A Prayer for My Friends, Do Not Fear

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I was inspired by this letter I received that I will share with you. I hope that it helps you in your time of need my friend. These are concepts that I believe, they give me hope when I can’t explain things. When you ask for prayers (positive vibes, good mojo, a universal or cosmic hug) this is where I go…

Dear Friend, Prayer has the power to transform our fear into faith. Prayer reminds us that we are never alone. Everything we are, body and soul, is in the hands of God. God’s presence fills the universe, and He is as close to us as our own breath. No matter what pain sends our way, with God by our side, we can find the strength to confront our fears. With God accompanying us on our journey, no matter what the path, no one walks alone. God invites us “not to be afraid.” The Lord tells us throughout scripture that He is with us, and so we need not fear. In Christ, Father Pat Father Patrick J. Tonry, SM Spiritual Director Marianist Mission Province of the United States

Comfort for Those in Pain

Yesterday is gone.

Tomorrow has not yet come.

We have only today.

Let us begin.

~Joseph Cardinal Bernardin

Pain is limited…

It cannot cripple Love,

It cannot cripple Hope,

It cannot destroy Peace,

It cannot erase Memories,

It cannot silence Courage,

It cannot invade the Soul,

It cannot steal Eternal Life,

It cannot quench The Spirit,

It cannot lessen the strength of God’s Love for us.

Prayer for MizMeliz

Do Not Fear

Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be afraid for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you… Isaiah 41:10

 For Laura and Christine

Do You Have Character?

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Character -- the willingness to accept (1)

Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town Episode 7 With Carolyn West of ThisTalkAintCheap @CarolynRWest

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Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town

with Miz Meliz

an Interview

with Carolyn West

Carolyn 1

What is it like to have a true friend support you in all you do?

From Blogging to social media, to becoming a life coach and writing and self publishing a book, and now having a video podcast – Carolyn West has been there for me through it all. She wrote the forward for my book and came through for me at the final hour. This was fitting since she is the one person that I told about my dream who believed in me, encouraged me and held me accountable. She motivates, inspires, leads, and demonstrates how to be an entrepreneur and a fantastic mom all at the same time. I don’t know how she does it.2014-07-16 18.17.25 2014-06-29 22.59.43 But she does, very well. She is the kind of Super Star I believe in. She is a celebrity in my World. There isn’t anything she can’t do. Crafts, check! Events, done! School Council, she is on it! Book club, but of course. Women’s group, she started one. Conference speaker, yep, she does it. In fact, she co-produces an annual blogging conference, too. Oh yeah – she just finished doing a work out boot camp and now she is starting a 100 Day Challenge.


I asked Carolyn to tell me about all that she does, how she does it, and why she does it.

This was a long interview, it was quite enjoyable and incredibly informative. So, as they say, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy this episode of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town as you get to know, Carolyn West:

Carolyn has three wonderful, smart and well mannered daughters. She manages her household with her husband, two dogs, three kids, and a cast of colorful characters, er um… her extended family. She heads up campaigns for bloggers through Collective Bias. She started her own social media consulting business and she is the leader of So Cal Lady Bloggers, which by the last count has over 750 members – all of whom turn to her for direction and advice. Knowing what a huge task that is, she partnered with another blogger, Melissa Dell and together they have grown the group which has doubled since they started working on it together.

2014-03-30 04.34.42

A former interior decorator who had to travel to Hawaii on business as a regular routine – this little lady is a power house. Carolyn will long be remembered for her contribution to blogging and social media and has Super Mom status being well known for her hands on active role in her daughter’s schools, their activities, and in the community in which she lives.

She is someone you can count on. She is kind and thoughtful. She is the legendary, Carolyn R. West of This Talk Ain’t Cheap.

Funny how when you get to know someone online and you cross that bridge to friendship, you miss out on the discovery of what makes that person tick.

This is why I looked forward to our interview.

I asked Carolyn the “typical” questions for Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town -

What do you like to do for fun?

“I spent my free time with my kids… going to lunch or a movie. I’m finding that as they get older, they are actually really fun people to hang out with.”

What projects are you working on right now?

My life right now is trying to juggle working from home and managing life as a mom with three busy daughters. That’s a project in of itself. I’m not working on any specific projects right now other than my job as a Campaign Leader with Collective Bias and running SoCal Lady Bloggers. Oh, and I recently started a Social Media business with Melissa Dell, called Social Elements Media, where we teach small businesses how to use social media.

How can my viewers connect with you?


What is your favorite Hollywood Hot Spot?

I don’t spend time in Hollywood, but my favorite place to eat outside of Santa Clarita (because there isn’t much worth talking about here) is The Hummas Bar in Tarzana. It’s awesome and they make homemade pita bread that is to die for. I could live on bread.

Watch the video/podcast to hear more of what Carolyn has to say about:

  • Her all time favorite thing to do.
  • The future of blogging and her predictions for what is next in social media.
  • New web design for This Talk Aint Cheap blog.
  • 100 Day Challenge – what is it?
  • Best of all, during our discussion it is quite possible that Carolyn had an “A-ha Moment” – discovering what she is most passionate about! That was exciting!

What did you learn about Carolyn West?

Do you have a question for her?


Do You Love Your Life?

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I started writing this on April 25, 2014. Sometimes the important observations get put aside in order to make room for important obligations. When I came across this draft, I was reminded how important taking time for gratitude truly is i my life.

I may say it a lot, but it is never enough…

I love my life right now!

I am grateful that I am going to be moving to a new home.

Soon there will be a new baby in the family (my great niece.)

My kids are growing into fine young men.

My husband and I are beginning to reap in the health, wealth, and happiness that we have sown.


“As soon as you recover or discover something that nourishes you and brings you joy, resolve to care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” ~Jean Shinoda Bolen

Did you catch that part about caring enough? “Care enough about yourself.”  Man – if nothing else, care enough about yourself. This makes all the difference in the world.

2013-02-04 12.23.40

We moved to a fine new home in June.

My family is all settled in and we adore it. Every single day I thank God for blessing me with the ability to afford to live in our beautiful home, to be able to enjoy our lovely neighborhood, and I ask for it to work out and last for a long time.  I am feeling pleased with myself for following through on the idea, for executing the plan, and for making our dreams a reality.

It took a long time to get here. Years.

Planning and preparing to move was exciting and I am still enjoying the ride.

It’s work, but the payoff is huge! I was in a state of disbelief at first. It took a few months to adjust. We are acclimated now. I am mostly unpacked. I say mostly, because we still have boxes in the garage and a storage unit to empty.  We accumulated so much in the past 18 years! I was bogged down with all that stuff. I feel much lighter now.

I feel free.

2013-01-15 12.09.09

 “Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming.” ~Alice Walker

I am carefully constructing my present existence.

I am taking the time to decorate my home and organize my closets. I am creating gorgeous and functional space for the activities, hobbies, and passions that my husband, kids, and I hold dear. I want those things to take priority. I want my family to love living in their space and feel like they are effortlessly moving towards the future they are dreaming about.

2014-08-24 05.58.24We all have dreams and aspirations.

It doesn’t change as you get older. I realize that now. What gives us hope for the future and a reason for living is having a dream. It may be a goal, or a task that you want to complete. You may have a bucket list of things to do, see, or accomplish. You might want to try a different profession or practice. There are so many things to do. There are endless possibilities.

We must keep dreaming!

“Your own positive future begins in this moment. Every goal is possible from here.” – Lai Tzu

We can draw on the experience of our past.

Everything that we have once been, done, seen, is a part of our fiber now. Our life’s journey is woven into our being. Whether we like it or not, it is. Yet our future is ours to create. We decide on each step to take. I have a choice about everything I do. I decide on everything I am. I am who and what I want to be. I choose happiness. I choose joy and love. When I think about the future, I do all I can to replace the worrisome thoughts that creep into my mind with thoughts of hope. (See my post on “Peace of Mind” 3-7-13)

created by Melissa Reyes via canva.com copyright Melissa Reyes October 2014 http://mizmeliz.com

“The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi

For my dreams to come true, I need to follow through.

I must care enough about myself to complete the plans that I make.  In order to make the best decisions for myself and my family, I honor the practices of self-care. I believe that taking care of my needs, knowing and feeding my own desires, striving to be my best self, is what enables me to be a leader. Nurturing my whole self makes me a better mom, wife, sister, aunt. These are the most important roles. I am also aware of the influence I provide for my clients, readers, friends, and groups that I am a part of. We are all a part of something. I try not to be a broken part. I want to care enough to be at my very best. I do this by honoring my core values.

To honor means to treat with high respect; it is a special privilege, it brings credit, it means to adhere to what is right or a correct standard of conduct, it is a matter of integrity, honesty, ethics, morals, principles, taking great pleasure, pride, joy, it is with distinction, an accolade, an award, a reward, a prize, a decoration, to applaud, to recognize, to celebrate, to commemorate, pay homage to, pay tribute to, sing the praises of, to fulfill an obligation or keep an agreement,
to fulfill, observe, keep, obey, heed, follow, carry out, implement, execute, effect. There are many ways of defining honor. Every definition can be applied here because my core values are worthy of the special honor they hold in my heart.

“When your values are the source of your actions, even the lows become a positive experience.” ~Sandi Amorin

Because a part of me must die for me to move on in life, I can celebrate the sad or hard times I have experienced.

You know what I mean, don’t you? I definitely don’t think that personal tragedies are a cause for celebration. I am not all happy, happy, joy, joy about devastation or hardship. I am sensitive to serious loss and the trials and tribulations that face each and every one of us at some point in our lives. But, being able to rise up from the ashes of those happenings and start anew is necessary. When, not if, but when we are able to reflect on our lowest moments in life we should be able to see what we learned and how we have grown.

2014-08-21 05.35.37

A rose bush has it’s thorns. Through the thorns, beautiful rosebuds emerge. Blooms burst out of the buds and the petals open up and exercise their full nature. After the roses are spent, the petals fall away and the flower dies. We cut off those dead parts so new flowers can bloom. The bush becomes stronger and healthier with each cutting. It’s roots grow deeper.

I am a rose bush.

Every thorn is a reminder of the hardships of life and my ability to protect what I love. Every rose is a celebration of all that is good and beautiful in my world.

Nothing lasts forever in it’s original form.

The memory of the bursts of vibrant color I have experienced will remain with me forever. The fact that I know what it felt like to touch and embrace the soft velvety petals has become a part of who I am. If I close my eyes and take a breath, I will always be able to recall how the rich perfume enveloped me. I will always have an awareness of the blooms that blessed my heart.

I will forget about the thorns. I will forget about the fallen petals. I will forget about trimming away the excess, the removal of the dead parts, the loss, the mourning. (See my “Hummingbird” post on Ordinary to Extraordinary.) Those memories will fade in time. I will never let the good thoughts and memories fade. I keep them alive. I will replant. I will grow. I will move on.

I will thrive!

I am living my dream. I am who and what I want to be.

I love my life.

Read more of my thoughts on life in my book, This is the Sound of My Soul.

Read more of my thoughts on life in my book, This is the Sound of My Soul.


Melissa Reyes, host of Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town Video Podcast copyright October 2014 http://mizmeliz.com

Join me on my talk show, “Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town” on YouTube

Aukey vs Hoo Too Review

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USB power port hubs, a blogger’s friend.

We all need them. More ways to plug in. My lap top only has three ports. I often need more. What’s a girl to do?

I was asked to try these products and received free samples. See my disclosure for details on reviews like this. All opinions are my own. Even though I get to keep the products, I have no connection with the manufacturers and am not obligated to give a positive review. (Disclosure.)

HT-UH007 Bus Powered 4-Port USB 3.0 HUB

2014-09-21 09.31.34Looking at the box, I thought this device was going to be bulky and I thought it looked like a power strip. I was impressed when I opened it up and it has a simple, sleek design. I plugged it in and it was super easy to use. I love having the ports in a position that are easy to see and readily available for use, especially since I started recording videos for my podcast, Ten Minutes in Tinsel Town, I use multiple USB drives, microphone, and headphones, so this really helps!

I highly recommend the HT-UH007 Bus Powered 4-Port USB 3.0 HUB.



How does it compare to the Aukey 4-Port Hub?

Aukey 4-Port Hub

2014-07-12 17.36.24I really liked the Aukey device, and fell in love with it’s modern design. It is great to plug in next to my pc. It is a little cumbersome for my laptop and it’s light weight and sleek attributes get tossed around a lot with the cables, so it doesn’t always look that pretty. Other than that, it is functional, easy to use, good looking, and powerful. (Just like me!)

I am super lucky to have both products to use as needed. If I had to decide on one, it would be difficult. They are both top quality and useful gadgets. I might go with the Hoo Too, which is just slightly better for me. I don’t care for the design as much, but it seems tougher – if that makes sense. The design of the Aukey is pretty and elegant, I guess that gives me the impression that it isn’t as powerful. But it is! It is very fast when accessing big files.

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