18 minutes a day. The result is a simple yet comprehensive approach to managing your life a year, a day, and a moment at a time so that your life moves forward the way you want and at the pace you want.

Make a “No, Thank You” List for yourself or for your blog.

  • What things will you say “no, thank you” to when they come up?
  • How will you negotiate and say “yes” to the person and “no” to the task?

Know when to say, “no” and how to say it in a way that keeps doors open and leaves an impression that you are one who values commitments and is trustworthy and responsible.

Are you feeling empowered?

It is a lot to take in.

Take your time to answer the questions and make your lists.

Keep it in a journal and reflect on your choices and thoughts now and then.

Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts in the comments.

Next week, I will bring it to a close with the sixth tool in my “Get Your Rear in Gear for the Year” kit. It’s all about celebration!





Oscar 2015 Memories for M.E.N.D. @MendPoverty @JLoKpcb @InfuseVodkas

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The Memories Last Forever

The big night was last Sunday, just a week ago. The much anticipated Oscars are over now. The red carpets have been rolled up. Now we start thinking about next year!

As promised, here are my photos from the Oscar Party that I attended. My husband and I were guests of Kaiser Permanente at the M.E.N.D. gala fundraiser. It was truly a night to remember!

From our grand entrance on the red carpet to our last hurrah clinking our martini glasses as we left the Globe Theater at Universal Studios on Oscar Night, we felt like Hollywood stars!

The cocktails served by Infuse Vodkas as we perused the silent auction on the red carpet, the Wolfgang Puck hors d’oeuvres and dinner, the opening dance number by the Ariyan Johnson’s D.I.M.A.B.A. Company, the inspiration from M.E.N.D. CEO, Marianne Haver Hill, the emcee from ABC News, Danny Romero, the greenscreen photo booth, the etched martini glass take home gift – – – it all seems like a dream now. Oh yes, let’s not forget the live telecast of the 87th Academy Awards on giant screens all around the ballroom, with no commercials! What a blast!

Thank you to our hosts, Jennifer and Jonathan Lopez! Please share these pictures with your friends.

The memories last forever but our actions and donations do not. We must keep working hard towards making a difference for those in need. The hungry, ill, and homeless families in the San Fernando Valley need your help.

If you want to find out more about any of the organizations involved, look at their websites:

M.E.N.D. Meet Each Need with Dignity

Kaiser Permanente Health Care

HOPE of the Valley Rescue Mission



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